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Perfect plan


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Do you know how many kids are in orphanages? Would you like to change the wordl? Come on! This is the best time!

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Perfect plan

  1. This is presentation, which is exhibited in the contest SlideShare presentation for 2010. But I see it as a private struggle for a better world. Do you want to change the world with me? Vote! Ask your friends to vote, put it in the FB status. Let's change the world! Yes, We can...
  4. Adam
  5. evE
  6. LOVE and
  7. children
  8. smiling
  9. sleeping
  10. or plaYing
  11. everything goes wrong but sometimes
  12. Adam and Eve WERE killed in accident
  13. are inprison
  14. OR
  15. simply have different priorities
  16. There are
  17. 44 000 000
  18. the world orphans in
  19. IT is more than inhabitants in a country I come from where Poland
  20. each year before reaching 5 12 000 000children die
  21. 25% of teens
  22. ARE familiar with drugs
  23. over one million children ARE sent to orphanages each year
  24. YOU CAN help
  25. AND
  26. somebody can help you
  27. so if you want the world a little to improve
  28. become
  29. foster family adoptive Parent or
  31. I know what I mean My name is Bartosz and
  32. VOTE
  34. CREDITS: PHOTOS:, Shutterstock, thinkstock, ojo photo Research: Princeton Survey Research Associates conducted the survey for the Adoption Institute Secrecy and Disclosure in the History of Adoption, Harvard University Press, 2000, pages 103-104