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Question 7


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Question 7

  1. 1. L O O K I N G B A C K A T T H E P R E L I M , W H A T D O Y O U F E E LT H A T Y O U H A V E L E A R N T ?QUESTION 7
  2. 2. • Looking back at the prelim there was a lot of thingsthat went into the making of it; this would bethrough the creative side that made the task moreeffective. When making the preliminary task, Iworked in a group and the jobs and task wereshared evenly in order for things to be completedat the right time. There was a storyboard, planning, scripting and other elements put inplace for the benefit of the prelim task: so as ateam we knew exactly what to film and at whattime.
  3. 3. • As the time as gone by and I have now producedmy opening, I can clearly say that I have mademajor progress during the time, through my editingand planning. The main reason for this would bedue to the more information and knowledge Igained as time went on, also by the input I put intothe opening, I research more and made moreanalysis in order to make the opening a success.
  4. 4. • In conclusion it is rig hot say that although doing theprelim task helped a lot as it allowed me to standand see a word of media and filming, it also sowsgrowth, as through the baby steps with making theprelim I was able to stand firm when it came tomaking the opening for my product.