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The Catalog of Electronics Merchandising Solutions                                                      March, 2006

Audio Authority Brings It Home!
Long recognized as an innovative provider of CE demonstration solutions, Audio Authority h...
Six            great reasons to make Audio Authority your merchandising partner:
Access System Illustrations

    Example System: Home Theater
    Speakers – Mix and Match
    Using this system, switch u...
Access Control Panels

Digital Control Panel
Model 903 (7.25” X 6”)

The 903 offers powerful selling tools like
one-touch ...
Access System Overview

    The best solution for demonstrating and selling                  AccessEZ modules can be co...
Access Switch Modules

                                                                           Low-Level Subwoofers
Access Switch Modules for Car Audio

                                       High Current Speaker and Amp Modules
Car Audio System Illustration and Accessories

Switching Accessories

 Signal                                          Car Audio Accessories                             ...
DirectSelect Switch Modules

                                                          The DirectSelect™ series is perfe...
Cat 5 HDTV Signal Distribution

 Cat 5 Signal Distribution for Retail Showrooms 9860 Series
 9860 Facts
 • Ultra high band...
HDTV Signal Distribution

A Complete Cat 5 Solution for Showroom Signal Distribution
• Integrates with 9860 Series
• Helps...
HDTV Signal Distribution

 HDTV Distribution with Cable Length Compensation
How to Order

It’s easy to order any Audio Authority product...                                                          ...
2048 Mercer Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40511-1071
Phone: 859-233-4599 • Fax: 859-233-4510
Customer Toll-Free USA & Canada: ...
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AA Switching Guide


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Car audio, home audio and video distribution

