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Dominate Local Search (Local SEO) | LogicClassroom by Boston Logic


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Today, most people begin their search for a new home (or real estate agent) online; whether crowd-sourcing their social networks for help, or typing a search query into Google, or checking sites like home buyers, sellers, and renters rely on the internet to relocate.

To stay on top of the competition (and search engine results!), you need to learn how to optimize your online presence for Local Search.

Learn how to Dominate Local Search- including Mobil Search- in this LogicClassroom by Boston Logic!

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Dominate Local Search (Local SEO) | LogicClassroom by Boston Logic

  1. 1. Local SEO Dominate Local Search!Presented By: Angela Davis, Senior Marketing AssociateFollow Me on Twitter: @AmazingAngelaD
  2. 2. Agenda What is LOCAL SEARCH / LOCAL SEO? Keyword Strategy – Think LOCAL! Optimizing Your Website for Local Leads Content is King, No Matter the Neighborhood Get the 411 on Directories for Local Services Social Media Tips – Be a Local Butterfly!
  3. 3. +What is Local SEO?Being ‘Optimized’ to Show Up in the Search Engine Results for Potential [Local] Clients. … and on their Mobile Phones & Social Media Sites, Too!
  4. 4. +Think of It Like This: Is it better to be a BIG FISH in a small pond, or a small fish in a BIG POND? … TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE BETTER!
  5. 5. Long Tail Keywords Drive Traffic &Conversions!
  6. 6. +Keyword Strategy - Think LOCAL: “Jamaica Plain Condos” vs. “condo”“Harvard Square Boston Pizza” vs. “Boston pizza”“Massachusetts Elder Law Attorney” vs. “attorney”
  7. 7. Optimizing Your Website for ‘Local’  Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions: on Your Home Page, Contact Page, About Page, etc. should all have the main geographic areas you serve included.  Most Important Words/ Info FIRST: Meta Titles =67 Character Max; Meta Descriptions = 129 Character Max; Meta Keyword Tags = 180 Character Max  Geo-Tag Images: Image File Names, Titles, Descriptions, Alt Text, Captions ‘house’ or ‘img000154’ vs. ‘Belmont MA house for sale’  Address in the Footer: On Every Page of Your Website. Phone & Email should be there, too! Make it EASY to get in Touch with You!  If Multiple Locations: Have a Page on the Site Listing All Your Locations or a Page Dedicated to Each Location.Check Your Website for Errors using Google Webmaster Tools (Google it!)
  8. 8. Content is King, No Matter The Kingdom MAKE YOUR INFORMATION ACCESSIBLE!  Well-Organized Website Navigation, Calls to Action, Blog Categories, etc.  Keep Most Important Information ‘Above the Scroll’ BLOG:  Blog about what you know. YOU ARE LOCAL!  You’ve Got Insider Information!  Local Events, Amenities, Unique Neighborhoods, Featured Properties, etc.  Guest Blog for Partners or Preferred Vendors or Local Papers. Invite Guests to Blog for Your Site. INTERNAL LINKS: Give Yourself Some Link Juice!  Use Your Local Keywords as the Anchor Text When You Create Links to Relevant Pages on Your Site.  Town Pages & Blogs
  9. 9. +Directory SubmissionsDirectory Listings = Inbound Links = Directories are the modern-day Yellow Pages.Users Like Having a Trusted 3rd Party.LINK FARMS = (and Search Engines will penalize you!) What Directory / Review Sites Do YOU Trust?
  10. 10. Directories That Are Cool With Me: 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier Biggest Online Today: Closer to Home: Pay-Per-Lead / Some Free Features  Chamber of Commerce/  CitySearch PlacesforBusiness Local Business Directories  Merchant Circle  City or Local Business Directories  Angie’s List  Industry Sites or Niche  Judy’s Book Directories (Trulia, Zillow,,  Thumbtack etc.)  Craigslist  Local Newspaper Sites ( * BE SURE TO FILL OUT YOUR LISTINGS COMPLETELY for Best Results; Especially ‘Categories’ & ‘Services’- because this is how people will find you!
  11. 11. Blog Directories. Yup, These Too! Directories Specifically for Blogs. Google Blog Search: Technorati Blog Directory
  12. 12. +Be a ‘Local Butterfly’ on Social Media- Use Your Social Media Profiles to Engage Your Local Following-- Be Sure to Optimize Your Profiles Just like a Directory Listing!--Add Photos, Logos, Videos, Interesting Stories, Product Info,Ways to Engage, Fun Content, Links to Your Site & Blogs, YourFeatured Listings, etc.
  13. 13. +Facebook – New Timeline Format!1. Make Sure You Fill Out All the Information You Can: ADD Categories, Address, Hours of Operation, etc.!2. Add Historic Events (with LOCATION) on the Timeline You Can Go Back As Far As You Want!3. You Can Add Locations To All Your Photos, too!4. Encourage Employees, Friends, and Clients to ‘Check In’ on Facebook and Foursquare, etc.
  14. 14. +Google Places (and Google +)1. Google is the Most Popular Search Engine on the Web.2. You Should Definitely Register for a Local Presence Here!3. You Can Add Photos, Videos, Offer Deals, etc. for FREE!4. Carefully Select Your Service Area (5 Cities & Area Between)5. Make a New ‘Place’ for Each Location You Have!
  15. 15. +YouTube & Other Video Channels1. Make a Video Talking about Who You Are, the Areas You Serve, and Why You’re the Best! Mention Website URL a LOT!2. Upload to Youtube with Local Keywords in the Title & Description. Link to Your Website in the Youtube User Profile & the Description of the Video.3. Link to the Video on YouTube From Your Website using the Keywords as the Anchor Text (& Embed it into a Blog!)4. Share Links on Social Media: Add to Google Places, Facebook, etc.
  16. 16. Optimizing for ‘Mobile’ Smart Phone with GPS make ‘Local’ = ‘Mobile’ Mobile Users Want Info Even FASTER! Add Clickable Phone Number to Header of Your Website so They Can Call You! Check Your Page Load Speed! Image File Size, Extra Widgets, Etc. Make Sure Directory Listings Have Hours of Operation  Smartphones can Search for Open Businesses, by Neighborhood, or Closest T Stop.  Have an Evening Voicemail or Auto-Responder Email Reply Fast for Off-Hours Replies. Don’t Waste Your Money on Building an App!  Would Have to Maintain Multiple Version (Apple, Droid)  60% of US Smartphone Users Shop On the Go; Only 28% Use Apps! (Source: Nielsen)
  17. 17. Recap Keyword Strategy – Think LOCAL! Optimize Your Website for with Local Keywords in Mind. Content is King, Even Locally. Submit to Online Directories & FILL EVERYTHING OUT! Be a Local Butterfly on Social Media & Network!
  18. 18. Find BostonLogic on:Logicclassroom Archives 617.266.9166