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Government 2.0: Cutting-Edge Solutions For Communication, Collaboration, Service Delivery


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Government’s ability to deliver optimally transparent, productive, online communication and interaction at all levels is key to our nation’s future success.

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Government 2.0: Cutting-Edge Solutions For Communication, Collaboration, Service Delivery

  1. 1. Government 2.0 Cutting-Edge Solutions For Communication, Collaboration, Service Delivery New Thinking Innovative Implementation Extraordinary Results Ready for what’s next.
  2. 2. Government’s ability to deliver optimally transparent, productive, online communication and interaction at all levels is key to our nation’s future success. Booz Allen Hamilton: helping clients build the next The Basics of Social Media generation of Government 2.0 programs. Federal agencies are under extreme pressure to rethink Blog: A user-generated Web site where entries are made in journal style and displayed in reverse and reinvent the way government does business. chronological order The Obama administration is calling for open, Wiki: A collaboration tool allowing anyone to transparent and efficient government services edit content to be delivered via the Internet. RSS: The latest method of delivering content from the Internet for personal viewing The collective mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services, while enabling Social Networking: Allows users to share text, audio, and visual content through people-to-people communication between and among government connections via web-based tools workers, contractors, elected officials and constituents. In addition, agencies must deploy systems that Widget: A graphical user interface allowing users to pull in information and display data from other provide a measurable cost and time savings. sources Podcast/Vodcast: An audio/video file made Booz Allen is the thought and market leader in available for use on computers or portable partnering with clients to deliver complex and media devices complete Government 2.0 systems. Social Bookmarking: Enables users to store, classify, share and search each other’s bookmarks The Booz Allen Difference. We don’t look at via user-generated content tags Government 2.0 as a technology issue – it’s not about the technology, it’s about what the Social Media Public Sites technology enables. Rather than focusing on building online sites and platforms, we look Social Networking Sites (Linked-In, MySpace, Facebook, etc.) are online communities allowing at building online communities and self- registered users to connect, interact, and exchange service systems. information with those who share interests and activities Booz Allen works with clients to see and imagine Image/Video Sharing (Flickr, YouTube, etc.) are the possibilities that technology can bring while user-generated sites enabling uploading of pictures using a holistic methodology to ensure successful or videos and viewing/comment on content provided by others implementation. Our combination of deep domain experience and extensive functional capabilities set Microblogs (Twitter, Plurk, etc.) let users post very brief updates (usually 140 characters), so that us apart from other firms, and result in the creation others in their networks can view and comment of online communities that help achieve the mission. Wiki (Wikipedia, etc.) is a collaborative, collectively compiled and edited series of content and articles Booz Allen’s implementation of a suite of social media for public use tools behind the firewall was recently honored with the 2009 Open Enterprise Innovation Award.
  3. 3. Government 2.0: Linking Government, These programs can make government more transparent, more functionally responsive and People and Services provide opportunities for constituent input and participation. Government 2.0 is about using technology to transform the way government operates. Our experience demonstrates that successful Government 2.0 solutions include one or more implementation of Government 2.0 programs isn’t of the following online applications: about using new technology and the same old processes – it requires the ability and willingness ● Deploying online, self-service systems that to take a completely fresh look at how the focus on the customer’s needs. These systems government can and should do business and to could allow constituents to go to a Web site have a comprehensive understanding of: and apply for government benefits; provide information or input to the government; search ● Which social media tools deliver the for information; submit applications to the right solutions government or ask questions of government ● How best to integrate those tools with officials online in real time. These systems the current IT infrastructure, workflow save the government time and money, while and environment supporting and expediting responsive, ● The most effective ways to encourage, empower constituent services. and teach people how to use the tools ● Using social media tools to foster intergovernmental relationships and cooperation. Social media creates almost instantaneous information-sharing and improved governmental effectiveness across traditional barriers. As a result, these tools help bridge and facilitate operations across traditional divisions of government (federal, state and local) and across boundaries that are physical (geography), hierarchical (GS-8 to the Secretary of a Department), interdepartmental and those existing between government employees and contractors. ● Developing social media programs to improve communications and collaboration between government and constituents.
  4. 4. The Road To Trusted Services Starts At Booz Allen A key focus for developing an integrated, digital, Government 2.0 infrastructure is implementing sufficient security and identity safeguards, so that constituents’ sensitive information is secure and the government is not subjected to fraud. To “trust” an online transaction each party must have confidence in: ● The identity of the parties ● The way that the data will be handled, managed and protected ● The security of the communications channel being used Booz Allen, one of America’s foremost cybersecurity firms, has a documented record of success for building security components directly into the applications that ensure systems, identity, finances and information are safe from attack or theft. Booz Allen is leading the way in the development of Trust Frameworks, identity proofing and authentication systems and standards with the federal government. Implementing Integrated Government 2.0 Systems Every federal department and agency is taking a fresh look at how best to implement Government 2.0 solutions to save money, improve constituent and stakeholder services, make government more transparent and facilitate collaboration among agencies, government employees and contractors.