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AA Switching Guide

  1. 1. The Catalog of Electronics Merchandising Solutions March, 2006 US & Canada: 800/322-8346 Why Choose Cat 5 for Your Next HDTV Signal Distribution Project? • Lower cost • Faster install • Superior noise rejection • Longer distances • Simplified architecture SEE PAGE 12 FOR DETAILS! Model 9869 Model 9868 Cat 5 Distribution Amp Cat 5 Adapter Model 9861 Cat 5 Driver 9860 Series Advantages This ground breaking system accepts component video, composite video, digital audio and two distinct analog stereo paths which are distributed over Category 5 cable up to 1,000 feet away from the head end. Cat 5 cable is less expensive than coaxial cable, and can be installed far more quickly, thereby reducing installation costs. It is readily available in CL2 and plenum rated versions which meet most fire codes. Using the 9860 series balanced line process insures that ground loops are broken and other unwanted signals never enter the signal path. Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 • 1
  2. 2. Audio Authority Brings It Home! Long recognized as an innovative provider of CE demonstration solutions, Audio Authority has applied their vast experience, knowledge and skills developed in the commercial arena to the Residential Custom Installation market. The results speak for themselves with the introduction of the 1100 Series of whole house, high definition signal control and distribution. The 1100 Series provides true matrix distribution and control of up to six high definition sources, with delivery out to as many as thirty-six video display locations, all over CAT5 cable. Additional information on the 1100 Series and our many other custom installation tools is available at Buy Audio Authority Consumer Products OnLine Browse all of Audio Authority’s consumer oriented distribution amps, switchers, and signal converters online, including our new line of HDMI and DVI products. Audio Authority is the source for problem-solving tools that help you get the job done.
  3. 3. Six great reasons to make Audio Authority your merchandising partner: Contents 1. Expert Advice and Consultation Since 1976, Audio Authority has provided innovative merchandising tools and demonstration solutions to the consumer electronics trade. Our customers range from national mass merchandisers and Our Company prominent manufacturers to electronics specialty stores of all types to individual consumers, all around 2-3 About Audio Authority the world. The unique combination of our thoughtfully designed products along with our experienced, knowledgeable staff of retail veterans insures that your merchandising goals are met in a timely, Access Switching professional fashion. 4 Example Systems–Home Theater 4-5 AccessEZ Control Panels and Interface Options 2. The Industry’s Best Warranty 6 About the Access™ Demonstration Talk and vague promises are little help when you are experiencing problems. We Network understand that solving the problem is the most important goal when a service 7 AccessEZ™ Switch Modules situation arises. Our 5-year Guaranteed Replacement Warranty addresses product 8 Car Audio Switch Modules failures frankly and professionally by promising immediate replacement of any failed assembly as the first priority through a simple exchange program. After all, if 9 Car Audio Accessories our product is not functioning properly, regardless of the reason, your ability to demonstrate and sell your product is hampered. It is in our mutual best interest to do everything we can to fix the situation so that Switching Accessories you can get back to your business of selling merchandise. 10 Power Supplies 10 Car Audio Accessories 10 Expanders and Other Accessories 3. Unlimited Telephone Support 11 Product Select Buttons Free technical support is available for all Audio Authority products, no matter how old, through our toll free telephone number in the US and Canada at 800/322-8346, or direct at 859/233-4599. We also respond promptly to e-mail ( or facsimile requests at 859/233-4510. Should you DirectSelect™ Switching experience problems or frustration with any of our products, we need to know about it. During business 11 DirectSelect™ Switch Modules hours, we answer our phone system with “live”, experienced people who can assist you should there be a problem or simply a question. HD Signal Distribution 12 Cat 5 HDTV Distribution Systems 13 Cable Length Compensating Amps 4. Factory Installation Services 14 HDTV Signal Distribution Amps Audio Authority can provide experienced professional installers who will perform the tasks necessary to insure a successful installation in your store. If you choose our product loading service, you can receive How to Order a fully loaded and operational display direct from the factory. We also have good working relationships 15 Order Info and Terms of Sale with several national service organizations capable of providing maintenance and troubleshooting as well as complete product rotation. Featured Products 16 Special Features 5. Instant Information Online A wealth of technical information is a click away on our website. If you need product manuals, current wiring diagrams, product specifications or even merchandising ideas, just go to to find high-resolution documents in PDF format. You can easily find the document you are looking for using the “Site Search” feature. Check our site often because we are constantly adding new information. 6. 30 Years and Still Growing Since 1976 Audio Authority has been growing to meet the changing needs of our cutomers and our community. During the last two years, our company has made substantial investments in new machinery to meet higher output requirements, especially with new technology based products. We have made the necessary investments to meet new “green” compliance standards and are rapidly transitioning to meet our goal to comply with the new Reduction of Hazardous Substances standard. RoHS compliance builds on our long-standing efforts to recycle waste products responsibly. We have invested heavily in new product development featuring the latest technology that will revolutionize and simplify HDTV signal distribution in residential and commercial applications. We have formed new partnerships with various parties to expand our resources. We have formed many new customer relationships as well in several new business channels thereby expanding our knowledge base. Recognizing some of the inequities in our world today, we have expanded our charitable giving locally not only at the corporate level but also with new charity programs initiated by our employees who wish to give back a portion of their earnings to local organizations through dollar matching programs sponsored by our company.
  4. 4. Access System Illustrations Example System: Home Theater Speakers – Mix and Match Using this system, switch up to eight speakers or speaker pairs in each speaker group. Choose any Only front, any center, any rear, any rear center, and any sub. A dedicated DVD player and receiver drive the Offers All These User speakers. Capacity can be expanded by Interface Options! adding modules. Select speakers using AccessPCHT touchscreen software and/or product select Whether your customers will be led through the selling process by a trained salesperson, or buttons. (Model 9A02, see p.5) Model 932 allowed to explore the products on their own, 8 Center AccessEZ™ can be tailored to your specific home theater needs. We offer a variety of control panels, IR remote control, and customer friendly Product Select Buttons next to each product. The Model 932 Model 932 8 Left Front 8 Right Front patented Access architecture allows multiple combinations of control interfaces in one system! Model 932 Dedicated Source, Home Product Select Buttons Model 932 8 Left Rear Theater Receiver (and TV) 8 Right Rear Only Access combines easy-to-use buttons at the merchandise location with the advanced demonstration capabilities of a control panel – all in the same system (US Patents 5,422,631 and 5,646,602). The big round Model 999 is a real attention-getter, Model 922 and comes in blue, red and green. When buttons are not needed, 8 Subwoofers use Model 996 indicator LEDs to show which products are selected. Example System: Home Theater Speaker Packages Switch up to eight speaker packages, each consisting of front, center and rear speakers, with a powered subwoofer. The Model 906 Control Panel provides the ideal level of control for this simple switching application. Product select buttons could also Model 999B Model 999R Model 999G Model 996 be added to this system. Model 932 Single Product Group Control Panel Model 906 (4.25” X 6”) 8 Left Front Speakers 8 Right Front Speakers Perfect for single product group applications such as an in-wall speaker Model 932X Dedicated Source, Home display, DVD wall, car audio subwoofer Theater Receiver and TV room, or a home theater speaker package 8 Left Rear Speakers 8 Right Rear Speakers demonstrator, the Model 906 makes it simple to control any single group in an Access System. Turn the knob to select Model 932X products, and use the Compare Previous 8 Center Speakers button to compare two selections. Multiple 906 Control Panels can be used to control different groups in an integrated system. Use Model 996 Product Model 920X Model 906 Indicator LEDs to clearly show selected products. 4 Subwoofers 4 Subwoofers Control Panel 4 Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 •
  5. 5. Access Control Panels Digital Control Panel Model 903 (7.25” X 6”) The 903 offers powerful selling tools like one-touch A/B comparison, long-term system Model 903 Features: memory, and many security features which • Capacity for 8 Product Groups. give you complete control of your home • Memory for 100+ systems with audio or car audio demonstration area. The accidental erasure protection. IR remote lets you take all the advantages of a centralized control panel with you wherever • Multi-level security with Control you need them. Even if your display uses Panel or Product Group lockout. a button next to each product for intuitive • Self-diagnostic routine. customer appeal, your sales staff will find the • Compact, full function IR remote additional capabilities of an Access control (optional). panel essential for persuasive demonstrations. Home Theater Touchscreen Demonstration Get a Remote for Model 9A02 (1024 X 768) Each Sales Person! Model 905 (2.5” X 5.5”) The handy 905 IR remote lets you take the selling tools of the 903 Control Panel with you everywhere in the showroom. Product selection, A/B comparisons and more. AccessPCHT™ wraps a versatile, informative software interface configuration). Options such as brand and model, product info, item/ into an elegant one-screen solution for demonstrating home theater. total price, timeout to default system, and the Q & A section can be Customers and sales staff will all find it very user-friendly. Up turned on or off as desired. to eight product groups are available including Source, Receiver, One Model 970 Serial Interface module is required in order Front Speakers, Center Speakers, Rear Speakers, Front Effects to communicate with the Access™ Demonstration Network. Speakers, Rear Center Speakers, and Subwoofers. The system AccessPCHT requires an IBM compatible computer, 233 MHz or can be customized, eliminating product groups which may not be greater, with two RS-232 ports, and Windows 95™ or later plus a merchandised in a particular display (see page 8 for a speakers-only touchscreen monitor (CPU and monitor not included). Infrared Interface Control Any Access System with a PC! Model 971 (5.25” X 5.25”) Model 970 RS-232 Serial Interface (5.25” X 5.25”) A vital link in automated Allows two-way communication between PC interface and the Access demonstrations, this module system. Custom programming charges may apply. can be programmed to start tracks and control the volume of CD or DVD players. Works with a control panel or Access individual buttons. Custom System software and product IR codes required. Model 970 Personal Computer Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 • 5
