Euroregion Dniester presentation by Volodymyr Merezhko


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Euroregion Dniester presentation by Volodymyr Merezhko

  1. 1. Head of the international relation department of Vinnytsia regional Coucil (Ukraine) Director of the Coordinating centre of the Euroregion “Dniester” Volodymyr MEREZHKO
  2. 2. Population – 2 050,2 thousand people Total area – 34 218 km² Structure from Ukraine: - Vinnytsia region from the Republic of Moldova: - Donduseni district - Dubasari district - Ocnita district - Rezina district - Soroca district - Floresti district - Soldanesti district
  3. 3. Expansion prospects - Camenca district of Transnistria -Ribnita district of Transnistria - Еdinet district of Republic of Moldova - Riscani district of Republic of Moldova
  4. 4. Results of our work
  5. 5. Economic cooperation Ukrainian-RomanianMoldovan Economic Forum in Vinnytsia (October 1, 2013) Cooperation agreement signing between Vinnytsia and Moldovan entrepreneurs during Economic Forum in Soroca (June 29, 2012)
  6. 6. Presentation of the Euroregion “Dniester” in Brussels During the workshop in the Committee of the Regions The opening of the Representative Office in the EU (Brussels, Belgium )
  7. 7. Presentation in Brussels, Warsaw and Iasi Presentation in Iasi Presentation in Warsaw
  8. 8. Round table “Euroregion as a positive instrument for cross-border cooperation policy” The conference gathered more than 100 members from 7 countries
  9. 9. International Conference “Development of the Euroregion “Dniester” as a Framework for the Development of the Bordering Areas of Ukraine and Moldova ” 80 participants attended the conference, among them Head of the EU delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski
  10. 10. International cooperation Cooperation agreement signing with the Euroregion “Siret-PrutNistru” Visit to Iasi (Romania)
  11. 11. The grant projects implementation The project “Approaches towards migration and re-integration in Euroregions “Dniester and “Pro Europa Viadrina” Cooperation agreement signing of projects financing by the Embassy of Japan to Ukraine
  12. 12. Sport events Basketball tournament Football tournament
  13. 13. Cultural cooperation and children health care 300 children became healthier The cultural festival “Dniester Mermaid”
  14. 14. The children painting contest Children from Moldova in Vinnytsia Children from Vinnytsia region in Chisinau
  15. 15. Priority projects of the Euroregion “Dniester”
  16. 16. Building of bridge in “Yampil-Cosauti” area Transportation is provided with hand ferry-boat Project of the bridge across the Dniester River
  17. 17. Development of the Airport “Vinnytsia” Airport building complex Today regular flights to Moscow, Israel and Warsaw are accomplished. And flights to Dubai will be opened from January 1
  18. 18. Construction of sewage disposal plants along the Dniester River
  19. 19. Donors and partners
  20. 20. Welcome to cooperation Contacts: Ukraine, Vinnytsia city, Soborna Str., 70 tel./fax: +380 (432) 53-09-59 e-mail: web-site: Together – to Europe!