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4Ms: a framework to assess early-stage startups


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What are the criteria that make an early-stage startup a potential future winner in its space? This is my point of view as an ex-entrepreneur turned VC!

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4Ms: a framework to assess early-stage startups

  1. 1. 4Ms: A Framework to Assess Early-Stage Startups Market = Big Market Opportunity Model = Disruptive & Virtuous Model Management = Best Team to Execute Momentum = Ability to Grow Very Fast 1 Specific people with real needs 3 Large & attractive market 2 Clear competitive positioning 4 Favorable trends & timing 1 Valuable & Differentiated Product 3 Profitable Monetization 2 Efficient Go-to-Market / Growth channels 4 Scalability / Defensibility 1 Smart, skilled & cohesive team 3 Ready to go big whatever it takes 2 Strong ability to deliver & learn quickly 4 Unique insights, vision & project-fit 1 Cracked something / Traction 3 Capital-efficient growth model 2 Ambitious but credible growth plan 4 Clear strategy to scale & win @Boris_Golden