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Manage Your Sales Materials - Fulfillment Services


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Increase your productivity by outsourcing the management and delivery of your sales materials.

Use a fulfillment service

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Manage Your Sales Materials - Fulfillment Services

  1. 1. Stop sending out Sales Materials Sending out DVDs, Brochures, Demo Kits, “Try and Buy” Offers Hurts your business !!!
  2. 2. Sending out sales materials to customers and prospects hurts your business Here’s why
  3. 3. Every day, your sales and marketing team gets requests for Samples, DVDs, brochures, manuals, etc . . . . . And they happily fulfill the requests knowing that the interest could result in a SALE
  4. 4. And, they’re right !!! But why are THEY the ones sending the materials out?
  5. 5. Why are highly skilled sales and marketing people wasting time locating, packaging and sending out material?
  6. 6. As a Sales Manager, is this why you hired them, . . . . . . . . to manage, inventory, and ship sales material?
  7. 7. Shouldn’t they be spending their time tracking down new prospects rather than tracking down a brochure or manual?
  8. 8. The time they spend tracking down and shipping sales materials reduces their sales productivity. This hurts your business.
  9. 9. Enlist experts to create an online portal. Your sales and marketing people order directly from their computer or smart phone. There’s a better way.
  10. 10. The inventory and shipping is handled by shipping experts at an automated facility Your sales and marketing people log-in, order what they need and go back to selling and chasing down leads
  11. 11. Outsource your Sales Material and Lead Generation follow-up. By outsourcing the management of your sales materials, you free up your salesforce so they’re more productive. And, by outsourcing to shipping experts, the orders are more accurate, they’re tracked better, and you get real-time reporting so you can track what’s been sent and when. This means you get instant access to what leads are being pursued, what prospects are in the funnel, and can instantly see what the “hot spots” are. Some outsourcing companies can even manage large items like retail displays, “try and buy” units, and signage. With the the ever-increasing need to do more with less, this could be an area where you can make an instant leap in productivity.