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Homeland Threats: Today and Tomorrow


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In August 2016, Booz Allen partnered with Market Connections to conduct a survey of National Security Leaders and the General Public to understand their perspectives on the current threats. Fifteen years after the September 11 attacks, we wanted to know what keeps them up at night today, and what they will be worried about in 15 years. This infographic provides the high-level results of our survey and we will be releasing a more detailed report later in the month of September – so stay tuned. #NationalSecurity2031

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Homeland Threats: Today and Tomorrow

  1. 1. Homeland Threats: Today and Tomorrow On the 15th Anniversary of September 11, respondents share views on current and future threats © 2016 Market Connections, Inc. 78% 56% View cyberattacks as a threat federal leaders general population CYBERATTACKS TOP THREAT Differing Levels of Concern general populationfederal leaders Limited Concern for Natural Disasters 13% 20% Neither federal leaders nor the public prioritize natural disasters as a threat national security general populationfederal leaders maintaining/increasing counter terrorism and special ops preventing cyberattacks increasing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities Top Three Priorities Federal leaders and general population AGREE on top priorities, DIFFER on order 38% 25% 12% 40% 12% 21% 1 2 3 TERRORISM AND CYBERATTACKS RANKED TOP THREATS Among Federal Leaders and General Population AGE SHOWS CONTRAST IN CONCERN Age groups differ on level of cyberattack and global warming-related threat 65-older55-6445-5435-4418-34 51% 41% 52% 53% 53% 59% 54% 42% 32% 45% 2031 cyberattacks global warming related threats 2031 TOP THREATS 66% 61%53%72% 2031 terrorism c yberattack s Terrorism and Cyberattacks STILL Believed to be TOP TWO THREATS 78% 56%76%84% terrorism c yberattack s In 2031 will we feel more or less safe than we do today? FEEL MORE SAFE IN THE FUTURE 2031