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Swd teaching load


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Swd teaching load

  1. 1. Republic of the PhilippinesDepartment of EducationRegion IV-A (CALABARZON)Division of QuezonSariaya West DistrictNATIONALLY FUNDED TEACHING PERSONNELSCHOOL NAME TEACHING PERSONNEL TEACHING POSITION/LOADBIGNAY I ELEMENTARY Wenna Lynn M. Villocillo Grade I-All subjectsSCHOOL Mary Ann P. Catapang Grade I- All subjects Carmecita M. Aguado Grade I- All subjects Cristine S. Villamin Grade I- All subjects Enriquieta C. Dedace Grade II- All subjects Herminia C. Pesigan Grade II- All subjects Leizel A. Jimenez Grade II- All subjects Marcelina G. Gomez Grade II- All subjects Lynne L. Britania Grade III- All subjects Edna B. Sison Grade III- All subjects Josephine M. Orfinada Grade III- All subjects Felicitas A. Fecundo Grade III- All subjects Felina C. Cera Grade IV- Math and C.E Nicanora F. Soliza Grade IV- English and Hekasi Michael G. Del Mundo Grade IV- Science and EPP Minerva A. Castillo Grade IV- Filipino and MSEP Rosalie V. Armamento Grade V- Science and MSEP Alicia P. Mercado Grade V- Math and C.E Corazon C. Del Rosario Grade V- HEkasi and English Alona A. Biscocho Grade V- Filipino and EPP Adela G. Peria GradeVI- Filipino and EPP Maricel B. Remo Grade VI- Science and HEKASi Aurita M. Del Mundo Grade VI- Math and C.E Lilian V. Saludes Grade VI- English and MSEP Yolanda M. Espinosa Grade VI- Canteen and EPPBIGNAY II Emelita P. Perez Grade I- All subjects Iris B. Mayuga Grade I- All subjects Eva V. Dote Grade I- All subjects Rowena A. Triviño Grade II- All subjects Gloria P. Remolin Grade II- All subjects Hermelina V. Mindanao Grade III- All subjects Normita B. Hernandez Grade III- All subjects Victorina D. Samarita Grade IV- Hekasi, Science, C.E., EPP, and English
  2. 2. Arlene B. Lagrimas Grade IV- EPP,Math, MSEP and Fil. Florenda C. Arceo Grade V- Science, Hekasi, English, MSEP Elmer M. Dimayuga Grade V- Math, Fil, EPP and C.E Edwin E. Magnaye Grade VI- English, Math, C. E. and MSEPBOGON Roseann O. Veluz Grade I-All subjects Marciana R. Manalo Grade III and IV-All subjects Lilian M. Fajardo Grade V and VI- All Subjects Elsa L. Coronel Grade II-All subjectCONCEPTION BANAHAW Igleceria C. Dalwampo Grade I- All subjects Mildred C. Alvarez Grade I- All subjects Arlene D. Magboo Grade II- All subjects Maxima E. Remojo Grade II- All subjects Sofia C. Magadia Grade III- All subjects Maria Lourdes C. Grade IV- All subjects Revellame Mina D. Manongsong Grade IV- All subjects Susana S. Bautista Grade V- All subjects Jessica R. Caguitla Grade V- All subjects Evangeline B. Dalawampo Grade VI- All subjects Carmencita A. Seravia Grade VI- All subjectsCONCEPCION IBABA Cecilia P. Magbuo Grade I- All subjects Ma. Bernadette A. Comia Grade I- All subjects Rhea A. Maranan Grade I- All subjects Leslie A. Panganiban Grade I- All subjects Marilyn V. Roperez Grade II- All subjects Jocelyn C. Silang Grade II- All subjects Maria Salome E. Reynoso Grade II- All subjects Florencia Z. Jovellano Grade II- All subjects Maria Arleen A. Abdon Grade III- All subjects Adelaida B. Saavedra Grade III- All subjects Cielo P. Cañeda Grade III- All subjects Gemma R. Francisco Grade IV- Science, EPP, MSEP and C.E. Milagos D. Delfino Grade IV- All subjects Remedies U. Carsocho Grade IV- Math, EPP, MSEP,C.E Raquel Alcaneses Grade IV- English, HEkasi, MSEP and C.E Paulita Z. Macalintal