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World cafe

  1. 1. September 26, today is the European day of Languages!
  2. 2. Let's do something! A World Café! A Group Dialogue! l
  3. 3. Dissemination!!
  4. 4. ELOS Basque Country: Aniturri BHI Antigua-Luberri BHI Botikazar BHI Ekialdea BHI Urola BHI
  5. 5. Tv came! We were also in the papers!
  6. 6. Bosses came! Arantza Aurrekoetxea & Begoña Garamendi Basque government representatives came for a visit
  7. 7. Back to work! We had four discussion tables at the World Café
  8. 8. 1st Table
  9. 9. 1st TABLE: GENERAL ASPECTS OF EU What does the European Union mean for you? What type of decisions are made in the European institutions? Who are making those decisions? Can you think about any specific examples? Have those decisions any influence on your everyday life?
  10. 10. The European Union is a political and economic group. It was created in order to give citizens a quality of life (travels, communications, market...). market...)
  11. 11. But, nowadays there are inner conflicts: Globalisation vs. Diversity. It is very based on the markets without taking into account cultural differences. Different categories of countries (Northern & Southern). Southern) .
  12. 12. The most important decisions are taken by the European institutions (European Central Bank, European Parlament...). However, there is no general knowledge about them. They are very far from us.
  13. 13. To reduce the gap between Us & the EU through:     Better communication More education (more subjects related to this area). Change of the places where they are in order to be closer. More participation.
  14. 14. In general, there is a dark opinion about the future of the EU and its institutions (crisis, problems of the euro, countries with different power... ) .
  15. 15. 2nd Table
  16. 16. 2nd TABLE: EUROPE IN YOUR LIFE Do you speak any other European languages out of the school? Do you participate in any social network? Do you know the customs of any other European country? Do those customs influence your everyday life? What do you think about them?
  17. 17. Hizkuntzak maite ditugu! We love languages! Nous aimons langues! wir lieben Sprachen! Nos encantan los idiomas!
  18. 18. We use English to communicate with foreigners in the social networks.
  19. 19. Customs are difficult to get used to, but We agree with their habits however different they are.
  20. 20. Customs Ireland (different lifestyle, don’t go out, no parties, bars, different mealtimes, England (aware of punctuality, early dinners, they don’t want you to touch them, butter, spicy susages) Germany (speak quietly, lowly, early meals, shy) French( rather shy, reserve, not too outspoken) Italy (similar customs or habits to ours), Morocco (Ramadan, they couldn’t eat during the day, difficult to get used to their habits, ) They don’t want you People under 18 can’t be out after 12 pm get up at 6 a.m., go to bed early. Italy (good food
  21. 21. 3rd Table
  22. 22. 3rd TABLE: YOUR SCHOOL What type of activities related to Europe are organized in your school? Do you take part in? Do you know any school in Europe? How do you consider them in comparison with your own school? What ideas would you import from them to your school? Which aspects of your school you think could be exportable?
  23. 23. Comenius Omenius is a good toolCrisis= Less Money Less Comenius now = less posibilities for mobilities
  24. 24. Competitions and
  25. 25. Exchanges with partner schools Comenius, Mac, studying abroad privately: meeting people all around Europe
  26. 26. Hosting students is a great experience: Parents like it.
  27. 27. We love travelling!!!
  28. 28. We know some school system in Europe
  29. 29. We would import: School timetables: subject options, finishing earlier...
  30. 30. Music is another language. Art is taught as another cultural expression. Here it is a waste of time. We would bring that!
  31. 31. Export Sports at school: good facilities and options. Here it is organized by the council. School teams. Being punctual, not wasting time (educational – character in – Germany), but not the same in Italy., not so open-minding as it seems.
  32. 32. 4th Table
  33. 33. 4th TABLE: YOUR FUTURE What plans do you have for your future? Will you learn more languages? will u participate in ERASMUS ? Have you ever considered living in another country? What do you think can help you to find a job in Europe? Can the EU help in spreading our culture ? What do you think will happen with the European Union in 25 years? And what about yourself?
  34. 34. Plans for my future I will go on learning English, French and perhaps start with a new one: German...?
  35. 35. We would love to participate in Erasmus programme at university. We would go anywhere. If possible to an English speaking country
  36. 36. We are young we haven’t thought about living abroad yet But we can imagine living in another country : working, setting up a family....)
  37. 37. Europeans don't know much about us. Just stereotypes like we're noisy, bothering, not punctual, partying all the time, not serious....
  38. 38. And the Minority Language? They are in our hearts!!!!
  39. 39. My own future in 25 years when I'll be about 40? -No Idea - living here, perhaps abroad - Who knows?
  40. 40. Future of the EU in 25 years time - Smaller or bigger than now ? - It'll be over ? If more members the Basque Country could be a menber of the EU!
  41. 41. Once we finished we did the feed back session!
  42. 42. As a reward the Lunch. Bonne Apetit!
  43. 43. Eskerrak! Merci! Gracias! Gracies! Thank You! Danke! Obrigado! Grazie! diolch Dėkoju! Ευχαριστίες! Tak! Diolch! Giitu!
  44. 44. Languages are Wonderful!!!