0. pesticide intro


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0. pesticide intro

  1. 1. “ Pesticide is any substance or its mixture thatis used for preventing, destroying or controlling any pest, which includes vectors of human or animal disease as well as unwanted species of plants or animals that causes harm. ”
  2. 2. CLASSIFICATION:Fungicides………..Fungicides
  3. 3. A pesticide must be lethal to the targeted pests, but not toman.On the basis of pest control, ( against insectpest), (killing and controlling weeds) while (prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate rodents).In terms of chemical composition: Anthranilic diamide, carbamate, pyrethroids, organochloride, organophospate and neonicotinoid Anilide 4-Hydroxycoumarins
  4. 4. Did you know that only 5% ofpesticides sprayed actually reachtheir target? And the rest of it go to:- The food we eat The water we drink The air we breath So, how do they act on our body??
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  7. 7. CLASS IA is extremely hazardous and demarcated in red CLASS IB is highly hazardous and symbolized by an yellow trianglePesticide Acute toxicity --- Classification CLASS II is moderately hazardous of WHO and marked by a blue triangle CLASS III is slightly hazardous CLASS IV is unlikely to cause acute hazard in normal use
  8. 8. Pesticide exposuresinclude . ofdifferentpesticides canhave tohumans.
  9. 9. Pesticide has its ups and downs……
  10. 10. Skin: Wash with Eyes: Clothes: soap and Wash with Removed water. copious and washed amounts of separately. water. Protect airway,Symptoms: skin+GI Monitored decontaminationby antidote. and convulsion Tx.
  11. 11. 1. DEATH-- Pesticides have been associated with a number of illnesses. 2. RISK-- Fleming et al (2003) discovered thatfarmers were at greater risk of accidental mortality. 3. CANCER-- Both male and female workers hadhigher risk of cancers of the nervous, lymphatic and hematopoietic systems.
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