Grade IV- Filipino, Hekasi and MSEP, C.E. Winifreda G. Pasquin Grade V- Filipino, MSEP, EPP and C.E Estelita Baquero Grade V- Science, MSEP, EPP, and C.E. Herminigilda S. Pabillo Grade V- English, Hekasi, EPP, C.E. Evelyn L. Quitain Grade VI- English and Filipino Elvira A. Magbuo Grade V-Math, Hekasi, Epp And C.E. Maria Teresa C. Ojo Grade VI- Science, Hekasi, C.E. Emiliana A. Del Rosario Grade VI- Filipino, MSEP and C.E. Mannie B. Del Rosario Canteen Teacher, EPP VI-A,B,C,D Marvin De Alday Grade VI-Math, Hekasi and C. E.CONCEPCION Teodora M. Silang Grade I- All subjects
  3. 3. PINAGBAKURAN Cristeta M. Cabral Grade I- All subjects Estilita D. Vidal Grade II- All subjects Nelia M. De Chavez Grade II- All subjects Consolacion E. Saba Grade III- All subjects Anita S. Silang Grade IV- All subjects Marciana U. De Chavez Grade V- All subjects Maria E. Salendrez Grade VI- All subjects Filomena M. Manongsong Grade VI- All subjectsEMILIANO GALA Gladys O. Lontoc Grade I- All subjects Emy U. Ilagan Grade I- All subjects Editha L. Silang Grade II- All subjects Loreta U. Tabayag Grade III- All subjects Eufrocina T. Manongsong Grade IV- All subjects Felipa U. Acuzar Grade V- All subjects Felipa T. Silang Grade VI- All subjects Arjay E. Remojo Grade VI-GUISGUIS TALO9N ANNEX Carmelita C. Centeno Grade VI-All Subjects Angelita V. Espinosa Grade V-All Subjects Donnabel de Silva Grade II-All subjects Mary Cristine Balagso Grade I- All subjects Angelito G. Belmonte Grade IV-All subjectsGUISGUIS MAIN Emie E. Landicho Grade I- All subjects Arlene V. Magbuhat Grade II- All subjects Renante M. Abel Grade III and IV- All subjects Merafe A. Ebreo Grade VI- All subjectsJANAGDONG I Remigia S. Valdez Grade I- All subjects Agnes A. Razon Grade II- All subjects Estelita M. Vallesteros Grade III- All subjects Joy B. Palamiano Grade III- All subjects Gertrudes A. Espeleta Grade IV- All subjects Zenaida C. Ojo Grade V- All subjects Imelda Q. Loveriz Grade VI- All subjectsJANAGDONG II Chariot A. Aliwalas Grade I- All subjects Rosalie m. Constantino Grade II- All subjects Mamerta S. Castillo Grade III- All subjects Maricris A. Supremo Grade IV- All subjects Jovelle M. Manalo Grade V- All subjects Francis R. Matala Grade VI- All subjectsSAN ROQUE Rosalinda I. Virtucio Grade I-All Subjects Evangeline B. Delmo Grade I-All Subjects Honeylyn C. Obon Grade I-All Subjects Maricar B. Alcantara Grade II-All subjects Mary Ann De Luya Grade II-All subjects Boyet B. Aluan Grade III- All subjects Geronima D. Atienza Grade Iv-All Subjects
  4. 4. Anabell L. Acquiatan Grade V-All subjects Jonalyn T. Lopez Grade VI-Math, English, Hekasi and C.E. Nemia F. Villamin Grade VI-Science, MSEP, C.E and Filipino Maximina D. Joven Canteen, EPP V, EPP VI, and Filipino VIMANGGALANG I Jeasabelle A. Ramos Grade I-All subjects Lyn U. Amano Grade I-All subjects Jona A. Ilagan Grade I-All subjects Rina Cantos Grade I-All subjects Melba G. Alcala Grade II-All subjects Michelle S. Sadile Grade II-All subjects Regina R. Vegamora Grade II-All subjects Aletha S. Sandoval Grade II-All subjects Marichu Manimpin Grade III-All Subjects Jennifer B. Calderero Grade III-All Subjects Arlene B. De Chavez Grade III-All Subjects Marilou G. Lagaya Grade IV- Cleta G. Sevilla Grade IV- Vivian S. Dumael Grade IV- Coralyn S. Ferrer Grade V- Elizabeth C. Radana Grade V Joel P. De Roxas Grade VI-Science, Epp, MSEP, and Filipino Carmelita M. De Roxas Grade VI-Math, English, C.E. Hekasi