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Lysa miller personal branding presentation_2016


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Growing Your Personal Brand

Published in: Design
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Lysa miller personal branding presentation_2016

  1. 1. Why brand yourself on social media? What does your current brand say about you? presented by: Lysa Miller
  2. 2. 1. Before branding yourself on social media, define your objective 2. Create your brand offline first START BRANDING! 3. Choose your social networks 4. Brand your social networks 5. Grow your social networks How do I start branding myself on social media?
  3. 3. If you are looking to create a personal brand, social media is a great way if not the best way to get yourself and establish your reputation. Why Brand Yourself on Social Media? 1. Differentiate yourself from others 2. Develop a unique personal identity 3. Establish your reputation 4. Stand out in your industry 5. Gain new clients and connections 6. Leadership opportunities 7. Perceived higher 8. Create Market Niche 9. Network with other industry leaders 10. Share your industry knowledge
  4. 4. Evaluate your current brand. Start by doing a Google Search of yourself. Here is a list of your prominent social profiles you will see upon searching an established professional’s name. LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram For the most part, these will be the results. So anyone looking up a profes- sion online or on social media, will first hit these channels via Google. Do I need to create a personal brand?
  5. 5. Google gives high authority to all of the main social media platforms, which is an important reason to be using social media. Ultimately, the more active you are on a particular platform, the higher that profile is ranked many times above your competition. Your personal blog, website and images also rank high too, as social media and content creation are fundamental parts of personal branding SEO. Remember that everything you do online is a representation of your personal brand. Here are some ways to start shaping your message and how you’re perceived. Do I need to create a personal brand?
  6. 6. Ambassador of good health and education, connects with Americans on the level of kids, health and everyday matters that matter. Michelle Obama
  7. 7. Political brand, stirring the pot, lots of publicity over his negative publicity and using that to his advantage. Donald Trump
  8. 8. Woman entrepreneur supporting women and entrepreneurship through her publications and social media. Arianna Huffington
  9. 9. First before building your networks you have to do some homework! When building your brand on social media, you need to define what your objective is so you can plan out how your online brand will help you meet that objective. Some examples of why someone might want to do more to brand themselves online... How do I get started: Define your branding objectives
  10. 10. “I want to differentiate myself from competitors” With a strong persona and unique branding proposition, you’re almost guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. In a competitive marketplace, it’s important to show what makes you different. “I want to sell more products” Having a social media brand is also a great way to promote your products or as an extension of the company you work for. If you work for a tech company that sells a specific product, you might be known as the expert in that product or the person who can get that product to the customer fast. “I want to become known as an expert in my field” With a strong social media profile and providing content and expertise on social media will help define you as an expert in that specific field, building a reputation as an expert pro- motes what you know and can help build brand reputation for the company you represent whether it is your own company or a large corporation. How do I get started: Define your branding objectives
  11. 11. Check for Username Availability! There are two tools available to check for social media usernames and domain names: The first is knowem. It’s a tool that searches for how your name or brand is being used by others on social media, domain names and even in the USPTO trademark database. The next is NameChk. This tool checks to see if your desired username is available on hun- dreds of social media communities, networks and bookmarking sites. NameChk also gives you a list of available domain names. Which you might want to secure for the future. If you have a popular name, it will be harder to get your name, here are some ideas + LysaMillerSEO + Lysa_Ladybugz + Ladybugz_Agency + LadybugzSEO Create consistent branding assets for yourself
  12. 12. Choose area of expertise: What is your area of expertise? Choose 3 specific areas of expertise you want to build your brand around. Should be area specific and create a niche for yourself. Personal Branding Description: Define a description of yourself that meets your objective needs that you can use over all so- cial media channels when describing yourself. This description will be seen as a consistent message no matter what social channel you are on. It is a good idea to craft 2 or 3 descriptions depending on the social network, some networks a description with “keywords” maybe be appropriate for others a longer description could be a better fit. Create consistent branding assets for yourself
  13. 13. Design a consistent look and feel for your brand: Create any design work you may need done for your personal branding such as colors and fonts you like, even have a logo professionally done as a tagline. You can use this throughout your branding of social networks as posts, as page covers and more. Create consistent branding assets for yourself Personal Branding Photograph: Have a professional photo shoot done so you can have the perfect photographs for all of your branding needs. Depending on the type of brand you want to create, you can also do “work-style shots”. For example if you are a computer wizard, have a computer in the photo or have photos of you working at your craft. If you are an artist have photos of you working at your art. Create a headshot photo for more professional oriented social networks.