  5. 5. Government 2.0 implementations require a holistic, create intellectual capital systematic, integrated and innovative approach to ● Return on investment: Tracking metrics, assure success. Piecemeal solutions will fail. analytics and qualitative measures to demonstrate ROI The Booz Allen Government 2.0 ● Identity and access management: Developing standards, policies, and technologies that Capabilities serve as the foundation of trusted identity and security maintenance Booz Allen’s social media capabilities have ● Data management: Determining how data will emerged as a user-driven methodology for the be stored, maintained and accessed securely industry, from assessment to evaluation. ● Trusted infrastructure and cybersecurity: We deliver: Processes and infrastructure to secure and protect systems from attack, fraud, and theft ● Readiness: Identifying outcomes from of data and resources engaging Government 2.0 systems; assessing ● Program management: The range of the status of legacy systems and functionality; processes and responsibilities for maintaining identification of requirements and assessing and updating the technical infrastructure and stakeholder interests and needs for keeping content and programs fresh ● Strategic planning and implementation: ● Interactive service development: Maintaining Aligning mission goals and objectives with and updating human interfaces with the desired outcomes for Government 2.0 system and the applications delivered systems; designing the technical system, work processes, culture changes and communication approaches Booz Allen Delivers ● Governance: Developing clear, manageable system and user parameters to mitigate risks Our clients are served by expert, experienced, and creating secure environments sensitive to dedicated teams capable of understanding agency and user needs and addressing specific organization’s ● Innovation: Customizing and integrating needs, developing comprehensive, strategic systems to meet unique, organizational and customized plans and delivering the needs, ensuring the scalability of applications integrated systems and processes upon which ● Change management: Addressing issues organizational success is achieved. of culture change, adoption and usage and providing guidelines and resources to improve system vitality ● Knowledge management: Providing acknowledged thought leadership and fostering the process of data gathering to
  6. 6. Case Studies In Government 2.0 Success Booz Allen is leading the way in Government 2.0! The following case studies offer examples of the range of Booz Allen’s services helping federal government clients utilize and implement measurably successful, award-winning, Government 2.0 programs. U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) All Partners Access Network (APAN) ChALLeNGe: The U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) operates in the Pacific Rim with numerous actors (military, civilian, government, non-government) who must all cooperate in crisis and disaster response situations, joint exercises with foreign militaries and other events where open information flow is essential to success. PACOM required a holistic capability that easily could be assimilated into its communications infrastructure and easily utilized in developing countries lacking sophisticated communications infrastructures. ReSPONSe: Booz Allen worked with PACOM to develop the APAN system. Built for Internet use, it included file sharing applications, wikis, blogs and calendaring tools to coordinate schedules. The system also supports mobile applications and integrates public social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as sophisticated geospatial systems, such as Open Street, to create detailed maps of damaged areas. The
  7. 7. system is designed to handle extremely secure chat translation feature enabling users to see communications, while also interacting with conversations in their own language. the general public and disaster relief workers and organizations. ● The system is used to identify where to take people needing medical attention, where ReSULTS: to deliver food and clothing and how to get needed equipment into and around the country. It often is said that, “Timing is everything.” In the case of the earthquake crisis in Haiti and ● The APAN system is expanding both in areas APAN’s abilities to help, nothing could be more of utilization and functionality and is a clear true. In fact, the APAN system proved to be the example of how effectively Booz Allen partners communications backbone for aid organizations with government agencies to implement operating in Haiti. A Haitian Relief Virtual Government 2.0 solutions to save lives. Group (HRVG) was set up in the system with the ability to support and facilitate discussions about problems and solutions and to enable easy sharing of information between relief organizations, the US military, the Haitian people and relief workers on the ground. The group continues to operate and includes 2,000 members. “An Internet-based network [APAN]…..was put to the test during a real-life crisis and performed like a champ” —“Military Facilitates Help in Haiti”, Signal News, February 2, 2010, ● To join the HRVG, users simply open an APAN account to access information on areas of assistance applicable to their organizations. They then get access to 3D maps and situation reports. The site even includes a
  8. 8. Case Studies In Government 2.0 Success Federal emergency Management with the public and first responders during emergencies. The Government 2.0 network Administration (FeMA) will also improve crisis communication and cooperation between police, fire, rescue, ChALLeNGe: hospitals, FEMA, relief organizations and the public to better protect and serve our country. FEMA needed to establish consistent, branded communications through all traditional and social media in times of emergency. The agency now uses social media to improve their public communication on their role and responsibility to coordinate state and local resources during an emergency. The agency is also using social media outlets to establish communications and networks of followers before a crisis exists. These systems have been established because of their pervasiveness and mobile accessibility during times of emergency. ReSPONSe: Booz Allen developed the “FEMA in Focus” brand to provide a consistent image across multiple platforms. ReSULTS: FEMA now has produced a family of videos for a YouTube channel that tell the human side of emergency management. Additionally, @femainfocus is FEMA’s Twitter feed. FEMA also uses Facebook and MySpace to network and communicate with field staff and the public. Additionally, Booz Allen worked with FEMA to build systems to improve the agency’s communications
