LogicClassroom: Using Keyword Strategy to Improve Real Estate SEO


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Keyword research is an important first step for any real estate SEO campaign. Before you can attempt to drive traffic to your site, you must know what you clients are "attracted" to and searching for online. In this LogicClassroom, we will go through the basic steps of initiating successful keyword research. We will discuss common mistakes and provide you with helpful insider tips that will improve your keyword use and, ultimately, your SEO campaign.

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  • Understanding keyword research for a broad perspective.
  • Common mistakes when approaching keyword research. Taken directly from an SEOmozblog post.
  • Get a sense of the kinds of people who visit your site, how they got there, and what they are looking for. Google Analytics allows you to see what people put into search engines in order to get to your website.
  • Example: Student apartmentsKeywords: apartments, apartments for rent, rentalsQualifiers: cheap, low rent, student, studio, eco-friendlyLong tail: cheap apartments, cheap student apartments, low rent studio apartments, eco-friendly student apartments, cheap studio apartments, etc…
  • Explain briefly
  • Quick overview of tools out there. Not too specific.
  • Google trends is a move visual way to view the keyword rankings.
  • Encourage viewers to create original, unique, and meaningful content based around their keywords in order to draw readers and potential customers.
  • Sidenotes. Briefly explain.
  • It is important to do keyword research continuously, let’s say every several months, in order to start current and successfully optimized.
  • LogicClassroom: Using Keyword Strategy to Improve Real Estate SEO

    1. 1. USING KEYWORD STRATEGY TO IMPROVE REAL ESTATE SEO Presented by: Leah Tagliarino Marketing Intern Boston Logic Technology Partners, Inc
    2. 2. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com AGENDA • Why do we need Keyword Research? Overview • What to avoid when doing keyword research Common Mistakes • Ways to initiate the best Keyword Research Learning the Right Practice • Insider information from SEO experts Helpful Tips
    3. 3. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com Get new ideas for content Reveal the competition WHY DO WE NEED KEYWORD RESEARCH?  To focus our content on quality keywords  To evaluate the traffic of our keywords  To evaluate how competitive our keywords are  To find new keywords
    4. 4. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com COMMON MISTAKES 1. Choosing keywords that are too broad 2. Choosing keywords with too much competition 3. Choosing keywords without enough traffic 4. Choosing keywords that don’t convert 5. Trying to rank for one keyword at a time Source: SEOmoz
    5. 5. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com LEARN THE RIGHT PRACTICE Understand Your Users Choose Your Keyword Themes Use Keyword Qualifiers Apply the Technology Write valuable content!
    6. 6. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com UNDERSTANDING YOUR USERS oWho is visiting your site? oWhat kinds of words are they using?
    7. 7. WHERE TO START: CASE STUDY: STUDENT APARTMENTS Keywords Qualifiers Long Tail Keywords
    8. 8. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com
    9. 9. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com APPLY THE TECHNOLOGY… Throw out keywords that don’t rank Use a healthy distribution of rankings Search your keywords to ensure relevance Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    10. 10. USE GOOGLE TRENDS  Visually oriented  Like AdWords Keyword Tool, displays keyword volume  Compares keywords and shows search trends
    11. 11. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com MOVING FORWARD Great Content! Links Competitor Analysis Keywords
    12. 12. T: 617.266.9166 www.bostonlogic.com HELPFUL INSIDER TIPS • New Google tool • Search keywords by location Google Adwords Keyword Planner • See what competitors are doing • View competitor rankings Competitor Analysis • Paid Google ads • Pay-per-click • Ensure your keywords will rank PPC Campaigns
    13. 13. REMEMBER… Adjust Repeat Maintain
    14. 14. QUESTIONS??? www.BostonLogic.com/blog Leah Tagliarino ltagliarino@bostonlogic.com www.bostonlogic.com 617.266.9166