  14. 14. Choose Hashtags and Keywords : Stay consistent by using the same hashtags, tags and keywords on all your social media platforms Create some content: Create some content you may want to add to your social networks, Power point presenta- tions can be uploaded to Slideshare and posted to Linked In, Articles or industry articles or blog posts that can be added on Linked In and pictures, postcards or promotions you may want to add to your Social Network Profiles. You can also keep adding content to your net- works as you grow and promote your brand. Create consistent branding assets for yourself
  15. 15. How do you want to see yourself on social media? Experience and expertise – Job hunters, Senior Management Expert in your Field – Healthcare expert, Life Coach, Startup Company – Local entrepreneur, online entrepreneur Sales Professional – Tech Sales, Ad Sales, Insurance Sales Depending how you answer these questions, will that help you decide what networks you should tackle first and foremost. Choosing Relevant Social Networks
  16. 16. In my personal and professional opinion, everyone should have a LinkedIn LinkedIn. It is basically your online resume, that you can edit, update and promote at anytime. LinkedIn is the most highly Google ranked professional network, if people are searching for you, this is most likely where they will find you. Making the most of LinkedIn Fill out your work and professional experience thoroughly. Here is where creating your branding assets comes in! Use your photo, description and other assets you have created. Make sure you take advantage of everything Linked In has to offer. LinkedIn
  17. 17. Here are many of the things Linked In uses that you should take advantage of: 1. Work Experience and connecting places you have worked – cool features of LinkedIn shows logos on your profile 2. Ability to add projects and people you worked with on those projects 3. Ability to implement other media such as Slideshare 4. LinkedIn Recommendations 5. LinkedIn Pulse 6. Connect with other customers, experts and friends to expand your reach 7. Ability to send a personalized message when you connect with other professionals Like LinkedIn Try: – resume and photo page, ranks very high on Google LinkedIn
  18. 18. Facebook is very business to consumer driven, so if you have a business or are an expert selling services, Facebook is likely for you to have an actual “business page” People I see with Facebook pages – entrepreneurs, ex- perts selling services, multilevel marketers, speakers, agents On your professional Facebook page – Take advantage of what Facebook has to offer: 1. Local address 2. Connection to other social network apps, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram 3. Your own URL 4. Fill out description 5. Use headshot and branded photos Facebook
  19. 19. When to use – sharing content and expertise with like-minded professionals and or customers Brand your Twitter Page with the same consistent description and photos as your other social networks. 1. Create a custom cover graphic 2. Use photo for your profile 3. Custom Twitter Cover 4. Consistant hashtags 5. Follow Need graphic help? Small local designers and agencies Twitter
  20. 20. Instagram Bloggers, Creative Agency, MLMs ie. Fashion, jewelry, entrepreneurs. Sharing your experiences through photos, using branded photos Pinterest Sharing products, fashion, design. Anything picture based. Inspiring users with your expertise. Instagram & Pinterest
  21. 21. POST Post consistently and daily to all of the social networks you want to grow. Keep your message consistent. Keep your brand, graphics or photos consistent. Consistently check and the personal information on your social networks to make sure it is the most current, such as phone numbers, emails, web links. Post things that are personal to your brand or your industry. Don’t over post or over promote yourself, you want to engage people in topics and trends not in you personally. Building your Brand on Social Networks
  22. 22. WRITE Write articles, posts, vertical/industry blogs. Start by writing posts on LinkedIn Write articles, posts and participate in industry or your own blog. Create content regularly. Not a writer? Hire someone to write blog posts, interview you and put your words into an article. There are plenty of freelancers for this, on LinkedIn, Twitter or try Fivrr or Building your Brand on Social Networks
  23. 23. DESIGN Graphics & photos: Take great photos of your area of expertise. If you don’t have photos try creating graphics. PRESENT Speak in Public, video them, Create online webinars, Host Twitter Chats, Produce Videos, Create presentations. All of these resources will help and who you are on social media. Building your Brand on Social Networks
  24. 24. ENGAGE Follow and engage with other industry professionals. Share ideas and tips online. Comment on Posts and blogs. Answer questions on Join groups on LinkedIn or Facebook. Give and ask for Reviews. Cheerlead for others by sharing, giving compliments, and quoting them! Building your Brand on Social Networks MONITOR Finally monitor your results! Check social sites engagement tools. Use google analytics on your website to measure traffic. Take note of increased leads, sales, and opportunities!
  25. 25. Why brand yourself on social media? If you want to be viewed as a branded professional, Social Media is the best and fastest way to go! 1. Create an Objective! 2. Create your Assests! 3. Create your Channels! 4. Build and Grow your Channels! 5. Watch your Online Brand Thrive!!