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LogicClassroom: Social Media Strategies, What Works and Why?


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Social media is a powerful means of communication that helps real estate brokers and agents connect with leads and clients. By optimizing social media campaigns and actively posting content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, you will be able to engage your leads through the entire sales cycle. In this LogicClassroom, we will provide strategies on how you can create effective social media campaigns and drive up engagement.

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LogicClassroom: Social Media Strategies, What Works and Why?

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES: WHAT WORKS AND WHY? Presented by: Yen Le Community Management Associate Boston Logic Technology Partners, Inc
  2. 2. AGENDA Social Media Marketing • Set & Review Goals Social Media Channels • • • • • Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Social Media Best Practices • Best Times to Post • Maximize Engagement T: 617.266.9166
  3. 3. DEFINE YOUR GOALS  Create a Social Media Calendar to keep track of your progress Determine your intentions Set your goals Create a plan for each social media channel Keep your plan flexible T: 617.266.9166
  4. 4. GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR • How often do you want/have the time to create new content? • Is there a subject you can write a series of posts about? • Are there weekly updates you want to give? T: 617.266.9166
  5. 5. OVER 1 BILLION FACEBOOK USERS  Users easily access info on companies and organizations they support  70% of people like a company page after seeing it on their friends’ pages  Photos increase engagement by more than 100% T: 617.266.9166
  6. 6. KEEP POSTS SHORT Short posts get you 60% more engagement  Try to keep posts under 250 characters  T: 617.266.9166
  7. 7. EVERY SECOND THERE ARE 9,100 TWEETS  Use @mentions and #hashtags to create a dialogue with potential clients  Share valuable content periodically throughout the day  Post images and digital media T: 617.266.9166
  8. 8. INCREASE YOUR FOLLOWERS    Create a credible account – include all the appropriate images and bios Tweet on the weekends to constantly engage users Listen to you community members T: 617.266.9166
  9. 9. GOOGLE+ IS GROWING IN INFLUENCE 2nd most prominent channel after Facebook  Highly correlated with SEO  Postings have the effect of a blog post  T: 617.266.9166
  10. 10. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TOOLS LINKEDIN OFFERS  Not as competitive to get your content noticed as other social media channels  Not only post on your personal page, but also on your company page and groups relating to your community Personal Page LinkedIn Company Page Relevant Groups T: 617.266.9166
  11. 11. PINTEREST IS THE FASTEST GROWING SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL  Launched in 2010, has already registered millions of users  Transitioned consumer behavior from specific searches to discovering ideas  Your Pinterest boards can represent different topics relating to real estate or to your community T: 617.266.9166
  12. 12. TRACK YOUR SUCCESS Use Pinterest Web Analytics to see which postings achieve higher engagement  Know what’s working and adapt your social media plan  T: 617.266.9166
  13. 13. POST CONTENT AT OPTIMAL TIMES IN ORDER TO ENGAGE LEADS Facebook Twitter • High Engagement on Thursdays and Fridays • 1PM = more shares • 3PM = more likes • People 181% more likely to use Twitter on commutes • High Engagement on weekends LinkedIn • High Engagement Tuesdays to Thursdays • Most user traffic 7AM – 9AM, 5PM – 6PM Pinterest • Peak traffic on Saturday mornings • Best time to post is normally between 8PM – 1AM • Avoid posting late afternoon T: 617.266.9166
  14. 14. ORGANIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS WITH A MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  Access all your social media accounts on Buffer or Hootsuite  Schedule postings in advanced  Get detailed analytics for all of your social media channels – see what’s working and what’s not T: 617.266.9166
  15. 15. QUESTIONS??? Yen Le 617.266.9166