S T R AT E G Y     &    O R G A N I Z AT I O N     |    T E C H N O L O G Y     |    O P E R AT I O N S      |    A N A LY...
We Bring To Each Engagement:●●   Mission Integration Expertise. For more than a decade, we have explored and analyzed     ...
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Booz Allen and Smart Power Fact Sheet


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Booz Allen and Smart Power Fact Sheet

  1. 1. S T R AT E G Y & O R G A N I Z AT I O N | T E C H N O L O G Y | O P E R AT I O N S | A N A LY T I C SAbout Booz AllenBooz Allen Hamilton has been Booz Allen and Smart Powerat the forefront of strategyand technology consulting fornearly a century. Providing An Integrated Approach to Whole-of-Governmenta broad range of services in Challengesstrategy and organization,technology, operations, As technology and communications have made the world seem smaller and more accessible,and analytics, Booz Allen is the challenges we face—such as terrorism, energy security, climate change, pandemics,committed to delivering results water shortages, and catastrophic natural disasters—are increasingly complex and intercon-that endure. nected. Addressing these issues effectively calls for equally complex and interconnectedFor more information contact responses from across the government.Dave Karp In recent years, all parts of the US government have wrestled with how best to work togetherSenior Vice President to advance the national security agenda. Making our world safe, forging creative alliances,karpd@bah.com and bringing the full breadth of resources to bear requires a strategic integration of defense,619/725-6517 diplomacy, and development tools and capabilities.Bill Wansley Today, the term “Smart Power” is used to describe the skillful combination of military, diplo-Senior Vice President matic, development, economic, and cultural resources to achieve US national security objec-wansley_bill@bah.com tives. First articulated in 2007 by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Smart703/902-6874 Power implies the synchronization and integration of multiple government organizations toRoger Cressey secure our national interests around the world.Vice President Although the concept makes sense, how do government organizations translate Smart Power intocressey_roger@bah.com703/902-5000 operational realities and activities? What are the capabilities, expertise, and mechanisms that a variety of players can bring to bear? How do agencies with overlapping missions coordinate theirJon Allen organizations, cultures, budgets, processes, and technologies to achieve a common goal?Senior Associateallen_jonathan@bah.com Booz Allen Can Help You Be Ready For What’s Next703/377-7194 For more than 95 years, Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and technology consult-Cheryl Steele ing firm, has been a trusted advisor to senior leaders across the government. We serve ourSenior Associate clients with expertise, thought leadership, and innovative solutions that address challengessteele_cheryl@bah.com across all areas of the global enterprise. Integrating strategy and technology services, we703/377-0052 bring together domain and functional experts from across the firm to provide “whole of firm”www.boozallen.com resources to address “whole of government” challenges. Ready for what’s next. www.boozallen.com
  2. 2. We Bring To Each Engagement:●● Mission Integration Expertise. For more than a decade, we have explored and analyzed dozens of shared mission challenges facing government agencies.●● Innovative Solutions. We pioneered the concept and implementation of “megacommunities,” which bring together disparate stakeholders to address complex issues.●● Thought Leadership. Leveraging our relationships and insights within the public and private sectors, we provide a cutting-edge approach to solving global challenges.●● Hands-On Engagement. Our deep subject matter expertise, developed over years of working side by side with clients, gives us a unique perspective into how to help them collaborate with other government agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGO), and the private sector.Booz Allen’s Services and CapabilitiesBooz Allen’s cross-firm services and capabilities that help clients address Smart Powerinitiatives include:●● Mission Integration●● Mission-Informed Decision Making●● Modeling and Simulation●● Socio-Cultural Analysis●● Economic and Business Analysis●● Organization and Strategy●● Capabilities-Based Analysis●● Supply Chain and Logistics●● All-Hazards Health Preparedness●● Policy and Strategy AnalysisBooz Allen’s Smart Power SuccessTo help clients formulate counterinsurgency strategies, the firm conducts strategic simula-tions and experiments, provides senior staff to the US Combatant Commands and supportsthe intelligence community.In the realm of health preparation, Booz Allen supports another US Combatant Commandwith pandemic planning and training in African countries and supports a major governmentprogram related to AIDS prevention.The firm has developed a graduate-level program for government leaders interested incivilian-military collaboration in the field. We have also supported a civil-military fusion center,which gathers, analyzes, and shares information provided by different US government agen-cies, United Nations agencies, and relief providers pertaining to natural or manmade crises.Booz Allen provided the Internet domain and portals for a joint coalition network to supportthe Haiti Earthquake Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief response. NGOs, partnernations, and other US government agencies can access the network to coordinate responsesto this critical effort.The firm worked with a US government client’s planning division to develop federal inter-agency plans for all-hazards scenarios, including shaping contingent supply chain plans tosupport federal, state, and local responses.Whether you’re managing today’s issues or looking beyond the horizon, count on us to helpyou be ready for what’s next.01.140.11C