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The Value of Content Marketing


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What is your content marketing strategy? Find out some best practices and how maximize the value of your content marketing strategy and increase leads.

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The Value of Content Marketing

  1. 1. The Value of Content Marketing PREPARED BY BORIS JOVIC
  2. 2. Highlights A quality content marketing strategy relies on two factors: Understanding who your target is and what the buyer persona of your audience is; and delivering relevant content through the right channels to the right consumer. The best way to track the entire customer journey is by using marketing automation tools - tools that enable you to deliver content, measure ROI, and customer touchpoints. In the digital era, knowing how, when, why and where your customer is engaging with you will allow for more catered content and more catered lead nurture. Brands need to focus on content that educates first and sells second. Type of content include: •Whitepapers relevant to the industry •Articles, infographics and reports •Case Studies with customers to show the value of using the brands product/service •Webcasts with industry, customers, and product experts (list is not exhaustive and more content can be created that is relevant) Brands need to focus on being a thought-leader by delivering the right content to consumers. Building trust is the best way to retain loyal customers.
  3. 3. Content Marketing Best Practices Segment Segment your customers and create relevant content. When requesting information from website visitors, ask relevant questions so you know who the users are. The more data you have the more targeted your messaging can be. “Gate” your content Ensure your content is gated by a form, so a visitor has to provide information. If you have contact information you can send marketing messages to these contacts leading to more customer touch points. Educate Your Users This is the single most important objective of content marketing - Educate First and Sell Second. Target your content so your customer has value and will click through for more content. Building trust with your brand is the best strategy. Promotion Use social media channels, website, blogs, partners, AdWords, SEO to promote and to link back to your website. Increasing website traffic leads to more content downloads, which leads to more trust built with your brand. Brands should work on creating brand awareness through the content marketing strategy. Employing the right strategy is instrumental. Dedicated micro-site Having a dedicated micro-site devoted to content will create a higher Google ranking, when used in conjunction with an AdWords and SEO campaign. Marketing Automation My personal recommendation is investing in Marketo. You are able to measure every touchpoint in your customers journey, as well as deliver content using many channels relevant to your customer and how they interact with your content.
  4. 4. 1 2 3 4 Publish and Promote Content Repository Promotion and Back-linking Measure ROI Table of Contents Introduction Objectives Scenario What is Content Marketing? Best Practices for Content Marketing Plan Buyer Personas and Journeys Periodic Table of Content Marketing (Content Mix) CONTENT MARKETING
  6. 6. Objectives Current Website Analysis Define Content Marketing Why is Content Marketing Important? Educate First INTRODUCTION
  7. 7. Example Website Analysis INTRODUCTION
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION In the previous slide, we can see there has not been a substantial investment in PPC. Surprisingly, most search comes from the US. A more dedicated analysis, as well better analysis tools would help better segment the current website visitors. Knowing this information would lead to the development of better content. The brand ranks above the 5th position on Google organic searches. Ideally, the brand would rank in the top 1 or 2. If the right content marketing strategy is employed, and back-linking and promotion is used, ranking in the top position for organic search is feasible. Example Website Analysis
  9. 9. The brand vs. Competitors Analysis INTRODUCTION The biggest competitor identified,, does not produce any content. This is a good opportunity for the brand to capitalize and become a educator and though- leader in the industry, which will build awareness and brand equity.
  10. 10. What is Content Marketing? “anything your organization creates and shares to tell its story” Content Rules - Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman INTRODUCTION
  11. 11. Content Marketing Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage your audience Content Marketing aims to drive profitable customer action (Content Marketing Institute) Promoting content marketing is best done through a repository on your website, or on a dedicated micro-site INTRODUCTION
  12. 12. Qualities of Engaging Content Marketing The average person is exposed to 2,900 marketing messages daily How can you stand out and how can content marketing help? “Done right, content marketing elevates your brand above those thousands of marketing messages, and becomes the fuel for engagement with your customers. It’s the offer in your email campaigns, the link you share on social, the collateral you hand out at events, the case study you showcase on your website and the silver bullet your sales team uses to close a deal.” (Marketo) Engages individuals based on ‘buyer personals’ Based on interactions users have with your brands Tells a continuous story Can be used across many channels Clear call to action Measurable Quality content
  13. 13. Benefits of Content Marketing (Marketo)
  14. 14. Educate First Create content that educates your customers first. When you give your audience something valuable you have the most powerful sales tool - trust. INTRODUCTION
