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LogicClassroom Lead Follow-up


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This LogicClassroom discusses lead follow-up strategies that will help multiply your real estate business. While consistent lead follow-up is highly emphasized in all businesses, the reality is that many companies fail to uphold this standard. Never forget to follow-up with a lead again and learn the best strategies on how to contact different clients through emailing, calling, and retargeting.

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LogicClassroom Lead Follow-up

  1. 1. IMPROVE YOUR CONVERSION RATEWITH LEAD FOLLOW-UPPresented by:David FriedmanPresidentBoston Logic Technology Partners, Inc
  2. 2. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comYOU GET 2 SWINGS AT THE PITCH
  3. 3. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comLEAD GENERATION Generate leads through a variety of different channels Search engines Social media 3rd party websites Open Houses Referrals Once lead is in your CRM system, there are 2 lead follow-upstrategies to abide by. We call it 2 swings and a pitch
  4. 4. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comA LOOK AT THE NUMBERS50% of leads donot receive afollow-up94% of leadsare abandonedwithin 72 hours65% ofcompanies havenot establishedlead nurturingSources: Voice of the Customer, MarketingSherpa
  5. 5. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comBE FIRST TO FOLLOW-UPBeFirstLeads are impatientand expect to becontactedimmediatelyAgents who callwithin 5 minutesafter a lead submitsa query are 100times more likely toreach leadHBR: Companiesthat contact a leadwithin an hour are 7times more likely tohave a meaningfulconversation
  6. 6. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comBE CONSISTENT, BE VIGILANT3 ChannelsE-mailTelephoneRetargeting A large percentage ofusers are not ready tobuy, sell, or rent rightnow Must be patient andnurture a lead Process may takemonths, even a year
  7. 7. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comBE CONSISTENT: EMAIL Include leads in relevantdrip campaigns,newsletters, and dailylisting updates When possible, personalizeemails Emails, even if they areautomated, should soundlike they are directly comingfrom the agent
  8. 8. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comBE CONSISTENT: USE THE TELEPHONE Cheap and effective methodto connect with leads Agents should tag leadsthey haven’t spoken to in aweek or month and call Key is to not be afraid ofrejection
  9. 9. T: 617.266.9166www.bostonlogic.comBE CONSISTENT: RETARGETINGLead visitssiteCookie placedon computerTargeted withads to bringthem backCovert Lead Retargeted Ads Place cookie on computer of previous site visitors These visitors will be retargeted to bring them back to your site Ads run on websites ranging from newspapers to Facebook Send appropriate ads based on whether site visitor is lookingto sell, buy, or rent a home
  10. 10. QUESTIONS??? Friedmandfriedman@bostonlogic.comwww.bostonlogic.com617.266.9166