  6. 6. Access System Overview The best solution for demonstrating and selling AccessEZ modules can be combined to create a complex today’s sophisticated audio components and switching system including sources, receivers and speakers, or a single module can be used to demonstrate a particular multichannel sound systems. product group, such as receivers, using a dedicated source and Demonstrating today’s complex audio products using speakers. yesterday’s switching is exasperating. AccessEZ means fewer Installation is a snap with color-coded, gold plated RCA pieces to the home theater puzzle. Every AccessEZ module is jacks, removable high-level terminals and instructions printed a self-contained unit, designed for a specific component type right on the steel case. Choose our easy to use product select – everything you need in one package, instead of a patchwork buttons, one of the powerful control panels, a PC touchscreen, of circuit boards. Not only is the size more convenient, these an IR remote control, or a combination of interfaces that suits all-in-one units are actually less expensive than purchasing your selling technique. Give us a call and we will help you separate modules! get started on the ideal showroom for you. Integrated System System Overview The Access system incorporates main modules for every major product group in the home theater mix – AV sources, home theater receivers, speakers, subwoofers, and HDTV displays. This configuration provides switching capability for multiple products in each category, and video distribution for HDTVs. Each module has the capacity for four products, (or eight in the case of speakers). Channel Flexibility Since the speakers are switched by mono modules, the system may be set up for any number of speaker channels. A 5.1 channel system is shown here, with four HD video displays. Expanding the system is easy – just add more modules in the category you wish to expand. Making a simpler system is just as easy – just replace the switch module with a dedicated component. For example, if you wish to use one source for the whole system, replace the 954 module with a dedicated DVD player or satellite receiver. 6 Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 •
  7. 7. Access Switch Modules Low-Level Subwoofers and Stereo Sources Model 922 (5” X 5”) Component Video and Audio/Video Sources Speakers Switches 4 stereo or mono subs, Model 932 (5” X 6.5”) Digital Audio Sources Model 955 (5” X 6.5”) in an integrated demonstration Model 954 (5” X 6.5”) Switches 4 DVD players, VCRs, system. The Model 922 can also The Model 932 makes Show your customers the real or DSS receivers. Five channels demonstrate low-level stereo demonstrating multi-channel difference between standard of output switched on one sources or car audio head units. surround speaker systems EZ definition, and the brilliance of module: left/right audio, coaxial High current car amplifiers by locating switching capability HDTV. The Model 954 will digital audio and composite (over 200 watts RMS) should be close to the merchandise and allow your component sources video. It’s easy to add channels demonstrated using a 922 for the dramatically reducing installation to show their true colors, not to such as component video–just low level input, and a 949X High costs. Each 932 handles up to 8 mention your choice of optical slide an Access expansion module Current Amp Expander to switch speakers in one channel. Add 932 or coax connections for digital onto the EZ docking port. the output singals. modules for capacities of 16, 24, audio. or more. This modular approach provides an unlimited number of audio channels and speakers. The AutoDamping circuit improves showroom acoustics by eliminating sympathetic vibration. Home Theater Receivers Model 947 (5” X 13”) Switches 4 home theater receivers including analog audio, digital audio, composite video in and out, sub in and out, and five channels of high-level output. Like all AccessEZ modules, the Model 947 features gold-plated, color coded jacks that are easy to hook up, and maintain long-term signal integrity. EZ high-level terminals are removable for fast installation. You can add more switching channels to the 947 (such as component video) by using EZ expansion modules. Computer Speakers Model 934 (5” X 6.5”) Amplifiers, Receivers and Use the powerful AccessEZ™ Car Head Units Model 942 (5” X 7”) System platform to demonstrate multimedia speakers. Works with Provides low-level 2-channel product select buttons or a control input and high-level 2-channel panel such as the Model 906. output switching for amplifiers One 805-021 power pack required or receivers less than 200 Watts for each system (not included). RMS. Amps may be bypassed when the bypass feature is on. May also be used for head units with 2-channel low-level and 2- channel high-level output. Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 • 7
