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Box it omnidox-records_manager_ebrochure_v1 - copy

  1. 1. Omnidox Records ManagerOmnidoxRecords Manager Omnidox is an award winning Cloud based family of Document and Records Management products. Providing secure, audited functionality to include categorisation, retention management, search, retrieval and business processing functionality, for both electronic and paper records. Omnidox offers a low cost of entry and rapid Return on Investment. Omnidox is used today by a rapidly growing number of customers both large and small, including blue chip corporations such as Virgin, Santander, Barclays, Babcock Brown and a number of Government Agencies such as Treasury Solicitors. Omnidox Records Manager enables a single view of an enterprises paper records across multiple locations as well as providing Document Lifecycle Management for paper based records. A summary of key features is illustrated below: secure and audited Web functionality. Fully Single view of records across multiple Box-it and customer sites.
  2. 2. Omnidox Records Manager Flexibility to view and search all your records, free text search and field level search. - Customer Configurable fields to manage and search for records, by department and by type of record. - Request file, box or even document retrieval either physically or scan on demand. - Invoicing flexibility across departments, locations and or sub-accounts. - Audit history e.g. add date of record, historical movements. Document Lifecycle Management, automated Review Date (Destroy date) by department or document category.Omnidox Sales0800 800 8000 Current status of record e.g. in storage, destroyed, returned to Paper Documents Digital Documents Inbound Inbound Destruction Destruction Storage Storage DIAGRAM TO BE REPLACED WHEN FINALISED Data Capture Process Enterprise Records Management Digital and Paper Outbound Omnidox Secure Cloud Storage, Search, Retrieval and Audit History BPM Layer Mailroom HR Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Forms Processing Future Modules • Work queues • Self Service • 3 way matching • E-billing • Compliance • Pay per view • Workload balancing • HR Workflows • Electronic and • E-mail integration • E-forms • Planning • Returned mail • Reports paper processing • Customer surveys • Contract • Customer Service • Retention Management • Account opening • Legal Management processing • E-payroll • Business Continuity • Sector / departmental (battle box)
  3. 3. Omnidox Records Manager Reporting and Insight Data presentation of the data you need as and when needed. Each customer can configure the fields to be displayed for specific users depending upon their role, department or location, alternatively a user can configure the fields they want to see (subject to their user rights) or display a ‘full’ view showing all fields of information. There are a number of reports incorporated into the base product such as: Records by year or date-range of submission to storage.Omnidox Sales - By parent or sub account. 0800 800 8000 - By Storage location. - By Department. Items due for review within a user defined date range, selected users can then edit review dates, print destruction request forms which require signature and notification to Box-it for secure records destruction. Items retrieved and not returned to storage within a user defined time period (e.g. all boxes ordered a month ago and still at status out with client). Activity based reporting for example by user, department within a time defined period; - Collections. - Retrievals (paper). - Retrievals by scan on demand. - Urgent retrieval requests. Audit trail reports (by account / department) who did what when. Reports can be exported to Excel or as PDF. Overview Omnidox Records Manager is a powerful records management application that enables user organisations to create, manage and maintain the addition to and retrieval from archives in a structured and consistent manner, ensuring the integrity of the catalogue data and removing traditional dependency on “local experts” to perform this vital function. Organisations can create their own archive classification system within Omnidox Records Manager, and users complete this data dynamically as they add content to archive boxes, using drop-down selections, validation rules and other data input aids which have been pre configured within the system. Omnidox Records Manager provides our clients with a flexible, configurable, facility that allows them to view existing archive data regardless of where the physical box or file is stored.
  4. 4. Omnidox Records Manager When a user creates a box, they enter their classification data into Omnidox Records Manager, together with the box label number (box bar code). This is the barcode label generated by us and stuck to the box when it is made up. The box bar code number is the link back to the warehouse management system (O’Neil). Users can request containers from any storage location, and Omnidox Records Manager will automatically allocate the requests to the site holding those containers for retrieval and delivery. User specific reports can be configured based on the data stored, in association with the relevant data stored in O’Neil. These reports can be delivered by email on a regular basis, or run ad-hoc when required. Omnidox Sales 0800 800 8000 Omnidox Records Manager is a single, centrally hosted system within secure, resilient environment. Records ManagerRegional Multiple Automatic Instances NotificationsOffice of RSSQL Send RequestsOmnidox ORM User and Password Box and Allow RemoteRecords (Central RSSQL) Permission Management File Data User Access Management ManagementManager Print NBDS View, Update Reporting Form Request Reporting Request Scan RequestUser and Add Design Retrieval Destruction on Demand Pick UpFunctionality File/Box Information
  5. 5. Omnidox Records Manager For many years managing paper documents has been carried out typically using spreadsheets or custom built databases, Omnidox Records Manager takes this to the next level enabling management of records irrespective of their location and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements with full document lifecycle management capability. User and Password Management Client Administrator – is able to set up their own users, access rights, reporting and data visualisation.Omnidox Sales User – is able to set up their own Forms (or be restricted so that they cannot create forms). A user0800 800 8000 is able to catalogue at an Account, Department or Sub-Account Level. A user/account can be Retrieve Only or Taxonomy Client permissions. Omnidox Records Manager has a generic password policy which will be setup initially. Users will not be allowed to modify passwords, when a user account is set up an automated notification e-mail is sent to the user, notifying them of their new password. All users should be prompted to change their password at their first log on adhering to administrator controlled rules such as password length, frequency of change, characters etc. Client Interaction Once new file or Box data has been inserted, the user is able to request a collection and to raise a New Box Deposit Schedule. The client is also able to request a number of archive related activities, such as: Scan on Demand, Collection, Delivery, Delivery on Same Day, Destruction, order consumables. Omnidox Records Manager will allow importing of box and file data (using a standard template/format) for records that are stored outside of the Box-it Business. These could be at your site or even an alternate storage provider, a single unified view of boxes and or files irrespective of their location. The data mapping exercise will include records stored with Box-it today or those records moving to us. This will also deliver: Validation of an item’s barcode with the O’Neil database. Validation of each field’s data and data type. sortation of column headers. Allow Export selected records in csv format. Upload the validated data to Omnidox Records Manager.
  6. 6. Omnidox Records ManagerOmnidox Sales0800 800 NEW SCREEN SHOTS TO GO HERE Key Benefits single interface from which users can access content, request retrievals and add records A regardless of user or storage location. - Removes risk associated with localised catalogue lists which are maintained and accessed by individuals. Provides strong classification and categorisation features for users. Manages user access control for cataloguing and or retrieval (set by individual user roles). Emulates corporate file plan rules. - Set up can include hidden “review date” criteria based on pre set rules (overcomes user reticence to commit to a review for destruction date). Compliance and good practice through regular management reports. Add-on Functionality Mobile Versions Omnidox Records Manager offers a thin desktop based interface for Omnidox supporting iPhone 3.0+, iPad 2.0+, Blackberry with OS 5.0+, Android browsers.Box-it UK Limited Tel: 01962 830 200Winnall Down, Fair Lane Fax: 01962 830 300, Hampshire SO21 1HF Email: