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Are Bots poised to eat the word?


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Since the industrial revolution we have seen that we automate every system the can be automated efficiently. Created massive distribution of wealth.

With AI and Bots, we are moving from automating “simple” repetitive tasks to autonomous systems that can handle complex and changing situations. It is not a question what verticals will be disrupted, it is a question of when, a few examples…

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Are Bots poised to eat the word?

  1. 1. Coding since he was 10 y/o, Nicolai is a serial entrepreneur turned parallel entrepreneur as the founder of BootstrapLabs, a Venture Building Company based in Silicon Valley. Nicolai advises all portfolio startups in their day to day operations, connecting founders with industry experts, advisors and investors to increase their likelihood of success, assisting with product design and development, positioning, go-to-market strategy and implementation, partnerships and fundraising. BootstrapLabs portfolio companies include Prezi, Zerply, Audiodraft and Witsbits. Nicolai focuses on the Machine Learning, Big Data,Analytics, Internet, Mobile and Software/Cloud sectors. Nicolai Wadstrom Founder of BootstrapLabs ARE BOTS POISEDTO EATTHE WORLD? WEBINAR WITH LOU KERNER 17TH OF MAY, 2016
  2. 2. ABOUT BOOTSTRAPLABS Human Capital Venture Capital From Innovation to Scalable Product Market Fit GlobalCommunityof EntrepreneursandStartups Outliers 12 Seed & Early A Investments 450 Portfolio Co
 Employees >$1Bn Total Portfolio Co Valuation $100M Follow-On Funding >100,000>20Kreaders1,000Investors SiliconValley basedVenture Builder Platform
  4. 4. AI is the dawn of the next wave of industrialization (Autonomous Machines) Absolutely!
  5. 5. BUT DRIVEN BY “REAL”AI • There are many Chatter Bots with-out self- sustained (or autonomous learning) - state machines - will drive less disruption… • The real disruption will come from “real”AI systems, deep learning models and more…
  6. 6. ENABLERS • Massive amount of Compute, Data and Connectivity fuels the opportunity • Years of R&D created Open Source, platform and access to technologies • Cloud infrastructure and hardware platforms like NVIDIA open up for massive scale of ML/AI compute capacity very efficiently
  7. 7. Heavy R&D
 Spend Incubation / Research Labs
 Gov’t, Univ., Large Corps Core AI building blocks:
 Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, Vision, Speech/Text, Emotions Inflection Seed VC
 Investments Growth VC Investments Emergence
 of Applied
 AI Solutions We aim here New Category Leaders IPO Mature Applied AI Field w/ New Leaders & Consolidation by Incumbents/Laggards TIME VALUE WHY WE INVEST IN AI NOW At this point the New Category leaders become very expensive to acquire M&A
  8. 8. MACHINE SCALE • The Biggest opportunity for high value creation is the “Human Augmented Machine Intelligence”, combine strength of humans and the machine • Humans might increasingly be used to coach and mentor the AIs of the world • There are many tasks that humans are not capable of doing as well as machines • The scalability of the machine to combine repetitive tasks (at scale) with intelligence is an unparalleled opportunity for creating exponential efficiencies
  10. 10. AI IS EATINGTHE WORLD • Since the industrial revolution we have seen that we automate every system the can be automated efficiently - created massive distribution of wealth • With AI and Bots, we are moving from automating “simple” repetitive tasks to autonomous systems that can handle complex and changing situations • It is not a question what verticals will be disrupted, it is a question of when, a few examples…
  11. 11. AGRICULTURE • Most manual labor has been automated today (key driver for increased wealth in the western world), remaining parts are about increasing efficiencies through scaling intelligence: • Crop surveys, with autonomous drones/AI systems, can reduce water consumption 20 - 30 % or more, reduce need for pesticides, while increasing yield • Data driven models from farm to fridge • And more…
  12. 12. TRANSPORTATION • Ground and Air transportation is made more efficient and safer with AI and machines • Tesla already seeing a reduction of accidents by 50 % for (simple) autonomous driving • Most of the past 10 years of civilian aircraft accidents, would not have happened with autonomous flight systems
  13. 13. FINANCIAL • Finding correlation of patterns for investment decisions is increasingly being made more effective by computers than humans • We are already seeing computers making intelligence investment decisions or patterns beyond the HFT, Quanta models - the next Warren Buffet might be an AI…
  14. 14. IMPACT ON SOCIETY • The expansion of autonomous systems in our society is a game changing impact • We will see automation of many white collar jobs • We will see an increased disparity between high demand and low demand jobs (even among well educated people) • I am welcoming the Whitehouse’s effort to dig in and follow AI closely
  15. 15. VERTICALS RIPE FOR DISRUPTION FinTech IoT FoW Logistics Retail eHealth X… Alternative Assets Smart Home Collaboration Transportation Conversational Commerce Quantified Self Credit/
 Reputation Ent.
 AR/VR Productivity Robotics/ Automation Intelligent Personalization/ Recommendation Prevention/
 Quality of Life Insurance Smart Cities Freelancing Last Mile On-Demand Delivery Compliance/ Monitoring Payment/
 Contracts Talent Access Smart Retail/ Experience Next Seed Fund Focus Opportunistic; w/Strategic Partner
  17. 17. “The business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast:Take X and add AI.This is a big deal, and now it’s here.” Kevin Kelly Founding Executive Editor,Wired Magazine
  18. 18. “The researcher who works on this, Yuandong Tian, sits about 20 feet from my desk. I love having our AI team right near me so I can learn from what they're working on”. “My personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI -- like Jarvis from Iron Man -- to help run my home and help me with work.”
 January 27, 2016 January 26, 2016 Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO
  19. 19. “Google’s Mission will only be complete when its search engine is AI-complete” January 26, 2016 Larry Page, Google Co-Founder
  20. 20. Elon Musk, Founder Tesla, SolarCity, Space-X “AI is Mankind’s biggest threat” [and opportunity]
 December 15, 2015 Announced $1Bn
 donation for Open.AI
  21. 21. “Announces they are investing $1Bn on a new AI focused Research & Development company” November 6, 2015 Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corp.
  22. 22. Recent advances in deep learning are producing results once believed impossible.. South Korea promises $3Bn in R&D Fund for AI Google DeepMind beats Go Champion 4-1 and captures the world’s attention and imagination
 “we have learned the importance of AI before it is too late” “a watershed moment of an imminent fourth industrial revolution"
 March 21, 2016 March 22, 2016
  23. 23. “Last year AI went from research concept to engineering application.” Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO Nvidia “Two years ago we were talking to 100 companies interested in using deep learning. This year we’re supporting 3,500.”
 March 22, 2016
  24. 24. MACROTRENDS SUPPORTING AI REVOLUTION • Exponential Growth of Computing Power • Explosion of Digital Data • Plummeting costs of Data Storage • Always on, ever present connectivity • Most of the information in the history of man-kind was created in the past 18 months (“data/information avalanche”) • Commoditization/Open Sourcing of core AI building blocks Inflection point for harnessing AI/Machine Learning to drive disruption for new category leaders in most verticals • Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others are heavily focused harnessing AI • Fortune 500 and incumbents are left behind • Fortune 500 companies are being unbundled by the emerging category leaders Ripe for disruption, incumbents need to buy their way in..
  25. 25. SAMELESS PLUG…
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