  16. 16. Buyer Personas and Journeys Creating relevant content depends on your audience. You have to map your buyer personas: What are the challenges, questions, needs, kind of content PLAN Determine which content you need Set the style and delivery strategy of your content Target the topics Determine how customers consume information Why Create Buyer Personas?
  17. 17. SMB’s report that social media is useful for: PLAN Distribution Channels Branding 90% 88% 89% 82% Word of Mouth Content Marketing Lead Generation 0 12.5 25 37.5 50 EmailMarke2ng Websiteorlandingpages ContentMarke2ng SEO SMM Webcasts PaidSearch 23 2626 37 43 44 48 Lead Generation Best Tactics (%) []
  18. 18. Content Marketing Strategies After you understand your customer you need to create relevant content. Types of content include: •Infographics •Whitepapers •Articles •Webcasts The more defined the buyer persona is, the more targeted your content can be. A simple infographic showing the process of searching-buying a home is relevant to a first time home buyer. A webcast that educates and informs consumers that are searching for the product or service is not an overt selling tactic, rather it is a strategy that creates brand trust. When a consumer feels entrusted to a brand he/she will be more likely to purchase from your brand. Data from suggests that content marketing has a 43% effectiveness rate on lead generation, and email has 48%. Combining the two tactics would yield good results. Moreover, compelling landing pages, and SEM tactics would likewise lead to greater brand awareness, higher CTR, and CRO. PLAN
  20. 20. Content Repositories The best place to keep your content is on your website. As you accumulate more and more content, you will need a dedicated content resource center on your website. Another tactic is to have a dedicated micro-site to host your content. Eventually content will become stale and old, archiving this content on the website will ensure the users can access this content as well. Form Fill-out aka Gate Your Content Your content should always be behind a form, so the user will leave contact information. Using this information will help better segment your user so you can create relevant content catered to your audience. PUBLISH AND PROMOTE
  21. 21. Promotion and Back-linking Owned Website Blogs Email PUBLISH AND PROMOTE Paid Paid Social Syndication Email programs Search Marketing Earned Social Media pickup Influencer mentions SEO Content promotion can be done using any number of channels. Email marketing, website and blogs, the owned media channels, are the least expensive option. The paid option such as social and SEM yield a higher CTR and increase website traffic if done correctly. This, in turn, leads to earned content distribution if publishers, and other media deem the content worthy. Creating quality content increases conversion.
  23. 23. Measuring ROI Touchpoints are your way of keeping track of customer engagement. The best way to do measure ROI and deliver content to your prospects is using a Marketing Automation tool such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, SAP. MEASURE ROI
  24. 24. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Early stage Traffic to blog and website Views and downloads Links Social shares Social engagement Follows on social MEASURE ROI Mid-late stage Lead Generation Opportunity conversion Revenue
  25. 25. Summary Segmentation is an integral part of the strategy to reach the correct target market. If segmented correctly, your ROI will be higher and less time will be wasted so the correct segmentation strategy should be well thought out and implemented. Engaging with your customer throughout the entire journey is an important part of your content marketing strategy. Announcements, thank you follow up, webcast follow up, and email campaigns should be employed as best practices. Automated tools that are able to track the entire customer journey will ensure success and the ability to analyze the available data. Lead servicing should be a tailored process. Knowing where the buyer is in the buyer journey is vital. Leads not interested and who are only “looking” i.e. in the early stages, should receive marketing communication emails from your brand. Every lead is different and having a mass market mentality is detrimental. Cater your message for best results - educate first, sell second! SUMMARY
  26. 26. Prepared by Thank You **Sources for the data are not primary research
  27. 27. Passionate about marketing, branding, design, and all things digital. PERSONAL SKILLS Team Work Communication Self-Motivated Networking Adaptable Dependable HIGHLIGHTS Programmatic Advertising Digital Media CRO, AdWords, Analytics Retargeting B2B Experience Content Marketing Lead Generation / Nurture Project Management CONTACT +39 334 927 5433 VIZIYA CORP. Led the marketing department’s effort with digital marketing, content, and lead generation. As a result, lead funnel and conversion increased. Communicated the brand message at conferences and using digital channels. MARKETING MANAGER OCT 2012- JAN 2016 ALLIED EQUITY GROUP Coordinated with engineers, architects and consulting company to develop marketing strategy for parking infrastructure project. Able to meet strict deadlines and work in a fast-paced environment. MARKETING COORDINATOR APR 2012- OCT 2012 AZOTARA SUBOTICA Developed strategy and conducted market research for expansion to Western European fertilizer market. As a result of the marketing effort, sales increased by 35% from 2010-2011. MARKETING COORDINATOR OCT 2012- JAN 2016 WORK EXPERIENCE EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO LONDON CAN English Language and Literature BACHELOR OF ARTS HONORS 2007-2011 LAWRENCE KINLIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON, CAN International Business Management DIPLOMA 2011-2012 UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA BUSINESS SCHOOL BOLOGNA, ITALY Worked with Ducati, Lamborghini, Meliconi, BOBST Italia, GreenApes, WebRanking, Diennea to develop digital, branding, and marketing strategy MASTER MARKETING, COMMUNICATION AND NEW MEDIA 2015-2016 Marketo SalesforceSEO/SEM/PPC Analytics PROFESSIONAL SKILLS