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Killer Growth Hacking Trends to Adopt in 2016


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Looking to growth hack your business in 2016? Here are growth hacking practices that we think will gain popularity and be crucial to business in 2016.











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Killer Growth Hacking Trends to Adopt in 2016

  1. 1. Killer growth hacking trends to adopt in 2016 Looking to growth hack your business in 2016? Here are growth hacking practices that we think will gain popularity and be crucial to business in 2016.
  2. 2. SEO SEO marketing has transformed over the past five years as Google search algorithms have become more intelligent and intuitive. Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page said the ranking is now all about the content. With quality in mind, SEO is an accessible growth hacking tool. Google ranking is the key strategy for many companies to grow their user base and customers.
  3. 3. LinkedIn owes its success to mastering Google’s search algorithms. It used to be impossible to find employment backgrounds and resumes online, but now LinkedIn profiles rank at the top of Google search for a person’s name. That’s the power of SEO, but other companies like are starting to catch up, such as and Whether it’s a method to get products out more onto Google, creating quality backlinks or targeting users looking for your product or services, SEO is still vital to the company’s growth potential and it’s not going away anytime soon.
  4. 4. GROWTH IS PART OF YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION Small and large companies alike are moving towards making everyone in the company responsible for growth on some level. Whether it’s market- ers growing their followings on social, company evangelists presenting at conferences or human resources finding new talent growth, is is becom- ing part of everyone’s job for a company to think about growth. Moral of the story: Get the team behind you!
  5. 5. CONTENT CREATION THAT ADDS VALUE Using content creatively and providing value to customers should be the focus of a content marketing plan. Just sending out marketing messages doesn’t cut it in 2016. By creating valuable content you are increasing the worth of your service or product. Creating customer surveys that improve your product or service is content that adds value to your customer in the future but still involves them in the improvement process. Their opinion matters, so it improves both communication and the product or service itself.
  6. 6. ONGOING USE OF NEW AND CREATIVE IDEAS What works for a week, might not work next week. Your growth may hit a stand still at any given point. You need to always be thinking about the next idea and the next strategy to grow your product or service. If you are not hitting your head against the wall daily, then you are not doing some- thing right. Many ideas are NOT going to work, but when you hit the right idea or strategy, the rewards will be well worth it. Accept it and go with it.
  7. 7. QUALITY BACKLINKING PROGRAMS Backlinking is still king when it comes to growth hacking. Backlinking to your product, service, content or more from the proper channels can lead to leaps and bounds in growth. Again, you have to create the strategy that is right for your product or service and you may try 100 strategies first, but don’t give up. Using creative backlinking strategies is pertinent to hacking your growth.
  8. 8. METRICS AND MORE METRICS Don’t waste too much time on strategies that don’t work. Use metrics to help guide you and test what does and does not work. A/B testing is one of the key strategies in growth hacking and without metrics it’s useless. Metrics can tell you so much about your users, their actions, and what does and does not work with them.
  9. 9. GOAL ORIENTED MARKETING Every strategy should have an end goal or end result. Having goals can set the framework for how you plan to achieve that growth. Look at what works and does not work based on history and breaks goals down to make them more achievable.
  10. 10. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY Don’t waste time trying to produce and publish excess amounts of content just to “get it out there”. Instead, fine tune your message, content and goals. Spend more time on crafting the content and finding ways to engage audiences, rather than just publishing content just to get it out there. Spend extra time on finding new ideas for content production, unique ways to present it and you will grow your engagement factor.
  11. 11. BROAD VS. LONG-TAILED Many online marketers have steered their SEO keywords towards long-tailed searches (longer searches/more words) to help better target their users. Even Inbound giant Hubspot recommends using this methodology because long-tailed keywords are easier to rank for and they also bring in the most relevant and qualified traffic. Google also ranks broader keywords by context, so ranking for content related to broader keywords gives content an extra boost.
  12. 12. NEW WAYS TO USE EXISTING CHANNELS So your Twittered out, LinkedIn exhausted. and Facebook burnt. How much can you push and promote on these channels? Find new and creative ways to use the channels you have grown. For example perhaps you started out on Twitter to gain a huge following and get your brand out there. Now, you have a huge audience and don’t know you can benefit from it. There are so many things you can use these chan- nels for, customer service, how to videos and user generated content.
  13. 13. Happy Growth Hacking! We hope you find our tips helpful and inspiring. They have been put in to good practice here in our office. (978) 376 - 7878