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Successfully running operations of an IT company without knowing how to write a single line of code by Vernisa Rejhan


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This presentation, Vernisa Rejhan, the COO at Softhouse Balkans, shares experiences in leading software developers by agile and lean principles. Vernisa has built her career in Sweden working as lean coach and leader in different industries. With a vocation to develop and support leaders of tomorrow in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she shared the story of stabilization and growth of software development business through the eyes of a servant leader.

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Successfully running operations of an IT company without knowing how to write a single line of code by Vernisa Rejhan

  1. 1. How to lead IT Operations without knowing how to write a line of code Vernisa Rejhan, COO, Softhouse Balkans HOTEL EUROPE, October 21st
  2. 2. Interesting Damir! Have you consulted the team which produced the drivers for our product’s network card? Also, please can you give me information on current amount of standard communication that is exchanged between the devices and server, you know to revise this logic to make this amount reduced to optimal minimum? Vernisa, we have a rather serious issue. One major clients network infrastructure is too large to configure to exact requirements for our product. So, what happens is that the slowest possible network communication speed is negotiated between the server and remote devices which makes remote firmware upgrade impossible and standard communication to experience high latency and 30-40% package loss. In severe cases DDP’s attempts to retransmit packets causes the server to be flooded with re-sent requests. We’ve got an issue.
  3. 3. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< My passion it to make business and people to grow. With a soft spot for #swebih. By Lean and Agile Leadership I am the COO at Softhouse Balkans WHY WHAT HOW My Golden Circle
  4. 4. Towards Management/LeadershipCareAssistant Telemarketer Barista Analyst Customer Responsible ProjectManager StrategicProjectManager Lean Coach SteeringBoardMember Quality Manager President of APU Network Lean Coach COO Specialist Within the Industry becomes a Manager Leadership and Management are the Specialties
  5. 5. System of Delivering ValueThe Business People Delivering the Value 1. Grasp the Whole & Secure the Whole
  6. 6. 2. Handle the complex environment of IT organisations The Network of People, Competencies and Assignments
  7. 7. 3. Enable People to Grow Grow the Experts The Need at the Market/ In Our Business Your Drives and Passions Your Next Assignment ?
  9. 9. 5. Management of Efficient Code and Fast Flows How we worked on Problems with Key Customer Internal Testing Process Maintenance Process Alignment from big room planning to continuous delivery CI/CD DeliveryImplementation/Project Visualisation ofhandling issues and Bugs New Architecture Implementation SystematicalProblem Solving Full Delivery Responsibility Agreement KPIs PEOPLE COMMUNICATION PROCESS TOOLS
  10. 10. Management vs Leadership What is Agile about that? The Complex System of The Software DevelopmentThe Value System of Our Delivery
  11. 11. 5. Enable more to manage and lead Agile Management and leadership are actions. Not necessarily tied to a function. Enable more to manage and lead.
  12. 12. 6. Grow environment and peopel who grow the business The inevitable interlink to success
  13. 13. Do not Let Good Ideas Be Left Unsaid Goal of Softhouse Balkans
  14. 14. Well Done Problems Ideas Roses Retrospectives after Continuous Delivery
  15. 15. IDEAS / AREA TO DO DOING VERIFICATION DONE Admin Issues Active Leaders and Employees Knowledge Sharing New Office Recruitment Process Our Office KanBan Board for Weekly Meetings
  16. 16. Review Need New Projects Planned Growth Place Add Invite Interview Review Decide Inform Yes No Inform Problem / Idea Start/End Activity New Employee Improvements of Recruitment Process
  17. 17. Testing, testing Do not code, but understand the humor?
  18. 18. 5. Enable good predispositions for the Experts to do the job Make sure to have a good Support and Follow up System
  19. 19. 5. Follow up on Sufficient Level Ask the right questions
  20. 20. Do not settle. You deserve a COO who does not know how to code. You deserve a COO who has a genuine interest in making people and business grow. If they code, it is a bonus, but not a must :)
  21. 21. Business Effects ❏ We have stabilized and broadened the client relation ❏ We have 3 new customers and preparing for more ❏ We have grown from 9 to 18 Softhousers ❏ We have a stable and further increased employee satisfaction
  22. 22. Thank you for the attention