  9. 9. The Department of Labor (DOL) ReSULTS: ChALLeNGe: Booz Allen and DOL have implemented a DOL was charged with developing a single, comprehensive system integrated, self-service Web site enabling citizens using the best features of to easily and efficiently search the various social media, self-service government benefits and entitlement programs web questionnaires, and determine their eligibility for assistance. applications and improved communications to deliver ReSPONSe: effective, integrated, cross-agency government Booz Allen worked with DOL to consolidate all services, more quickly the government benefit information into one and at a lower cost. Web site – The site represents benefits programs for 17 federal agencies and Constituents are better served, because in 300 million U.S. residents as stakeholders. many instances they can: ● An online prescreening questionnaire ● Often find programs that provide assistance application was developed to enable citizens of which they were unaware to locate the benefits programs for which they ● Immediately receive answers, rather than may be eligible. being put on hold or having to travel to a ● The site also provides a list of “next steps” government office the individual needs to take to apply for ● Avoid waiting weeks for an appointment benefits and relevant contact information. ● Eliminate waiting in a line ● The system economically benefits partner agencies by prescreening individuals for The system is powered by a sophisticated, yet eligibility criteria via the Internet, a lower cost user-friendly, content management system, channel. Additionally, the site answers basic allowing partner agencies to quickly and easily questions, saving each agency many person- make expeditious updates. hours from answering telephone inquiries and responding to in-person visits. In addition, 200,000 subscribers receive e-mails announcing updates on specific web pages. Fifty thousand subscribers receive quarterly e-newsletters, allowing DOL to save significantly on printing and postage costs. And a Twitter account now provides updates and alerts on benefits information.
  10. 10. Case Studies In Government 2.0 Success The US Department of Defense prevention/treatment and the MHS blog, which promotes open discussion between MHS and its Military health System (MhS) stakeholders. In addition Booz Allen developed a stakeholder outreach plan, established privacy, ChALLeNGe: security and regulatory guidance and helped streamline internal and external work processes. MHS needed to create a web and social media presence to reach out to 9 million eligible ReSULTS: beneficiaries and other important stakeholder communities, such as military-focused Booz Allen and MHS built a model system using publications and Web sites. The objective was social media and collaboration software to work to efficiently, effectively and proactively engage with stakeholders, provide relevant information, service members and their beneficiaries in the raise awareness of programs, build trusted online health services access, research and education communities and improve people’s lives. opportunities process. The overall goal was to achieve vastly improved communication with, and healthcare services for, our military and their dependents. “The Booz Allen approach to social media implementation ReSPONSe: allows us to connect and engage people like never before…We’re Booz Allen worked with the MHS to integrate able to obtain feedback and, social media into strategic communications in turn, provide information planning and new systems to improve online to service members and their communication to and from MHS service people families, how, when and where and their families. Just as importantly, the they want it.” systems were designed to create communities, —Michael Kilpatrick, M.D., where members of the military and their Director. MHS Strategic Communications dependents could discuss military health issues and provide direct or indirect feedback to MHS. The site was established as the MHS Internet hub. It hosts all MHS social media in one place, including a Twitter feed link; podcasts about military health issues; a link to the MHS Facebook site links; to YouTube videos promoting healthy practices and disease
  11. 11. About Booz Allen hamilton Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront $5 billion. Fortune has named Booz Allen one of strategy and technology consulting for of its “100 Best Companies to Work For” for six nearly a century. Today, the firm is a major consecutive years. Working Mother has ranked provider of professional services primarily to US the firm among its “100 Best Companies for government agencies in the defense, security, Working Mothers” annually since 1999. More and civil sectors, as well as to corporations, information is available at institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Booz Allen offers clients deep functional Contact Information knowledge spanning strategy and organization, technology, operations, and analytics – which it Grant McLaughlin combines with specialized expertise in clients’ Principal mission and domain areas to help solve their toughest problems. 703/917-2055 The firm’s management consulting heritage is Mike Ozburn the basis for its unique collaborative culture Principal and operating model, enabling Booz Allen to anticipate needs and opportunities, rapidly 703/377-6792 deploy talent and resources, and deliver enduring results. By combining a consultant’s Walton Smith problem-solving orientation with deep technical Principal knowledge and strong execution, Booz Allen helps clients achieve success in their most 703/902-4165 critical missions – as evidenced by the firm’s many client relationships that span decades. Steve Radick Booz Allen helps shape thinking and prepare Lead Associate for future developments in areas of national importance, including cybersecurity, homeland 703/902-5160 security, healthcare, and information technology. Booz Allen is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, employs more than 22,000 people, and has annual revenues of approximately Booz Allen Hamilton’s unique abilities to bridge the worlds of work processes, technology and organizational change, help government clients achieve transformational change and measurable success.
  12. 12. For More Information: Connect With Us ● Facebook: “Like” us on Facebook at and get to know our consultants, discover the latest jobs, and learn more about the work that we do. ● Twitter: Follow us on Twitter at @boozallen and get the latest updates on the work that we’re doing with our government clients. ● YouTube: Subscribe to our YouTube channel at to hear from our consultants about what makes them tick, how they’ve solved some of their clients’ toughest problems and why they chose Booz Allen. ©2010 Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.