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Studies at the european school of economics (


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FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: NIGERIA:, 08113384485, 08105084635, No. 38B Lake Chad Crescent Maitama, Abuja.

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Studies at the european school of economics (

  1. 1. CONTACTS: NIGERIA: 08113384485, 08105084635 No. 38B Lake Chad Crescent Maitama, Abuja.
  2. 2. “ My experience at the European School of Economics has been amazing both on the Academic side as well as for the Internship, where I was fortunate to work in a world-renowned cosmetic company. The ESE Placement Office was very pro-active and gave me invaluable advice to help me prepare for the interview and secure the position. I read all about the company, its philosophy and products, studied their business and tried to establish what they would expect from an intern. The meeting was successful and after a meeting with the CEO I was asked to start for a 3-month period. The learning experience was far beyond my expectations. The company works on a flat structure therefore I had the chance to engage in many different tasks and develop my management and marketing skills in the international arena.” Federica Coppola MSc in Management 2011 ESE London
  3. 3.  Do Only What You Love! The ESE educational philosophy not only assists students in identifying a career path, but also encourages them to have the courage to follow a dream and passion – whether it be for the sports industry, finance, fashion events, travel, communications, or any other area. The undergraduate specialisations and short course programmes have been especially designed to offer students specialised training within a range of cutting edge business fields. The ESE internship programme, open to bachelor, master and ESE short courses students, is a critical competitive factor for achieving hands-on experience in a field of special interest.  International Recognition The Bachelor (BSc Hons) and Master (MSc and MBA) degree programmes at the European School of Economics are validated by the University of Buckingham, valid for recognition throughout Europe. Furthermore, in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 the University of Buckingham was the highest ranked University by British students in the Higher Education and Funding Council of England’s (Hefce) National Student Survey, and is the only independent university in the United Kingdom.
  4. 4.   The Master of Science in Management course aims to provide students with a comprehensive view of international management, exploring the critical factors for crossnational business success, the impact of globalisation on the international business environment, trade theories and international strategies.   MC001 Applied Business Research Methods  MC002 21st Century Advanced Business Structures  MC003 Organisations and Their Cultures  MC004 Managing for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility  MC005 Marketing Management  MC006 Management of Resources and Operations  MC007 Accounting and Finance for Decision Makers  MC008 The Integrity and Social Responsibility  (all in Euro)  Application: € 50  Annual Registration: € 1.600  Tuition: € 17.000
  5. 5.   The aim of the ESE MBA programme is to provide an interdisciplinary and integrative educational programme for individuals seeking to consolidate their managerial achievements to date and prepare for a career in senior management, ultimately at the highest strategic levels. The programme is designed to expose participants to the latest thinking and practice across a wide range of management disciplines. Teaching materials are derived from cutting-edge academic research in order to develop critical powers of analysis and reflection, and practical and interpersonal skills in preparation for key leadership positions in industry, commerce and the public sector. The MBA will equip students with an understanding of organisations, their management and the changing global environment in which they operate. Students will build on their existing understanding of management and organisation within a framework that enables them to relate their business experience to contemporary management ideas and practices.
  6. 6.   MBA A1 Financial Accounting  MBA A2 Economics  MBA A3 Research/Quantitative Business Methods  MBA A3 Research/Quantitative Business Methods  MBA A4 E-Business & E-Commerce  MBA 00 Leadership, Governance and Corporate Sustainability – Part I (taught in 1, 2 and 3 terms)  MBA B1 International Strategic Management  MBA B2 Corporate Finance  MBA B3 Managing People & Motivation  MBA B4 International Marketing  (all in Euro)  Application: € 50  Registration: € 1.600  Tuition: € 24.000
  7. 7.    FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: NIGERIA:, 08113384485, 08105084635, No. 38B Lake Chad Crescent Maitama, Abuja.