  8. 8. Access Switch Modules for Car Audio High Current Speaker and Amp Modules • Extra heavy-duty relays handle amplifiers producing up to 2,500 watts RMS at 4 ohms • 1/2 inch PC board traces designed for high current applications • Heavy duty board-soldered terminal blocks insure maximum signal integrity • 10AWG speaker wire compatible • 2 channel speaker-level outputs (four amplifier positions) High Current Speaker Module Model 939 (6.5” X 11”) Each Model 939 High Current Speaker Module is designed to merchandise up to eight speakers in one channel. Stereo applications will require two 939 modules. The 939 installs, operates and performs like its little brother - the Model 932 Speaker Module – while providing a high current signal pathway for ear splitting demonstrations. Like the 932, the modular approach of the 939 provides for an unlimited number of audio channels and speakers. High Current Amplifier Expander Module Model 949X (6” X 9.75”) The Model 949X is designed to allow the demonstration of today’s higher current amplifiers. It may be combined with our Model 922 Low Level Module for both low and high-level amplifier signal pathways or added to our Model 942 Amplifier Module to significantly improve the 942’s high level output performance. Installation of the 949X is a breeze with the exclusive AccessEZ docking port design. If space in your display is a concern, the design of the 949X allows you to locate the module remotely. Car Audio Equalizers or SACD and DVD-Audio Model 958 (5” X 8.5”) Connect car equalizers or Car Audio Head Units processors to this all-in-one Model 910 (4” X 19.5”) module. It switches two- Connect Head Units with any channel input and up to six- output configuration to this all-in- channel output on one module. one module. Model 910 switches This module is also ideal for low-level and high-level audio, demonstrating Super Audio as well as DC power – all on one Compact Disc and DVD-Audio module, so you don’t need to add systems. Call us for details. expanders. The 910 module is Speakers or High-Level designed specifically for groups Head Units of 4, but can be divided in half Model 940 (5” X 5”) to accommodate a 2-up or 6-up For switching up to four speaker marketing approach. pairs, the 940 may be a cost- effective solution. The 940 can also demonstrate four high-level car audio head units. 8 Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 •
  9. 9. Car Audio System Illustration and Accessories 8 Left Speakers 8 Right Speakers Mobile Video/Audio Basic System Architecture and Module Capacity Front Speakers 4 Video Enabled Sources 8 Video Monitors 4 Front Amps System 8 Left Subs 8 Right Subs Module 4 Crossovers or EQs 4 Sub Amps Subwoofers Configurable Amp Sharing Interface Model 9A42 (9.75” X 4”) Managed DC Power Distribution The 9A42 Interface is a The Access power network offers three different power modes. multi-purpose accessory You can power only those components currently playing to that simplifies amplifier conserve power, or you can leave all components in the display sharing and multi- on at all times, for instantaneous signal switching. This is channel operation in an the best mode for product comparisons, but when that is not AccessEZ Car Audio possible, our exclusive power memory mode allows you to Demonstration System. It provides a convenient connection point for power up to 3 units in each product group so that instantaneous all DC and signal wiring of any 2, 4, or 6 channel amplifier. Its flexible comparisons are possible. Remember, your power mode design allows you to quickly and simply adapt your display to meet choice should include consideration of your DC power supply’s rapidly changing merchandising demands. capacity. Power for EQs & Dedicated Crossover Model 9A80 (3.5” X 5”) Changers Model 915X (5” X 2.5”) Model 9A80 provides an adjustable Use the Model 915X for DC frequency, 2-in / 6-out crossover that can distribution to head units, be concealed inside your display, thereby changers and passive EQs. eliminating the need for a processor 10 amp circuit breaker. product group, or a dedicated component processor. Power for Amplifiers Model 916X (5” X 4.25”) The Model 916X distributes DC Power for 4 car audio CD Changers and Antenna Distribution amplifiers. Each module Model 975 (5” X 2”) has its own 40 amp circuit The compact Model 975A now breaker to protect your provides a convenient way to merchandise. distribute AM as well as FM radio signal to all of your head units, and a way to distribute RF signals from changer units. Ask about our RF expansion kits. Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 • 9
  10. 10. Switching Accessories Signal Car Audio Accessories Power Supplies Expansion Extension Harness for Model 910 100A Switching Supply Designed Modules Model 998 allows 910 to Specifically for Car Audio Displays be split into 2 separate Made up of 20A Access expanders modules for greater modules, the can be used to add channels to Access, placement flexibility. 978 is designed AccessEZ, and DirectSelect modules. to continue Expanders add 4 positions except where noted. DC Eliminator operating even Model 981 is an in-line RCA device designed if a module Low-Level Expander to eliminate DC offset present Model 978 fails. Two 978- 920X Adds two low- in some products. One 981 (11” X 7” X 14”) 100s can be level channels. (5” X is required per two-channel used in the same display for a whopping 200 2.5”) device. amperes. A green light shows every installed and operating module, so you can be sure High-Level Expander Low-Level Isolator Transformer of normal operation at a glance. Overheat is 940X Adds two high- Model 982A indicated by a red light, and also by an audible level channels. Used to eliminate hum by tone. Car audio stiffening capacitors can be (5” X 2.5”) breaking the ground path used if even more output surge capacity is between heads or EQs desired. Model 978-60 is the 60 amp version. Speaker-Level and amplifiers. Expander (8 positions) 50A Model 572-008 932X adds one speaker- The Astron RSA-50A level channel to 932. (5” is a 50 Amp linear DC X 3”) System Accessories power supply. City of Los Angeles approved. Audio/Video Prevent Blue-Screen Expander Model 986 provides automatic composite video bypass to prevent blank TV screen when 35A Model 572-007 950X adds two The Astron® RSA-35A is audio channels and a a receiver is selected which has no video in/out. Can also be used to patch through a a linear DC Power supply, composite video channel. rated at 35 Amps. City of (5” X 2.5”) default video source in systems including audio/ Los Angeles approved. video and audio-only Y Pb Pr Expander sources. For AccessEZ. 