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Teaching Business Communication? These 11 Stories Demonstrate Why Your Course Should Be Updated

Has the textbook you've been using to teach business communication become obsolete?

Most textbooks have been incredibly slow in adapting to this digital age. If your current textbook doesn't provide instruction about the types of social media and electronic communication described in the examples in this video, it doesn't support your mission to help students prepare to meet employer expectations.

Enjoy fascinating stories about recent college graduates from across the country that Bovee and Thill, authors of the leading textbooks in business communication, have met during the past few months. These stories illustrate the ways the digital age is changing business communication and the need for business communication courses to change, too.

Expert Speaker: Courtland Bovee, one of America's leading instructors in clear and effective communication, coauthors (with John Thill) the world's leading textbooks in business communication. Professor Bovee's specialty is social media and electronic communication.

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