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Are You Sure Your Car is Fully Insured? - Boston Personal Injury Law Firm


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.Are You Sure Your Car is Fully Insured?

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Are You Sure Your Car is Fully Insured? - Boston Personal Injury Law Firm

  1. 1. Are You Sure Your Car is Fully Insured?
  2. 2. Fairly often, a client will tell their lawyer that they have great coverage and are fully insured, only to find out later that they have the bare minimum of insurance conceivable.
  3. 3. This is common because for most people as they tend to shop around for the lowest premium and are satisfied just to have the insurance. Thus making the amount of insurance a much lower priority.
  4. 4. Insurance companies charge more for higher coverage, but people buying insurance tend to look for the lowest total price. Those low prices mean they only get minimal coverage.
  5. 5. If you want to see your auto insurance coverage, find a copy of your policy. The first page is your declarations page, also known as the DEC page, this will tell you how much coverage you have.
  6. 6. Insurance companies don’t always push the policies with the highest coverage. That’s because it puts them on the hook to pay more for an extremely expensive incident.
  7. 7. If people upgrade to a high-coverage auto insurance plan, the additional amount they pay each month will be minimal.
  8. 8. Insurance is about protecting yourself from risk so make sure your policy has enough coverage to protect you from a tragedy.
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