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Real Estate Email Marketing: Logic Reach


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Real Estate Email Marketing: Logic Reach

  1. 1. Email Marketing With LogicReachMaximizing a key component ofyour online marketing campaign. Presented by: David Friedman, Founder & President
  2. 2. Overview• Review the basics of online marketing process• Email Marketing basics• Growing your list• Composition• Anatomy of an effective email• Repurposing content• Questions
  3. 3. eMail Marketing Basics1. Constantly grow your list2. Standardize your format (Design)3. Create a message calendar4. Make sure you send your emails according to your plan5. Track your results
  4. 4. Growing your list• Start with what you have – Your address book – Piles of business cards – Facebook friends – Linked In connections• Add everyone (Regardless of whether or not they are a potential client) – Friends – Associates – Family – People you meet – Web leads!!!• Leverage your staff
  5. 5. Message format• Subject – Most important part of the email – Get more people to open the message• Segmentation• Headlines – Sub-headlines• Links• Photos
  6. 6. Message Calendar• Plan WAY ahead• Detail content types, not exact topics – Ex. Content types • Market updates • New listings • Answering common questions• Patterns will emerge• Drip email sequences• Frequency: – Minimum: Monthly – Max: Weekly
  7. 7. Repurposing contentYou’re already writing the content you need for your email marketing campaign• Blog• Responses to common questions• Press releases• Product/service upgrades and descriptions• Market reports• Social media• Leverage distribution partnerships, affiliates, social media to broaden your reach
  8. 8. Consistency counts!• Monthly newsletters• Drip email works – Make them natural• Real Estate advantage – Daily Listing Updates
  9. 9. Questions? ? ? ?