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Polaris Product Fact Sheet


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Polaris Product Fact Sheet

  1. 1. As projects grow in complexity, ensuring they are delivered on-time and on-budget has become more challenging. In order to meet their commitments it is critical that project, program, and portfolio managers not only have accurate forecasts but also that they can identify key issues before it is too late to take corrective actions to fix them. Successful project management requires integration of all three project controls disciplines—cost, schedule, and risk— not just in a set of slides reviewed once a month but in an analytical model allowing their cross-impacts to be calculated and analyzed. Advanced Project Analysis Using Polaris Booz Allen’s Polaris is a first-in-industry tool for integrating cost, schedule, and risk artifacts into a single model which can be simulated to predict cost and schedule growth, analyze its root causes, and identify tangible actions decision makers can take to mitigate future growth. Polaris’ RealTime Analytics simulation engine allows all this analysis to run in real-time. By bringing project analysis out of the cubicle and into the hands of the engineers and project management professionals, they are able to tackle the toughest challenges. Making Polaris Work for You Booz Allen built Polaris to help projects deliver on time and on budget. Some projects, however, may need more than a tool to help them reach their goals. We’re here to help—Booz Allen not only offers Polaris training and consulting support but also has teams of cost estimators, schedulers, and risk managers here to help your organization better manage your projects, programs, and portfolios. Polaris Feature Set Polaris uses RealTime Analytics Technology to power its one-of-a-kind simulation engine, but Polaris is also fully equipped with a wide spectrum of other advanced features. + Advanced Cost/Schedule Tradeoff Analysis + Automated Risk Prioritization + Cost Loading and Fiscal Year Phasing + Critical Path Tree Visualization + Cost/Schedule Tradeoffs + Discrete Risk Analysis + Gantt Chart and Cost/Schedule Uncertainty + Inflation Tables + Joint Confidence Level Scatterplot + Schedule Health Check + Sensitivity Analysis + Statusing and Advanced Reporting + Resource Heat Map Visualization The Next Generation of Project Analysis About Booz Allen Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading provider of management consulting, technology, and engineering services to the US government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets, and to major corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Booz Allen is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, employs nearly 23,000 people, and had revenue of $5.48 billion for the 12 months ended March 31, 2014. In 2014, Booz Allen celebrates its 100th anniversary year. To learn more, visit (NYSE: BAH) For more information contact: Tom Dauber Principal 703-984-1800 Eric Druker Senior Associate 314-368-5850 Graham Gilmer Senior Associate 202-898-3385 05.088.14G