Let's change the world Everybody can change the world! Really...


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Let's change the world Everybody can change the world! Really...

  1. Let’s change the world
  2. when you're depressed
  3. something niceLet’s think of
  4. family... ...about
  5. child... ...about
  6. the office when you leave
  7. of people with you see lots children
  8. matki mothers
  9. fathers
  10. grandparents
  11. I'm unhappy you often hear: children! because I can not have
  12. What can be than children? worse not able to have
  13. children happiness are our
  14. for kids We areworking
  15. about kids sometimes argue
  16. ale... and whennight comes
  17. turn on and the TV, you
  18. or radio
  19. a newspaperor open
  20. favorite visityour website
  21. suffering see children! You http://www.flickr.com/photos/missfortune/4833849777/
  22. your starts to bleed heart and http://labelled-diagram-of-the-human-heart.blogspot.com/2009/07/heart-health-and-nutrition-to-prevent.html
  23. thinkYou that Godmade a mistake somewhere
  24. BIGmistake
  25. mistakeanother
  26. andyou wonder why all these children have to suffer
  27. not fairit is
  28. differently I'dinventthings
  29. happy would be children
  30. would and never have suffered from
  31. childrenwould lovedbe
  32. there notwould be accidents
  33. noorphans
  34. infertilityno
  35. and what is your move?
  36. you so... what do think?
  37. complain! don’t
  38. let’s plan
  39. time it’s to change the world
  40. youfixwouldn’t everything
  41. you but take can first stepthe
  42. you canhelp
  43. somebody canhelp you
  44. let’s think
  45. about adoption
  46. about foster family
  47. bo miłość jest w sercu loveis in heart
  48. not in genes
  49. not in blood
  50. being parents is a great adventure
  51. it would’t be easy
  52. i o tym nikt Ci nie powie! and nobody you will say about it
  53. sometimes you will be angry
  54. ortry to escape
  55. or even regret yourdecision
  56. some thingsin the world do not substitute
  57. to sleep together
  58. and getting up
  59. and common fun
  60. and first words
  61. first meal
  62. so if you want to improve the world a little
  63. become
  64. or foster adoptive parents family
  65. I knowwhat I mean My name is Bartosz and
  66. POLA SZYMON HELENA I have 3 children