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Improve your live sound by creating a silent stage


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Turn down stage monitors by letting them do their own mix

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Improve your live sound by creating a silent stage

  1. 1. Creating a “SILENT STAGE” Let them do their own mix TM
  2. 2. Creating a “Silent Stage” What is a “silent stage”? It’s probably something you wish you had and didn’t even realize it. The next time you’re running the sound board at a live music venue, turn the volume of the mains down. You’ll be amazed how much sound is being produced by the stage monitors. Think about that. Most the money spent on loudspeakers went into the main system, yet a lot of the sound comes from the cheapy stage monitors. And there you are, in the back, creating a great live mix and it’s being blown away by the stage. A better way to go is to use stage monitors sparingly. Let the band use headphones or IEMs. And . .let them set their OWN mix. SamePage does exactly that. With the addition of the optional MIX Module, live sound is routed to each performance station. High quality, ultra-low latency live sound. The touch screen displays a rich mixing board complete with EQ and Pan so that each band member can set the mix so they hear what they want to hear. And since everyone is hearing the mix at the same time with no delays caused by distance, they play more in the groove. What’s more, by adjusting pan and EQ they can achieve a higher degree of separation than by adjusting volume alone. So, everyone hears what they need, they’re more in the groove and the audience actually gets to hear that great live mix you’re working so hard to deliver through the mains. Oh, and when each band member gets everything set the way they want . . .SamePage saves everything PER SONG so they don’t have to fuss with it each time. Cool.
  3. 3. The SamePage Performance Station It’s a Music Library. It’s a display station for digital sheet music. It’s a full function live music mixer. SamePage Performance Stations edit, store, arrange, and annotate digital sheet music so you can eliminate paper sheet from your life. And you don’t have to use a computer to make it all happen. Each station has a touch screen for navigating and editing sheet music. Stations connect to each other through Ethernet so you can send music and keep each station in sync. Each station receives the full live audio mix so that each musician can adjust what they hear. Each station connects to the internet so you can develop online libraries of music and archive them securely Now with NEW SamePage PLAN online planning software
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