Boring Mail Is Dead


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Use VDP to customize and personalize direct mail marketing. Variable Digital Printing makes each mailer relevant to the customer.

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Boring Mail Is Dead

  1. 1. Mail should beCustom, Personal, Targeted, because . . .Boring Mail is Dead
  2. 2. One-dimensional mailings? Dead on Arrival.Business Reply cards? Rest in Peace.Boring Mail is Dead
  3. 3. The digital age is amazing. Businesses must change fast, oftenand hopefully for the better. When it comes to yourmarketing, printing and mailing strategies, are you takingadvantage of the many benefits of variable digital printing(VDP)?
  4. 4. Variable data printing puts data-driven communications intoyour marketing plan. Tailor your print messages and graphicsto suit the recipient and get a higher response rate. Standarddirect mail is out; targeted messages to unique individuals arein.
  5. 5. We take your data base (addresses, graphics, images etc.)and create a variety of sharp messages. VDP technologyallows modification of information (variable data) with eachpiece to create targeted, relevant messages. Don’t send 2,000pieces with a single message. Variable Digital Printing allowsyou to deliver 2,000 unique messages that vary slightly frompiece to piece, depending on your audience or customers. Ofcourse, we do it in beautiful full color or black - your call.
  6. 6. Potential customers will be impressed that you know theirname and preferences. They’ll like that you already knowsomething about them and are paying attention to their needs. It’s great for postcards, flyers, letters or corporatecommunications. Data-driven communication works, no matterwhat your industry application. Variable data is easier to workwith than you think and it gets results.
  7. 7. If you run a pizza pick-up and delivery business, bring us yourcustomer data base and we’ll help prepare and mail marketingpieces that remind pizza lovers what their favorite pizzas are(based on past store sales or deliveries) and that they are onsale just for them this week.
  8. 8. A tire store operator can lure return customers in the door byreminding them that their four P225/60R16 Firestone tires aredue for a rotation, if not replacement. Chances are you alsooffer brake work, oil changes and other services. Remind thecustomer of the last time they serviced their vehicle and givethem a special offer.
  9. 9. Landscaping firms could appeal to new home owners. “Let usdesign a landscape plan that makes a statement.”They might target the elderly with offers of year-round servicesfor one fee – plant flower beds, cut grass, rake leaves andshovel snow.
  10. 10. Variable Digital Printing from BlueGrass Mailing can customizemailings with information clients will notice. Isn’t that what weall want to see in an ad? More Information on Variable Digital Printing