7 reasons you are not converting your marketing leads into sales revenue


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It is found that 71% of marketing qualified leads generated are getting wasted every day. “Companies are too slow to respond, whereas online sales leads have very short life.”
On average a sales rep takes 46.5 hours to pick up the phone and respond to a lead. And the sales rep, who does call, only makes 1.3 call attempts before giving up and moving on.
This presentation contains 7 best practices to convert marketing leads into maximum sales & revenue.
Read more details at http://blog.bounzd.com/converting_marketing_leads_into_sales_revenue/

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  • 7 Reasons You are not converting marketing leads to Sales
  • 8 best practices to convert marketing leads to sales revenue

    The first reason is that when you respond to a lead within five minutes, the chances of setting up an appointment with them are increased by up to 21 times. This is because your company is still on the client’s mind.
    Second, if you contact them immediately, you know you will have their attention. By responding within five minutes after the initial inquiry your prospect is most likely still at their computer. If they are looking for specific information you will be able to direct them to your website and help to answer any questions they might have. You also lower the chances that they will stumble across a competitor’s website.
    Thirdly, when you respond immediately, prospects will be impressed with your rapid response. Consequently, the company is able to build trust with their prospects. The prospect will understand that their business is valued and will be more likely to become a customer.
  • On average, sales reps take anywhere from 1 to 46 hours to call and respond to a lead. Moreover, the rep assigned gives up after making just 1 or 2 call attempts.
    Research shows that out of all the marketing that companies do only 27% of the leads they generate ever get contacted. What’s worse is that nearly 60% of the time an attempt isn’t even made.
    Make a follow-up schedule and stick to it. Staying in the customer’s mind ensures that your product gets top consideration. When ending a call, offer a follow-up time frame. Try to use multiple methods to follow up. Use email, calls and social media together for follow-ups.
  • Comparing to any other source or type of leads generated, an inbound calls converts to sales or revenue 10 times better. Usually a customer trying to talk to a sales rep is at his peak of interest in your offering.
    So definitely inbound call is a buying signal, and companies should effectively monitor and track the result of an inbound call. 1 out of 3 inbound calls convert to sales faster than all other sources.
    The more the strategies you place in your channels to drive inbound calls, the more is the chance to get better sales ready leads.
  • It’s clear that a phone call is more powerful than an email in the sales process. But while responding to your inbound leads, it’s always better to combine it together for more effectiveness.
    It’s a fact that emails pile up day after day. Our customers get around 140 emails on average every day. But when responding to an incoming lead, respond by email first, and then followed by a phone call within minutes.
    You can use the remembrance in the customer’s mind, while doing this and it helps you with a great opening line for communication.
  • Another way that leads get wasted is bad timing. According to a study conducted using call center data combined with the results of the calls (customer relationship management), the best days to contact leads was on Wednesday and Thursday.
    The best time to call them was between 4-6pm while the best time to contact and set up an appointment with a lead was between 8-9 am and 4-5 pm.
  • While Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to contact leads for maximum conversion, Mondays and Tuesdays are the worst days.
  • Imagine the call answering pattern of your own. Chances are that, we are more likely to answer a call coming from a local or mobile number, than a long distance or toll free number. But blocked numbers as caller ID have the worst chance to get answered.
    Respond from local caller ID (57.8% more like to answer a local caller ID than a blocked, toll free, or long distance caller ID).
  • Most of the successful marketers and sales gurus realize the importance of an inbound call. It’s because, they are the most sales ready leads, and if the call is coming from a website visitor, in 90% chance for it is to be a sales enquiry.
    But 71% of inbound calls is getting wasted. Because it is difficult to automatically log inbound call data to CRMs or Lead Management system.
    But with proper tracking, advanced technologies and monitoring you can scale up your sales conversion to upto 175%.
  • 7 reasons you are not converting your marketing leads into sales revenue

    1. 1. Stop wasting your hard-earned leads! 7Reasons for Not Converting Your Marketing Leads to Sales
    2. 2. Companies waste 71% of Internet Leads on Avg! Why? Its all about how they are responding to leads? Accelerate Inbound Sales calls
    3. 3. Lead Response Time - Talk within 5 Minutes#1 TIP: Increase the lead qualification by 900% by automating qualification and calling back. What is Response Time? The moment an interested lead completes a web-form, to a sales person contacts them. Source: Inside Sales Research Accelerate Inbound Sales calls
    4. 4. Contact a Lead Persistently#2 Source: Inside Sales Research Accelerate Inbound Sales calls Only 2% of Sales reps are making 6 attempts 90% chance to get connected with a lead on 6th Attempt.
    5. 5. Inbound Call is a Buying Signal#3 Inbound Call from Online visitor Form Filled Blog Subscriber Live chatEmail Response Free Trial Signed-Up User Sales Readiness An Inbound Call converts to sales 10 times more often than a form filled lead. TIP: Make the Inbound Calling Experience as easy and motivating as possible to your online visitors to drive more sales. Source: Bounzd Case study 2014 & BIA Kelsey Accelerate Inbound Sales calls
    6. 6. Respond by Phone & Email Together#4 A Phone Call is Powerful than Email. But when called just after sending an email gives you a great chance of success. It is Easy to Create a WOW effect! Accelerate Inbound Sales calls Source: Inside Sales Research
    7. 7. Best Days to Call Leads#5 Wednesdays & Thursdays are the best days to contact leads for maximum conversion Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 1640 1590 2260 2340 1980 Contacts Made from Calls } Best days to make calls } Worst Days Accelerate Inbound Sales calls Source: Inside Sales Research
    8. 8. Best Times to Call Leads#6 The Best Time to qualify your leads is between 4:00pm and 6:00pm Accelerate Inbound Sales calls Source: Inside Sales Research
    9. 9. Find Direct Dial Numbers of Leads & Display a Local Caller-Id on call #7 Call Connecting Chance Direct Number of Lead Main Office Line Direct Numbers are 2X Powerful Blocked Number Toll- Free Number Land Line - Toll Local / Mobile 57.4% Best WorstCallConnectingChance Get More Direct Line of Leads Source: Bounzd Case Study & Inside Sales Research
    10. 10. Never Miss an Inbound Call#8 Missed Calls = Missed Profits An Inbound Call is one of the most Sales Ready Lead Source. 90% of Inbound calls from web visitors are Sales Enquiries. 70% of inbound calls are wasted as not saved and integrated with CRMs or LMS. Accelerate Inbound Sales calls With proper tracking, technology and monitoring of Inbound Calls can Increase Sales Conversion by 175%
    11. 11. Enhancing Inbound Calling Experience to Accelerate Sales Calls www.bounzd.com TRY IT FREE | SIGNUP TODAY | NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED Twitter: @bounzd Toll Free: Talk to UsEmail: enquiries@bounzd.com