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Booz Allen iCitizen Capabilities Fact Sheet


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Booz Allen's iCitizen offerings provide support throughout the entire interactive system development process. From service conception and design through the Trust Framework process, concluding with IT development, deployment, maintenance, operations and continuous improvement.

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Booz Allen iCitizen Capabilities Fact Sheet

  1. 1. S T r A T E G y & O r G A N I z A T I O N | T E C H N O l O G y | O P E r A T I O N S | A N A ly T I C S iCitizen Delivering user-friendly citizen services online Federal government departments and agencies are increasingly called upon to reduce costs of operations and to improve their overall effectiveness in delivering upon their missions. Using private sector operations as a reference point, it is clear that agen- cies can use Government 2.0 self-service systems to improve two-way communications About Booz Allen between agencies and constituents and establish collaborative services as well as information-sharing between all levels of government. Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of strategy Implementing such systems previously was problematic, because of the limited success and technology consulting for of eGovernment initiatives and concerns about the handling of Personally Identifiable nearly a century. Providing Information (PII). These problems can be eliminated, however, and agencies can begin to a broad range of services in develop and deploy robust, citizen-facing online services, by taking advantage of the new strategy and organization, Trust Framework. technology, operations, and analytics, Booz Allen is Booz Allen Hamilton can help you be ready for what’s next committed to delivering results that endure. Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and consulting firm with wide-ranging expertise in developing privacy and information management solutions, introduces iCitizen™. It is a robust suite of services enabling the delivery of interactive, Internet-based, citizen- For more information contact centric services by taking advantage of the Trust Framework that is now part of the Mike Ozburn Federal Enterprise Architecture. Principal 703/377-6792 Solving Trust Framework challenges Booz Allen continues working in partnership with federal agencies to develop a spectrum of programs that ensure reliable, secure, interactive, constituent-centric online services to employees and the general public. In an increasingly interconnected environment with demanding users, Booz Allen helps agencies design online services that range from the management of health records and payment, military communications and coordina- tion of emergency first responders to involving the handling of financial transactions. In addition, Booz Allen is a founding executive member of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a group approved in March 2010 by the U.S. Government as the first Trust Framework Provider able to certify online identity providers. Online interactive systems for government The power of the federal Trust Framework is that it can take advantage of independent identity brokers to certify and authenticate users seeking to access the online service. In the same way that VISA® or MasterCard® creates trust between banks that issue credit cards and the merchants that accept them, a Trust Framework provider creates a similar trust network for other online transactions. Booz Allen can help an agency take advantage of this capability – consistent with NIST and OMB requirements – to deliver a wide range of public-facing services that are smooth, efficient, and secure. Ready for what’s next.
  2. 2. Agencies can now directly target specific improvements that can begin to immediately deliver cost savings and increased effectiveness. In most cases, these improvements can occur within the context of existing programs and budgets, simply by taking advan- tage of the government Trust Framework. Deploying a Trust Framework for an interactive system The diagram below reflects how Booz Allen works with clients to build trust into their systems by increasing a user’s confidence in how personal information is handled and protected. GSA authorizes “Trust GSA/OMB Federal Enterprise Framework Provider” to Architecture recognizes certify third-party use of third-party Identity Brokers that Credentials by federal can issue federally websites and services recognized credentials Trust Framework Providers Trust Framework Providers simplify the implementation of solutions for federal agencies and third-party credential providers Identity Govt. Brokers End-users are finally able to take advantage of Websites online services from federal agencies, taking advantage of streamlined registration and login Constituents Building online interactive systems Booz Allen’s iCitizen offerings provide support throughout this entire process, from service conception and design through the Trust Framework process, concluding with IT development, deployment, maintenance, operations and continuous improvement. 1 2 3 Trust Framework Certification Development and Operations For Interactive Citizen Services Deployment Design Assess Define services Trust Develop BPR Deploy interactive against PIA* Framework Data Operations Established Application Mgmt Services services rules and Auth LOA** PMO * Privacy Impact for Users Assessment ** Levels of Assurance Building effective online applications Booz Allen is the acknowledged leader in cybersecurity, systems development and the delivery of trusted services by those in both the public and private sectors. We help government at all levels build secure, effective, online applications that achieve organiza- tional goals and missions, protect critical assets and improve constituent services, while delivering time efficiencies and cost savings. Whether you’re managing today’s issues or looking beyond the horizon, count on us to help you be ready for what’s next. VISA® and MasterCard® are registered marks of their respective owners.