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Texas Parks & Wildlife Paddling Trails


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Texas Paddling Trails Initiative:
Presentation given to the Bosque River Coalition on 11/07/12 by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Paddling Trails

  1. 1. Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Texas Paddling Trails Initiative Shelly Plante Nature Tourism Manager Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  2. 2. TPWD’s Texas Paddling Trails
  3. 3. Potential Community Partners • Convention and visitors bureaus • Chambers of commerce • County commissioners • Local river groups and liveries • Texas Department of Transportation • Local river authority • More!
  4. 4. TPWD Assistance• Work with community partners to develop written site information for Trails promotional materials• Promote paddling trails: web development, press releases, advertising, marketing pieces, etc.
  5. 5. Main Texas Paddling Trails Website
  6. 6. Individual Trail Websites:
  7. 7. Safety, Ethics and Conservation Message:
  8. 8. Magazine Advertising
  9. 9. Paddling TrailsRackcards• Free to CVBs, Chambers, Tourist Offices and TXDOT TICs• Explains how to navigate and use the Paddling Trails website
  10. 10. TPWD Assistance• Conduct community and river site visits• Help with kiosk design specifications• Participate in any public meetings organized by the community partners• Provide official road signs for Paddling Trails
  11. 11. General Texas Paddling Trail Criteria• 4 - 12 mile segments• Public access and parking• Natural or historical attractions• Adequate water quality, depth or river flows• Population center nearby
  12. 12. Wooden and Metal Kiosk DesignsTPWD provides design plans for kiosk of yourchoice as well as the interpretive panel insert.
  13. 13. Interpretive Panel Design
  14. 14. Opportunity to Educate
  15. 15. Community Involvement• Provide a summary of important local information for use in promotional materials.• Maintain put-in and take-out public access points• Provide list of local liveries for website.• Construct and maintain informational kiosks at all put-in/take-out locations.• Draft and distribute a press release promoting trail• If needed, organize a public meeting to discuss the trail and address any comments, questions, and concerns of the local community.
  16. 16. Accepting Nominations for Future Trails
  17. 17. Easy to Complete Form Online:
  18. 18. Future Trails Submission Process• Submit TPT Application, working with TPWD staff as needed.• Allow up to 6 months for application review. Certification could take 12-18 months.• Receive acceptance notification or communication from TPWD.• Meet in person to discuss Order of Events after TPT acceptance and to develop Partnership Agreement between TPWD and Community Partner. Schedule survey.
  19. 19. References Texas Paddling Trails• TPWD Recreation Grants Program: Shelly Plante Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 512-389-4500