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Engaging the Military Health Community through Social Media


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Social media technology can help MHS address service members’ healthcare concerns, collaborate with stakeholders, support combat operations, and enhance its capacity to reach and influence diverse audiences. Social media can also support its commitment to address President Obama’s call for a more transparent, participatory, and collaborative government.

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Engaging the Military Health Community through Social Media

  1. 1. O R G A N I Z AT I O N & S T R AT E G Y | I N F O R M AT I O N T E C H N O L O G Y | M I L I TA RY H E A LT H Engaging the Military Health Community through Social Media US Department of Defense Military Health System government -- and the military health system’s creates a more open, authentic atmosphere to commitment to integrate social media into strategic connect and communicate with stakeholders communications planning and execution reflects this priority. Unlike traditional media, social media enables How does a thriving, complex military health institution MHS to engage service members and families where leverage technology to help deepen relationships they come together to discuss military health issues with its nine million eligible beneficiaries and other online. Social media provides a channel to plug into important stakeholder communities? Booz Allen these natural settings to listen to public conversations Hamilton designed and launched the Military Health and respond directly to them, thoughtfully and System social media platform to provide tools and constructively. techniques that engage service members, families and constituents and promote health access, research and Through strategies to monitor and report on public education and training. perceptions and experiences, MHS leaders are more responsive to stakeholder needs by providing relevant Complex Needs in a Complex Environment health information when and where appropriate, raising awareness about MHS programs and services to build The Military Health System (MHS) and the Assistant lasting, meaningful connections with individuals and Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs recognize communities. the critical nature of social media technology to address members’ healthcare concerns, support What Booz Allen Did combat operations and interact with the media. To enhance its capacity to reach and influence these Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and consulting diverse audiences, MHS introduced next-generation firm, deployed cross-functional experts in areas across communication tools and venues to proactively strategic planning, strategic communications and tell the MHS story, highlight tales of heroism and social networking outreach and implementation. accomplishment and enrich relationships with patients, Booz Allen’s consultants work closely with MHS government agencies and media outlets. Strategic Communications, integrating into existing The MHS, as an enterprise, is in lockstep with the teams and structures to provide social networking and Secretary of Defense and his Public Affairs Chief in web 2.0 expertise and industry and public sector best the call to expand communications and outreach practice knowledge. The Booz Allen team performed a -- complementing President Obama’s call for a detailed analysis of key social media sites and existing more transparent, participatory and collaborative MHS social media capabilities. Ready for what’s next.
  2. 2. Following their analysis, Booz Allen prepared and Michael Kilpatrick, M.D., Director, MHS Strategic implemented a stakeholder outreach plan using social Communications, praised Booz Allen’s role in communities such as blogs, social networks and strengthening his Agency’s posture to be ready for message boards to raise awareness of MHS initiatives what’s next. “The Booz Allen approach to social media and resources. Booz Allen maintains and monitors implementation allows us to connect and engage the MHS presence on eight social communities and with people like never before… We’re able to obtain platforms, including Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, feedback and, in turn, provide information to service members Twitter, YouTube and TroopTube. and their families, how, when and where they want it.” Booz Allen also developed social media protocols for Ready to Help You engaging stakeholders, providing standardized privacy, security and regulatory guidance to facilitate and Our work helping MHS connect with diverse, unique accelerate deployment of social media capabilities. audiences is just one example of how Booz Allen’s The result is streamlined processes for MHS to global strategy and technology consultants can help collaborate with external audiences and more actively organizations tackle modern communications and engage disparate organizations across the sprawling stakeholder engagement challenges. MHS enterprise. Whether you’re managing today’s issues or looking beyond the horizon, count on us to help you be ready Helping Government Stay Ready for for what’s next. What’s Next At its core, MHS Strategic Communications is using About Booz Allen social media to collaborate with stakeholders, provide Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of relevant health information, and raise awareness strategy and technology consulting for 95 years. about MHS programs and services – going beyond Providing a broad range of services in strategy, social media technologies to bring the people together, operations, organization and change, information build trusted communities and improve peoples’ lives. technology, systems engineering, and program management, Booz Allen is committed to delivering results that endure. Follow us on TM MHS Twitter MHS Podcasts MHS Social Media Hub Reaches over 3,000 followers Provides MHS stakeholders with access Hosts all MHS social media tools with specific interest in military to weekly Dot Mil Docs podcasts about in one place. health issues. timely, relevant military health issues. MHS Facebook MHS YouTube MHS Blog Delivers regular updates to 1,700 Promotes stories of health promotion Encourages open dialogue between fans since launching in April 2009. and disease prevention through video. MHS leaders and stakeholders. contact: Grant McLaughlin, Principal email: phone: 703/917-2055 contact: Matt Bado, Associate email: phone: 703/824-7052 SC CR (01212010)