Logic classroom: Email marketing with Constant Contact


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Learn the latest in real estate online marketing through email marketing with these slides from Boston Logic's latest LogicClassroom.

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Logic classroom: Email marketing with Constant Contact

  1. 1. T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />Email Marketing<br />Benefits and Strategies with Constant Contact<br />Presented by: Boston Logic<br /> Ashley Osgood, Marketing Associate<br /> Angela Davis, Marketing Associate<br />
  2. 2. Classroom Overview<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  3. 3. Email Marketing<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  4. 4. Email Marketing Challenges: 2011<br />New Communications Channels<br />Communication becoming more “social”<br />Social Media more instant<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  5. 5. Email Marketing: Inboxes<br />Email Inboxes<br />Now Portable<br />Users do not need <br />to be in front of a<br />computer to check <br />their email<br /><ul><li>Content needs to be:
  6. 6. Brief
  7. 7. Simple
  8. 8. To-the-point</li></ul>Keep all this in mind when creating your marketing emails!<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  9. 9. Email Marketing: Inboxes<br />Inbox Overload<br />WAS: <br />No Bad Stuff<br />NOW: <br />Too Much Good Stuff<br />The Difference Today?<br />Time / Priority<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  10. 10. Email Marketing: 2011<br />ISP Email Management<br />Not Enough to Get Into Inboxes<br />Need to be “above the line”<br />What You Want / Need <br />to Read<br />Everything Else<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  11. 11. Email Marketing: 2011<br />Deliverability and Engagement<br />Deliverability: the ability to get an email to the inbox<br />ISP’s are getting smarter<br />Microsoft will use user behavior to determine where your emails go<br />Email-Placing Criteria:<br />Message read, deleted<br />Message deleted without reading<br />Message answered<br />Frequency of sending /reading messages from certain sender<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  12. 12. What Does This Mean?<br />Future of Email is Still Strong<br />Email will evolve<br />Needs to keep up with social media channels<br />I.E., Facebook introduced more enhanced messaging<br />“Batch & Blast” email marketing will see less success<br />Email needs to be more relevant to users in order to succeed<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  13. 13. Email Is Not Dead!<br />“Nearly 10% of opens are on a mobile device. Mobile open rates range from 2-19%” <br /> - Litmus<br />“The dominance of email activity on mobile devices increased from 37.4% to 41.6% of US Mobile internet time” <br />– The Nielsen Company<br />“58% of people start their online day by reading emails.” <br />- ExactTarget’s Email X-Factor Study, 2011<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  14. 14. How To Survive Email Marketing<br />Email Marketing Rules:<br />Know and expect that email address churn may rise.<br />Make sure your emails are easy to read and open.<br />Keep emails simple. Use less images, be brief, and think smartphone-access.<br />Trust is Important: do not spam your contacts.<br />Make your emails interactive and social: enable easy sharing<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  15. 15. Marketing Strategies: Subscribers<br />Get to know your subscribers<br />Do not email too frequently<br />Keep messages consistent<br />i.e., weekly newsletters<br />Keep subscribers organized by groups<br />Keep your emails relevant to your groups<br />Content is Key<br />Keep them engaged!<br />Quick headlines, brief content, and promotions<br />Integrate with Social Media<br />Ask them to share!<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  16. 16. Email Marketing Made Easy<br />Streamline the process & automate your email process<br />Take time to create content and schedule emails <br />Visibility<br />Use less images: don’t always display correctly or are blocked<br />Measure Your Results<br />See Constant Contact Analytics to determine email success<br />Conduct A/B testing<br />Psst!<br />MailChimp recently doubled its free email marketing services. <br />www.mailchimp.com<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  17. 17. Email Marketing Provider: Constant Contact<br />Benefits<br />Organize contacts into lists for segmented emails<br />Emails and newsletters more visually appealing<br />Easy to use<br />Analytics<br />See who opens your emails and what they clicked on<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  18. 18. Email Marketing Provider: Constant Contact<br />Analytics<br />See who opens your emails and what they clicked on<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  19. 19. @BostonLogic<br />Questions?<br />For future (and past) webinars by Boston Logic:<br />www.bostonlogic.com/blog/category/logicclassroom/<br />Read SEO Tips on our Real Estate SEO Blog:<br />www.realestateseo1.com<br />For more information, contact: <br />Ashley Osgood, aosgood@bostonlogic.com<br />Angela Davis, adavis@bostonlogic.com<br />Phone: 617.266.9166<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />