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Note on eosy in the lis


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Note on eosy in the lis

  1. 1. How to Update for End of School Year (EOSY) in Learner Information System (LIS) 2014-2015 (simple tutorial) • Boyet B. Aluan San Roque Elementary School
  2. 2. Ist step
  3. 3. 2nd ep
  4. 4. Type gen average here Then click here to update 3rd step
  5. 5. Check if honor pupil 3 decimal places Updating honor pupil data
  6. 6. Back to 1st step to step 3until you finished update all pupils status
  7. 7. Or you can use this one Click the pen to update status Kaso matagal !!!!(*_#)
  8. 8. To finalize Click finalized button review the data to ensure correctness of data entry !
  9. 9. Review the content as tallied with ur principal’s report
  10. 10. Required to be filled up now Click here *** The school head or the school system admin could do it. Be careful for once it is finalized it couldn't be unfinalized anymore.. -Camporazo
  11. 11. Available only for system admin Click here to exit after reviewing the data
  12. 12. Go back and click mater list/list of class for school head or system admin to view class You may notice lock icon means class is already finalized
  13. 13. Be guided!!! • Prepared by • Boyet B. Aluan
  14. 14. references • sk/permalink/1053759704667369/ • •