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Assignment 1 512


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discussed the vision and mission

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Assignment 1 512

  1. 1. SOUTHERN LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY Lucban, Quezon GRADUATE SCHOOL ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF INSTITUTION (EDAM 512) ASSIGNMENT1 Prepared and submitted by Mr. BOYET B. ALUAN MAED-MGT 2014 1. Consider your own school, what would you say is the mission of your institution? Answer: The mission of our school San Roque Elementary School is to provide quality education and be an agent of changes towards holistic transformation by empowering the administrator and teacher in taking responsibility of educating the minds of our learners in imbibing desirable values and in utilizing and providing learning resources and facilities to the fullest that will responds to the greater needs. The mission statement above helps promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based and complete education. Line with this our school promoting child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, motivating environment, cultivating camaraderie and school zone of peace. Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture each by applying theories and principles as necessary. They also do some case and action researches to improve instruction and find innovation that will poster education.
  2. 2. Guided and enlighten with the mission stated above, administrators and staffs, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen. Administrator always supports the staffs as schools matters and positively affects learning. The school always engages family, community, and other stakeholdersin share responsibility for developing life-long learners. Utilizing community and parents as outside resources, school give back their importance in involving them on whatever decisions and supports as possible they can help. 2. List some of the values you yourself hold and believe your school should seek to promote. Answer: In terms of value, I have listed them (1. Aim high, 2. Strive to control our destiny, 3. Be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible stewardship, 4. Be inclusive, treat each other with dignity and respect and promote citizenship, 5.Value excellence, quality and service, and 6. Foster innovation and creativity) I have always posted some of these in my “facebook timeline”. Achieving all of these values or instilling the above mentioned to the school’s staffs, pupils and stakeholders (internal andexternal ) will positively triumph our school’s to be mission. Being administrator to be we will commit to working with families and community members to support the personal, academic, and career growth of every student. We have to believe that rigorous curriculum for all students, an acceptance of diversity and a culture that actively welcomes all learners will contribute to a more knowledgeable
  3. 3. community and society. Thus we believe that students must have understanding of the world and community, state and country in order to participate actively and effectively in a global society. 3. 3.1 To what extent would you say that your school objectives are comprehensive and clear? Answer: Based on the past discussion on educational vision and mission by Sir Mecija, I could say that the objectives of our school as set by the administrator is exceedingly unmistakably and succinct. It was comprehensively written and feasibly. As of now, we are approaching to the attainment of the said mission with the help from MOOE, SEF, other resources, continuously training and educating our teaching staffs and giving the quality education that we can provide from instruction and other life-long learning experiences. Our school is one of the leading institutions in our district as evidencesof our success. 3.2. What areas should a set of school objectives cover? Answer: Academic Competencies, social competencies and civic competencies are the areas to be covered in setting up school objectives. ƒ In academic competencies, students must communicate effectively where they can articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written, and nonverbal communication in a variety of forms and context. Use communication for a range of
  4. 4. purposes (e.g., to inform, instruct, motivate and persuade). Students can solve different kinds of non-familiar problems in both conventional and innovative ways ƒ Instill students line with the curriculum the effective way of analyzing and evaluating information and evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs.Use digital technologies as a successful means of global communication and sharing of ideas. ƒ Understand preventative physical and mental health measures, including proper diet, nutrition, exercise, risk avoidance and stress reduction In social competencies they have to master core subjects, students will understand 21st century interdisciplinary subjects and core values to develop.Learn from and work collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions, andlifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community contexts. Monitor, define, prioritize, and complete tasks without direct oversight. And act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind. Their civic competencies must defined as participate effectively in civic life through knowing how to stay informed and understanding governmental processes. 4. Prepared a draft mission statement for your school for consideration by your staff. Answer: School recognizes the need to equip our students with the life skills and attitudes that will allow them to become responsible members of a competitive, cooperative, and culturally diverse society and to further a lifetime of academic and personal growth.
  5. 5. 5. Formulate objectives for your school. Make sure that they cover all aspects of school life and are clearly and concisely expressed. Answer: In order to achieve the above mission the learning environment includes high expectations for all learners, and will focus on these goals:  Upholdadmiration and acceptance of ourselves and others.  Offer a safe and secure environment for students and staff.  Institute inclusion which bonds the students' background and experience to the educational program so that students reach optimal success.  Deliver effective two-way communication and interaction between school and home.  Vest staff and the school community to participate in the decision-making process.  Nurture pride in our school community. Teachers’ training and education are continuous and expects to help students leading to the advance knowledge that will promote better understanding the culture of society and to serve their society. Bureaucrat utilizes full of is resources for the betterment of the school and the cliente thereof. 6. How is your school promoting the values you identified in number 2? Answer:
  6. 6. Our school, somehow promote the values I have listed in number 2 directly and indirectly. San Roque Elementary school promote culture of excellence, gender sensitivity and treats equality to both sexes, follow directions on anti-bullying law, and promoting school zone of peace hence or school is child-friendly. Teachers’ always sets objectives that will help our pupils learn HOTs and SMARTs. They conductive action researchers and provide intervention so no child will leave behind either numeracy or literacy. Because we value excellence, our school conducts contest and give recognition to those who exemplified new leadership skills, superb academic and civic competencies. This will prove by the recognition and awards our pupils, school and teaching staffs received. 6.2 Suggest three ways in which more could be done in your school to promote key values. Answer: It is a school where students, teachers, parents, and administrators are very clear about the core values and beliefs about learning which serve as its foundation, ensure that every student works to achieve each learning expectation, and provide a challenging curriculum in support of school-wide and subject-specific learning goals. To promote the values set above on this paper, school should 1. Define measurable criteria for each expectation 2. Providing Opportunities for Students to Practice and Achieve Each Expectation Teachers should use on-going assessments, including the analytic rubrics as part of instruction, to measure student performance. While the assessments may differ from
  7. 7. subject to subject, all teachers assessing a particular academic expectation should use the same school-wide analytic rubric to ensure standards are consistent across subjects/disciplines. A school-wide analytic rubric need not be used each time there is an assignment related to a school-wide learning expectation. Students should also be given numerous opportunities to self-assess using the analytic rubrics. This requires students to evaluate their own work which is a process that helps students internalize the criteria for achieving the learning expectations. 3. Report Assessment Findings to the School Community Once the school has assessed individual student achievement of each learning expectation, it must then determine and report school-wide achievement of the learning expectations to the school community. The report might be delivered by the school principal to the governing body, parent councils, etc. As well, school leaders should eventually report how teachers and administrators are using the data to make adjustments to the curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment strategies.