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The Dangers of IVC Filters


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Former recipients of retrievable IVC filters – devices designed to capture blood clots before they enter the lungs – filed legal claims against manufacturers for poor design, manufacturing and failing to warn of risks. Faulty filters punctured veins, fractured and migrated to other parts of the body causing complications.

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The Dangers of IVC Filters

  1. 1. The Dangers of IVC Filters
  2. 2. 27 deaths over the past decade have been associated with a medical device designed to trap blood clots in a large blood vessel before they get to the narrow vessels in the heart or lungs.
  3. 3. The metal spider-like device, called an inferior vena cava filter or IVC filter, can be dislodged by some blood clots and works its way into the heart where it can cause severe injuries or death.
  4. 4. One woman who spoke to NBC news had a different problem with the device. A wire section of the filter broke off and pierced her heart.
  5. 5. This created tremendous pain and causing her to black out. She flat-lined in the ambulance but doctors were able to save her life with emergency open-heart surgery.
  6. 6. There are several versions of the blood clot filters made by different companies, but the devices currently associated with failure were created by the companies C.R. Bard and Cook Medical
  7. 7. The IVC filters made by the C.R. Bard company had the model names Recovry, G2, G2X, Denali, Meridian, and Eclipse. The Cook Medical models were named Gunther Tulip and Celect.
  8. 8. If you or a loved one had an IVC filter installed that caused harm or may have received one of the models mentioned above, please call and we’ll talk about your options to protect you.
  9. 9. Have you been injured? If so give us a call Phone: 617-379-1797 Toll Free: 866-528-3515