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Conway's Law in Practice: Agile Teams & Microservices by Bogoi Bogdanov)


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Microservice is a buzzword, Agile is a buzzword, DevOps is a buzzword, Java-based itself means so many things… We can continue this way - ad infinitum. What we all really want to see is the real practice! What’s important is how we actually implement a microservice architecture, which techniques and tools we use, how we can structure our teams and our work process. We will show you exactly these thing during this talk!

In this talk you will see real examples and hear real stories of the work life. We will see the way we work in agile manner, utilizing principles and practices, and how we build and scale our solutions. It is very interesting to see how the microservice architecture reflects the Agility and how our Agile way of working is changing the microservices. For sure there are pros and cons, success and failure stories, good and bad results - we will tell the real story.

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Conway's Law in Practice: Agile Teams & Microservices by Bogoi Bogdanov)

  1. 1. Conway's Law in Practice: Agile Teams & Microservices BOGOI BOGDANOV AGILE COACH BOSNIA AGILE DAY 2018 SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 20TH
  2. 2. About me: • Coached more than 10 teams • Speaker • Trainer • Became a father recently Contact me: • LinkedIn: • Email: • Website:
  3. 3. We are always in a hurry!
  4. 4. Bring Bread!
  5. 5. Back to the Software world
  6. 6. SPEED
  7. 7. Software Architecture Organizational Structure
  8. 8. Monolith Microservice VS
  9. 9. The stories of three companies
  10. 10. 1st Company
  11. 11. Organizational Structure Backend Team Testing Team Support Team Business Analysis Team Integration Team Frontend Team DB Team UI/UX Team
  12. 12. Monolith Architecture
  13. 13. We will become Agile
  14. 14. Form Agile Teams
  15. 15. But…
  16. 16. Hard releases
  17. 17. 2nd Company
  18. 18. Organizational Structure Development Team Testing Team Support Team Business Analysis Team DevOps Team Deploy
  19. 19. We will do Microservices!
  20. 20. Microservices Architecture
  21. 21. One big release
  22. 22. Do the two stories have something in common?
  23. 23. Conway’s Law “Any organization that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure.” M. Conway
  24. 24. 3rd Company
  25. 25. Microservices architecture Small cross-functional teams... ...organized around capabilities Flat organizational structure
  26. 26. How small is an Agile team?
  27. 27. 65 Ćevapis Team + 6-8 liters of beer
  28. 28. • Self-organized • Independent • You build it, you own it policy • Continuously improving
  29. 29. Unleashed velocity
  30. 30. Frequent small releases
  31. 31. How to handle this?
  32. 32. Organized around business domains
  33. 33. Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3 Domain 4 Domain 5
  34. 34. The side effect
  36. 36. • Communities of Practice • Hackathons • Scrum of Scrum meetings • Open Space • Various trainings & workshops
  37. 37. Wrap up
  38. 38. Software Architecture Organizational Structure
  39. 39. Thank you!