Boulder Logic Customer Successes


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Customer success stories from using Boulder Logic Customer Reference Management Software.

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  • Boulder Logic Customer Successes

    1. 1. Boulder LogicReference Manager™Customer Successes
    2. 2. Avaya “Avaya is an industry leader in real-time communications and collaborationand could have built a tool ourselves, but elected to adopt Boulder Logicdue to their integration with Salesforce CRM as well as their dedicatedsupport and expertise. We have used other customer reference tools in thepast, but Boulder Logic’s integration was a key for us.”
- Chris Bergman,Program Manager for the Avaya Customer Gallery
    3. 3. Avaya What results has Avaya achieved using Boulder Logic?. Successful self-service model Accessible, fully mechanized database Elimination of human latency for securing and using references
    4. 4. Avaya How would you describe Avaya’s experience with the Boulder Logic team? “Boulder Logic has been a true partner. They have patiently answered questionsand promptly answered our concerns — which are thankfully infrequent. Mostimportantly, Boulder Logic listens and responds to change and enhancementrequests as we evolve and improve our reference program.”
    5. 5. Siemens “We use references in at least 75% of our enterprise deals and can save ourreps at least five hours per sales cycle by having references available forthem. That time gets put back into more productive selling activities. It’stime and money.”
- Karen Newman, Director of Global Customer Advocacyand Marketing Communications for Siemens
    6. 6. Siemens Why was it important to have a formal customer reference application? “The software application is essential because the data doesn’t reside anywhereelse but within this system. We considered trying to manage this informationusing other types of tools, and of course we kept spreadsheets for a while, but weneeded something that would really support our process and information. “
    7. 7. Siemens Why didn’t Siemens consider building a solution internally? Reluctant to create another internal system Desire to manage profiles, activities and content in one place Need for third party to maintain system
    8. 8. Rackspace “After researching our options, we selected a Customer ReferenceManagement solution from Boulder Logic. The software gave us the toolswe needed to facilitate reference requests, live discussions, and encouragefuture interactions.”
- John Chattaway, Marketing CommunicationsSpecialist, Rackspace Hosting
    9. 9. Rackspace What benefits has Rackspace gained from using Boulder Logic? Single site for managing customer interaction preferences Easily recognize customer contributions to business Effectively facilitate interactions between customers and prospects No longer “overuse” certain customers Ability to track activities
    10. 10. Dell Boomi “To someone just getting a reference program started, I would recommendthey enlist a solution that is easily accessible by both sales and marketing.Making it friendly for sales is most important because they are typically lessmotivated to participate if it’s not convenient to them. That was one of thebig reasons that we picked Boulder Logic because it is integrated which is a tool that our sales team lives in on a daily basis.”- Celia Brown, Marketing Program Manager and Social Media and CommunityProfessional at Dell Boomi
    11. 11. Dell Boomi What benefits has Dell Boomi gained from using Boulder Logic? Easily accessible by both sales and marketing Centralized source of information Simple to customize and configure
    12. 12. Trend Micro “In general, the benefits for customer references are pretty obvious. I thinkthe ability to provide a service to sales and have them have access 24/7 to aglobal database of the references that we currently have, in addition tohaving a service capability to request references that they need that don’texist in that database, is a value add that we never had before.”
- TobiasLee, Director of Corporate Marketing Operations at Trend Micro
    13. 13. Trend Micro Trend Micro is known throughout the security industry as a technologyleader who continually delivers products and services focused on specificcustomer malware problems. With the rapidly growing number ofreferenceable customers willing to speak on the company’s behalf, TrendMicro wanted to evolve its customer reference process to support its activesales pipeline. Boulder Logic’s Reference Manager provided the technologytools and service to take Trend Micro’s program to the next level.
    14. 14. Trend Micro Why did Trend Micro choose Boulder Logic? Improves process by which global customer references are managed Powerful, user-friendly application Customers – new and existing – are top priority Brings new customers on board Builds stronger relationship with existing customers
    15. 15. Infor Infor is a global provider of enterprise application software withapproximately 2,000 sales professionals around the world. The companyuses Boulder Logic Reference Manager to drive their enterprise customerreference program. Armed with metrics showing their program activity andsimple formulas, Infor was able to show dramatic cost savings for thecompany through their effective use of references.
    16. 16. Infor Director, Abby Atkinson, pioneered the Infor Ambassador ReferenceProgram using Boulder Logic Reference Manager. In the first two years of itsinception, Atkinson said the program: has influenced millions in new sales deals has saved Infor hundreds of thousands of dollars costs only 25% of the cost of sales reps finding their own reference When cuts to her program budget were requested at Infor, Abby was able to showan ROI so compelling that her budget was actually increased by over 60%.
    17. 17. Lithium “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Lithium. We believeour success is measured by the success of our customers, which makescustomer references critical for Lithium. We selected Boulder Logic’scustomer reference management software based on its strong features andintegration capabilities, specifically with”- Justin Schuster, Vice President of Product Marketing, Lithium
    18. 18. Lithium What benefits has Lithium gained from using Boulder Logic? Infrastructure and tools to manage customer relationships Ability to cultivate and protect its most valuable assets Achieved measureable business results
    19. 19. Jive “Boulder Logic’s combination of services and technology was the decisivefactor in our selection. They offered an easy to use, cloud-based tool tostreamline customer reference management. We have so many wonderfulcustomer stories that were just waiting to be told. We felt the guidance thatBoulder Logic was able to offer was the key in helping us build our customerreference program.”- David Greenberg, Senior Director of Marketing at Jive
    20. 20. Jive What benefits has Jive gained from using Boulder Logic? Ability to easily and quickly catalog, search and identify customers for references Seamless integration with existing sales and marketing software. Power to protect references from overuse Capability to deliver reports and share metrics on the success of the referenceprogram
    21. 21. Questions, contact us!For answers to your questions, contact yourBoulder Logic account manager, or call800.715.1910You can also email