LogicClassroom: Maximize Engagement with Real Estate Facebook Pages


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This LogicClassroom discusses how a real estate Facebook page can help you increase client engagement. Learn the best strategies on how you can create and maintain a page that will help you connect, communicate, and build relationships with leads and clients.

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  • 1.11 Billion Facebook UsersCheck newsfeed to not only read friends’ statuses, but also find the latest information on companies they support
  • Bio should include link to websiteDo keyword research and incorporate those terms throughout the description for SEO
  • Personal, fun, and easy going environment – safer way to connectFirst focus on your primary network, then reach out to second and third connections.What is the goal of a giveaway competition? Is it to increase engagement, drive people to your site, or please existing clients? Create and track goals
  • Sharing your brokerage page or posts will help boost engagement
  • Through your content, showcase your personality
  • Ability to highlight images and have them span across the page.Increases engagement – if pictures include individuals, there will be tagging and sharingVisuals may be of places in the community – create a conversation
  • Internet traffic, which includes email usage, social media, and web browsing, is at a low at 5am and grows steadily until lunchtime, when it slightly dips.  After lunch, traffic increases again until it peaks at 4pm
  • On Facebook there are many apps to create polls and surveys that your followers can answerThey may be used to understand your demographic betterQuestions can range from what kind of homes they are looking for to favorite places in the community
  • Semantic search – natural language questionsResults may be public posts, pictures, people, pages, events, and applicationsIf client searches “Boston real estate agents” you have a higher chance of appearing on top because of mutual connections
  • LogicClassroom: Maximize Engagement with Real Estate Facebook Pages

    1. 1. MAXIMIZE ENGAGEMENT WITH REAL ESTATE FACEBOOK PAGES Presented by: Yen Le Community Management Associate Boston Logic Technology Partners, Inc
    2. 2. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com AGENDA: REAL ESTATE FACEBOOK PAGES Build Company Pages Increase Followers Share Content Take Advantage of Graph Search
    3. 3. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com CREATING A FACEBOOK PAGE  Your real estate Facebook page should include a bio of your company and images of your community
    4. 4. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com ENGAGE YOUR NETWORK  Add social media plugins to your website, blog, newsletters and agents’ email signatures  70% of people like a company page after seeing it on friends’ pages  52% of people like pages during giveaway contests
    5. 5. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com ENCOURAGE AGENTS’ TO PARTICIPATE  Agents should share brokerage’s Facebook posts to boost reach  Have them create their own Facebook page to help with personal branding
    6. 6. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com REGULARLY POST CONTENT Maintain Facebook Activity Featured Listings News Related to the community Blog posts or new content on your website
    7. 7. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com INCLUDE VISUALS  90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual  Facebook Timeline layout is optimized for posting images  Photos perform best for likes, comments, and shares compared to text and links Source: 3M Corporation and Zabisco
    8. 8. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com OPTIMAL TIMES TO POST  Facebook traffic is at a high 10am to 4pm  Click-through time of your post is 3.1 hours  If you have important news, you should post it several times throughout the week Source: Bitly
    9. 9. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com CREATE A DIALOGUE  Create polls and surveys  Ask questions to create conversations  Learn more about your customer base
    10. 10. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com OPTIMIZE FOR FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH  Facebook Graph Search draws info from profile & friends  Additional search results from Microsoft Bing  Indirectly, friends can serve as your references
    11. 11. QUESTIONS??? www.BostonLogic.com/blog Yen Le yle@bostonlogic.com www.bostonlogic.com 617.266.9166