953X adds a set of 10A Samlex Model 572-005 (5” X 2.5”) Samlex® 10 Amp linear DC three component video channels. (5” X 2.75”) Power Supply. System Module The 980EZ provides the connection point for 3A UL Model 805-016 Control Panel Accessories 903 and 4904 control Our supply of choice for Home panels, and DC system Audio and Home Theater power. It performs Access systems, the 805-016 Control Panel Enclosure provides 3 Amps of DC power, Model 989 vital system tasks such as SilenTouch™. One and is approved by Underwriters Laboratory. The 989-1 provides for 980EZ is required for easy shelf mounting of 903 every AccessEZ System. control panels. Model 989-2 Model 980EZ Small System Power Pack 805-021 (5” X 5.25”) Provides system power for home audio accommodates 906, and 988 control panels. systems which do not include a 903 Control Panel (use 805-016 for 903 systems). Plugs into the 980 or 988 system module. External Infrared Receiver Model 990A Ceiling Mount, omni- directional remote System Bus & Speaker Bus Cables receiver used to Access and DirectSelect extend 905 remote’s EZ System Bus w/4-pin connector 2 ft ..................................... 802-307 range. EZ Speaker Bus w/4-pin connector 2 ft .................................... 802-186 EZ System Bus Extension w/2 connectors, 20 ft ...................... 802-323 EZ Speaker Bus Extension w/2 connectors, 20 ft ..................... 802-309 Access™ System Bus extension w/2 connectors, 20 ft .............. 802-193 Access™ to AccessEZ™ adapter System Bus Cable ................... 802-319 10 Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 •
  11. 11. DirectSelect Switch Modules The DirectSelect™ series is perfect for simple displays which can be operated by individual selection buttons. Each module can The DirectSelect™ Series is be used as a stand-alone demonstrator inside a store fixture, or unsurpassed in its unique more complex demonstration systems can be made by combining source, amp and speaker modules. Product capacity can be balance of useful features increased in increments of four by adding modules. and cost-effectiveness. If additional channels are required, Access expansioin modules (see page 10) may be used with DirectSelect modules. One system power pack required for each system (Model 805-021). One AV Sources product select button is required for each active position. PSBs are Model 2955 (4.25” X 6.5”) available in red, blue or green. Switches the composite video and stereo analog audio of 4 sources such as VCRs, DVDs, or DSS units either independently, with a dedicated receiver, speakers and monitor, or combined with Stereo Sources other DirectSelect modules to form an Model 2952 (4.25” X 6.5”) integrated demonstration system. Switches the analog stereo audio of 4 sources such as CD players, MiniDisc players, or tape decks either independently, with a dedicated receiver, speakers and monitor, or combined Stereo Amps or Receivers with other DirectSelect modules to form an Model 2957 (4.25” X 6.5”) integrated demonstration system. Switches 4 two-channel receivers or amplifiers either independently, with a dedicated source, speakers and monitor, or combined with other DirectSelect modules to form an integrated demonstration Speakers system. Model 2953 (4.25” X 3.5”) Switches 4 speaker pairs. Includes AutoDamping™ which shorts unselected speakers to ground, eliminating sympathetic vibration. Will allow up to two speaker pairs High Level Car Head Units to play at once. Model 2957 (4.25” X 6.5”) Ideal for very small systems, this module Computer Speakers switches 4 two-channel high level head Model 2956 (4.25” X 3.5”) units. Select multimedia speakers with buttons next to each product. DC Power Distribution Module Model 2994 Headphone Demo and Volume Power distribution for car audio Control applications. Model 2959 (4” X 5”) Model 2959 controls volume and Default Timer demonstrates up to 8 headphones. Model Model 2981 (4.25” X 3.5”) 2958 (not shown) is a volume conrol only. With instructions right on the module, it’s easy to use the 2981 to return your display to a default selection in any product group. Time-out settings range from 1 minute to 5 minutes. Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 • 11
  12. 12. Cat 5 HDTV Signal Distribution Cat 5 Signal Distribution for Retail Showrooms 9860 Series 9860 Facts • Ultra high bandwidth • Adjustable cable length compensation • Superior noise rejection • Component video • Composite video • Digital audio (coaxial) • Two distinct stereo analog pathways (one for each video pathway) Component video, composite video, analog audio (two distinct stereo paths) and digital audio are included in its three strands of Cat 5 cable for each run. A Cat 5 Driver (Model 9861) converts and sends RCA signals over Cat 5e/6 cable, and one of two units can be used to adapt the Model 9861 (4.8” X 8.8”) Model 9868 (3.1” X 8.8”) Model 9869 (7.1” X 8.8”) Cat 5 signal back to RCA Model 9861 Cat 5 Driver Model 9868 Adapter Model 9869 Distribution Amp format. Total distance from Two Cat 5 bus paths from one Adapts Cat 5 signals to Adapts Cat 5 signals to their original head end to last amplifier RCA source input. Each bus their original RCA format RCA format feeding four HDTV displays. can be up to 1,000 feet. path can drive up to ten 9869 for one TV or an RCA Adjustable cable length compensation Up to ten 9869 amps can distribution amps. To expand bus distribution network. ensures excellent signal strength, clarity operate in one Cat 5 run. head end capacity, multiple Cable length compensation and color up to 1,000 feet. Cat 5 bus Each Model 9861 Driver 9861 Drivers may be stacked compensates for up to 1,000 outputs feed more amplifiers down a bus can drive two 9869 bus runs. together. feet of Category 5 cable. chain. Cat 5 Signal Distribution for Separate Destinations 9870 Series to the audio and video signals, each durable, 9870 Facts stainless steel Wallplate offers an antenna • Up to 1080p component video pass-through jack (RF cable must be added • Coaxial digital and stereo analog audio separately) and