Teaching Oral Communication in a Business Communication Course


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Stay up to date on hot topics and important trends about oral communication (including public speaking, in-person and web presentations, and presentation visuals) with the resources described in this presentation. Easily update your lecture notes with fresh material. Create visuals for your classroom presentations. Supplement your lectures with cutting-edge handouts. Improve the quality and effectiveness of your teaching by reading about new teaching tips and techniques.

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Teaching Oral Communication in a Business Communication Course

  1. 1. Teaching Oral Communication in a Business Communication Course
  2. 2. Welcome to this brief presentation where you’ll learn about some of the most useful and interesting business communication materials available today.
  3. 3. Many of these materials can be downloaded and used in your classes tomorrow. Click the link accompanying each image to get more information about what is being described.
  4. 4. When you teach oral communication in your business communication course, consult the ONLY online magazine that regularly publishes information that you can use in your classes tomorrow: Teaching Oral Communication in a Business Communication Course For a preview of the types of articles that appear in this publication, review the following slides. Click on the blue underlined title at the top or to the right-hand side of the image to see the original article.
  5. 5. Don’t Waste Your Time with the Jerk in the Front Row
  6. 6. People Forget Stats Quickly But Stories Really Stick
  7. 7. 10 Ways to Become a More Memorable Speaker
  8. 8. Using These Two Tactics During a Presentation Will Make Your More Memorable
  9. 9. Overcoming the Challenges of Intercultural Presentations
  10. 10. How This 21-Year-Old Started Making Presentations for Fortune 500s and Now Brings in 100K A Year
  11. 11. 12 Most Successful Tips for Manage Presentation Nervousness
  12. 12. PowerPoint Blog: Five Ways to Avoid Irritating Your Audience
  13. 13. Psychology of Persuasion in Public Speaking
  14. 14. How to Use Emotion in Presentations
  15. 15. Fix Your Presentations: 21 Quick Tips
  16. 16. Stop Yourself Going to Pieces Before the Biggest Presentation of Life Your
  17. 17. Business Communication Online Magazines
  18. 18. Don’t miss these exciting sites:
  19. 19. Bovee & Thill’s Business Communication Blog Insights and commentary from the authors of the world’s leading business communication textbooks.
  20. 20. Business Communication Pictorial Gallery on Pinterest
  21. 21. Watch business communication videos on Bovee and Thill's Video Channel on YouTube 21
  22. 22. Videos and Presentations on SlideShare
  23. 23. Visual Display of Trending Tweets from Bovee & Thill
  24. 24. Take advantage of these exclusive sources of information (for Bovee & Thill adopters only)
  25. 25. Business Communication Headline News Stay on top of new technologies, important trends, and hot topics with Business Communication Headline News, a free service. Business Communication Headline News uses the newest Internet technologies to deliver late-breaking news in headlines with concise summaries. You can scan incoming items in a matter of seconds, then click through to read the full articles that interest you. Business Communication Headline News
  26. 26. Real-Time Updates, the only service of its kind that keeps students’ texts perpetually up to date.