Enter the MediaTombRaider


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It doesn't take the skills and arsenal of Lora Croft to free your multimedia
files from the confines of your home server. Join Donald Burr as he shows you
how to unleash the power of MediaTomb and stream your music, photos, and movies
to your TV or home theatre system using a set-top box or game console.

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  • Enter the MediaTombRaider

    1. 1. “Enter the MediaTombRaider” Adventures in Home Theatre Media Streaming
    2. 2. What is MediaTomb? “MediaTomb is an open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer with a nice web user interface, it allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and listen to/ watch it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices.”
    3. 3. What is UPnP? “Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of networking protocols for primarily residential networks without expert administrators that permits networked devices, such as personal computers, printers, Internet gateways, Wi-Fi access points and mobile devices to seamlessly discover each other's presence on the network and establish functional network services for data sharing, communications, and entertainment.”
    4. 4. In Plain English MediaTomb is Open Source software that lets you stream your multimedia files -- photos, music, videos -- to a wide variety of set-top boxes and portable players over your home wireless or wired network.
    5. 5. UPnP Terminology • MediaServer DCP • MediaRenderer DCP • MIME Type • UPNP Class
    6. 6. Devices
    7. 7. What You Need • Works on Linux, Mac, BSD, and many embedded devices • Available in most package managers
    8. 8. Build Prerequisites • c++ • sqlite or mysql • Though sqlite is easier to deal with • expat
    9. 9. Optional Prerequisites • zlib (highly recommended) • libmagic (recommended) • taglib or id3lib (recommended) • curl (required for youtube support) • js (SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine) • libexif • libextractor • lastfmlib
    10. 10. Additional Useful Packages • ffmpeg • libffmpegthumbnailer • mencoder • mkvtoolnix • mediainfo • All available in Medibuntu repository
    11. 11. Running MediaTomb • In most cases, just “mediatomb” • Might need to specify a network interface mediatomb -e eth1 • Use -d to daemonize (background) it • More options (but you probably won’t need them)
    12. 12. Configuring MediaTomb • Creates a default configuration on first run • $HOME/.mediatomb • config.xml - this is the main config file • mediatomb.db - database (SQlite) that contains your media library • In many cases the default configuration will be “good enough” • Might need to be tweaked for certain odd devices • Check MediaTomb website or config file comments
    13. 13. Config File Sections • server - general server configuration • import - how to aggregate content • mappings - determine file extension to media type mapping • transcoding - if transcoding is desired, this section controls how it’s done
    14. 14. Importing • By default imports identically to the way files are laid out on disk • Optional JavaScript support lets you change this • MP3s organized by artist/album • Movies organized by genre • Photos by the date they were taken • ...etc...
    15. 15. Importing • music • Music • Artist • Artist_-_Album_-_Song1.mp3 • Album • Artist_-_Album_-_Song2.mp3 • Song1 • more_mp3s • Song2 • otherArtist_- • OtherArtist _otherAlbum_-_Song1.mp3 • OtherAlbum • otherArtist_- • Song1 _otherAlbum_-_Song2.mp3 • ...etc... • Song2 • ...etc...
    16. 16. Transcoding • MediaTomb only streams a file bit-by-bit to your playback device. It doesn’t care about file formats, bit rates, codecs, etc. • If your device can’t play the file you’re sending it natively, then transcoding is required • MediaTomb website/wiki is the best resource on how to set this up • PS3 is the most common, and has many good pre- canned setups
    17. 17. The Web UI
    18. 18. Demos
    19. 19. Questions
    20. 20. For More Information
    21. 21. For More Information • MediaTomb http://mediatomb.cc/ • Easy MediaTomb PS3 setup http://vanalboom.org/node/14 http://vanalboom.org/node/16 • My Notes, Slides, etc. http://DonaldBurr.com/mediatomb/
    22. 22. Thanks for coming!