an IR jack. The IR jack • Infrared remote jack for IR pathway provides a convenient pathway for a third • Wallplate powered through Cat 5 cable party IR remote distribution network • Antenna pass-through jack over the Cat 5 pathway. IR receiver and emitter equipment is The 9870 Series incorporates the key signal not included. paths necessary for effective audio and video The 9870 Series delivers pristine entertainment, plus an IR pathway for easy high definition video signal with remote control of AV components. All these astounding clarity and color fidelity signals are carried over just two inexpensive, up to 1,000 feet from the source. Due to easy to install Cat 5 cables to each Wallplate. its balanced line technology, the 9870 Series Each Driver feeds two Wallplates, and provides superior ground isolation, preventing expanding capacity is as easy as adding more hum bars and other artifacts associated with Driver modules. ground loops. The 9878 Wallplate is easy to install in It’s easy to expand a 9870 System to serve Model 9871 Driver (3.5” X 9” X 1”) a standard dual-gang electrical box. Its multiple Wallplates. Simply stack additional Model 9878 Wallplate (4.75” X 4.75” X 1”) components extend only one inch behind 9871 Drivers using our Kit 46 stacking the stainless steel plate surface. In addition system, or interconnect by using RCA cables. 12 Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 •
  13. 13. HDTV Signal Distribution A Complete Cat 5 Solution for Showroom Signal Distribution • Integrates with 9860 Series • Helps prevent ground loops • Cat 5e or Cat 6 Bus 1269 Audio and Detail of amplifier section (1269-4) • Tough steel enclosures Video Signals • 1.5 in. x 8 in. profile • ATSC or NTSC RF signals The 1269 signal distribution • Component video system encloses our proven • Composite video Cat 5 signal distribution • Digital audio know-how inside tough • Stereo analog audio and attractive steel ducts. (Two distinct analog Use the modular sections, pathways, one for each vido pathway) corners and end pieces to build a custom solution that not only includes our industry standard 9860 series technology, but incorporates RF signal distribution as well. Component video, composite video, analog audio (two distinct stereo paths) and digital audio are included in its three strands of Cat 5 cable for each run. System Components A Cat 5 Driver (Model 9861) converts and sends 1269-4 4-foot amplifier section; distributes audio and video signal to four video displays. RCA signals over Cat 5e/6 cable, then each 1269- 4 adapts the Cat 5 signal back to RCA format for 1269B Blank section (duct only, no end caps) covers all wires between amplifier sections. connection to HDTV displays. Total distance from 1269C Corner piece for inside or outside 90-degree corners. head end to last amplifier can be up to 1,000 feet. 1269E End cap with conduit knock-outs for source connections and power supply. Up to ten 1269 amp sections can operate in one Cat 5 run. Each Model 9861 can drive two 1269 9861 Driver with coaxial inputs (RCA connectors) and two Cat 5 output pathways bus runs. 9870 Signal Flow This diagram shows basic audio/video signal flow in a medium sized installation. Two or more Drivers may be “stacked” to increase capacity. The RCA bus output may be used to feed HDTV signals to a local video display and/or sound system. Download the YPbPr Installation Manual for details. SOURCE HOME THEATER BEDROOM FAMILY ROOM BEDROOM KITCHEN Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 • 13
  14. 14. HDTV Signal Distribution HDTV Distribution with Cable Length Compensation A buffered bus and special cable length compensation circuitry eliminate bandwidth losses associated with long coaxial cable runs, allowing bus cable runs of up to 500 feet. The excellent isolation properties prevent other signal noise problems which degrade picture quality. The 9850’s 7-channel wide architecture enables simultaneous distribution of digital audio, analog audio, composite video and HD component video. Model 9851 has an additional stereo pair of channels so that one amplifier can provide two separate audio/video feeds directly to each TV. • Bandwidth over 120MHz for maximum clarity • Adjustable cable length compensation • Ground isolation switch • Two bus connection choices: RCA or F-connectors Model 9850 or 9850F (7-Channel • Component and composite video Distribution Amp) (6.5” X 7.5”) • Digital and analog audio • Two pairs of analog audio channels–one for each video source (9851 only) Model 9851 or 9851F (9-Channel Distribution Amp) (6.5” X 8.75”) Component Video and Component Video & Every Digital Audio Flavor of Audio The Model 985DTV Component Component video and an Video Distribution Amp provides analog stereo audio path are pristine video quality and digital available for HDTVs, plus audio to multiple monitors. Use auto-converting digital audio either optical (TosLink) or coax ports for home theater and (RCA) connections for the digital HTIB systems. Whether your audio input signal; outputs are input is optical or coaxial, coaxial. The self-terminating bus the digital audio output is allows multiple 985DTV modules automatically converted so both to be chained together, providing formats are always available. component video signal to 4, 8, 12 or any number of monitors Model 985DTO (6” X 8.5”) from a single source. • Ultra High Bandwidth Model 985DTV (5” X 6”) Component Video • HD Component Video • Analog Audio • Coax Digital Audio • Coax Digital Audio • Optical Digital Audio (Input) • Optical Digital Audio Multi-mode Distribution Amplifier Either connect HD component video and stereo analog audio to your TVs, or use the digital audio output for a complete theater sound receiver/speaker system. Each 985U faithfully distributes your best quality Audio/Video signal to four HDTVs or video monitors. The self terminated, thru-bus design makes installation simple. Use multiple 985U modules to distribute the same high quality source signal to all your Composite AV Distribution component or composite video TVs. Also • Composite video stereo audio signal available with screw-on bus terminals (985UF). • 1 input x 8 output; cascadeable • Self terminating bus Model 985U or • HD Component Video • Ground isolation switch Model 985UF • Composite Video (4.25” X 7.75”) • Digital Audio (Coax) • Stereo Analog Audio 14 Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 •
  15. 15. How to Order It’s easy to order any Audio Authority product... These credit cards are accepted for any purchase. • Call Toll-Free: 1-800-322-8346 (US and Canada) or 859-233-4599 • The toll free number is staffed Monday-Friday, 8:30 to 5:00 EST Audio Authority is a proud member of the • E-mail: following organizatioins: • Fax: 859-233-4510 CUSTOM ELECTRONIC • Fax and e-mail are available 24 hours a day. DESIGN & INSTALLATION ASSOCIATION ® Certain items are also available for purchase online at Payment Terms Installation Services and Terms VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. Audio Authority can provide installation services in your business to deliver Also C.O.D., check, or bank wire. Custom displays and fixtures require the quality and expert installation you have come to expect from Audio deposit with order. Authority. Installation Services are available upon a quotation/contract basis. Quantity No minimum order requirements. Shipping Availability Your order will normally ship via ground service with the freight charges Typically two to four weeks for standard items. Call for specific delivery added to the order. Expedited delivery via Next Day or Second Day is quote. available at an additional charge. International shipments are made via a carrier of the customer’s choosing and freight charges are prepaid and Sales Tax added to the invoice. Any customs, duties or taxes are the responsibility Some states require payment of sales taxes on capital equipment purchases, of the consignee. All shipments are FOB our dock, Lexington, Kentucky. even when purchased out-of-state. Any applicable sales taxes are the Merchandise is consigned to and becomes the responsibility of the responsibility of the customer. Audio Authority is required to charge sales customer upon leaving our dock. tax in California, Kentucky and Tennessee. Consult your state revenue office. Shipping Tip: OEM Products, Custom Projects, and Roll-outs Custom and O.E.M. products are available on a quotation/contract basis Claims for damages or errors must be made within only. Typically a deposit is required prior to the initial production run of any 5 days of receipt. Any claims for damage must first custom or O.E.M. project. be reported to the delivering carrier (save all packing Foreign Distributors and cartons). Audio Authority products are sold factory direct in North America. Audio Authority products are available in many countries through independent distributors. Please contact the factory for more information on product availability outside North America. Statement of Limited Product Warranty Electronic switch modules are covered by our 5-year Guaranteed Replacement Warranty (copy available upon request). Other Audio Authority® products (DC power supplies & fixtures, mechanical switching products, consumer products, etc.) are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment. During the warranty period, defective products are usually repaired in-field by exchange of circuit board modules, or returned to the factory for repair at no charge. Units returned for service must be shipped freight prepaid after obtaining a Service Authorization Number. Units repaired under warranty will be returned ground freight prepaid. This warranty is void for products which, in our opinion, have been subject to accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, lightning damage, or improper installation. Audio Authority assumes no responsibility for consequential damages arising from the use or misuse of these products. See the “Service Policy & Procedures” statement for complete information, available at or upon request. Other Fine Print All pricing shown in US Dollars. Pricing, terms of sale, and specifications shown in this catalog supersede all previously published information and are subject to change without notice. Audio Authority and the Double-A Symbol are registered trademarks of Audio Authority Corp. Access Demonstration Network, AccessEZ, AccessPC, DirectSelect, AutoDamping, TheftAlert, AutoLimiting, AutoSwitch, AutoCal, and SilenTouch are trademarks of Audio Authority. Audio Authority products are protected by US Patents 5,422,631 and 5,646,602. Other patents pending. Copyright March, 2006.HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. Toslink is a trademark of Toshiba America. Dolby Digital and ProLogic are trademarks of Dolby Labs. Audio Authority Corporation • 800-322-8346 • 15
  16. 16. 2048 Mercer Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40511-1071 Phone: 859-233-4599 • Fax: 859-233-4510 Customer Toll-Free USA & Canada: 800-322-8346 Website: Stop Wasting Money on Returned Goods! The 1020VS allows you to verify products immediately when returned as defective. HEAD UNIT NOT INCLUDED Model 1020VS (7.5” tall X 8.5” X 16.5”) • DVD players • CD players Model 1020VS Audio Video Bench Test Unit • Car radios We don’t need to tell you, returned goods is one of the biggest headaches CE retailers must manage today. The Model 1020VS • Changers is a multi-purpose all-in-one audio/video test set that will save • Equalizers you money on alleged “out-of-box defective merchandise” • Amplifiers as well as improperly installed components. Verify AV • Speakers components before installation, before selling used equipment, • Powered subs and before exchanging “defective” components which may simply have been installed incorrectly. Head unit, DC power • High level subs supply, and video display not included. • Multi channel home theater receivers