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Mom advice


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An online platform for mothers to instantly chat with child counsellors and have all their parenting questions answered.
Anytime. Anywhere.

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Mom advice

  1. 1. Parenting Advice From Licensed Counselors Anytime. Anywhere.
  2. 2. A mother's worry Mothers today are always worried if they are raising their children the best way they can. Currently they have no reliable place to go to and have their parenting questions answered.
  3. 3. The Solution Momadvice is an online platform that will allow mothers to instantly chat with child counsellors and have all their parenting questions answered. Anytime. Anywhere.
  4. 4. The Competition Online Solutions A mother's first tool is to search online, but they end up in one of two locations Provide general articles for mass consumption but do not tackle the problem or provide actionable solutions. Provide solutions based on parent's individual experience. These solutions rarely work due to different family dynamics and child interactions. Parenting ForumsParenting Websites
  5. 5. The Competition Seeking therapy on the other hand is a very big step to overcome Taking your child to therapy makes mothers blame themselves as the reason their kid is unwell. 1 Not always anonymous and mothers feel judged as parents when asked questions face to face 2 Therapy is very expensive at a minimum of $60/hr. In addition it is very time consuming. 3 Online Solutions
  6. 6. The Solution Momadvice fills the current gap between online search and actual therapy: Mothers can have all their questions answered from the comfort of their own home Mothers can chat with licensed counsellors anonymously through aliases Mothers can get their answers quickly and for a fraction of the cost of a therapist
  7. 7. 20% Psychologists 80% Momadvice $14.99Weekly $49.99Monthly The Cost Subscription Models Revenue Sharing Mothers can subscribe in one of two plans: Weekly Unlimited Chat for $14.99 Monthly Unlimited Chat for $49.99 Our revenue sharing system will be on the following basis: 80% will go to the psychologists 20% will go to Momadvice
  8. 8. Mothers who have the following traits: 25 to 40 College Education Tech Savvy Mid to High Income The Customer
  9. 9. One in five smartphone users are mothers The Market 400 million This represents a global market of 400 million mothers Time Spent Online Probability of purchasing on mobile 33 Hrs 66 Hrs 30% 56% Mothers are the most engaged demographic online. They spend twice the time online as the general population and are twice more likely to purchase on mobiles.
  10. 10. Trends in the Market Rate of working mothers has more than doubled in the last 30 years. Full-time working mothers represent the biggest increase, with single full- time mothers being an all time high. 71% of working mothers stated that they are stressed because of the difficulties of balancing their work and family lifes. Mothers Fulltime Mothers Parttime 71%
  11. 11. Rollout Plan Soft Launch 100 Beta Testers January 16 Global Market 60000 Mothers April 2016 Full Launch & Expansion 1500 Mothers MENA Region 15000 Mothers January 2017 January 2018 Our Rollout Plan
  12. 12. The Revenue Year One: 10% average growth per week Year Two and Three: 5% average growth per week Projection Assumptions
  13. 13. The Team Rita Ray Nicolas Psychologist PsychologistDeveloper Ramy BusDev The Team 13 Years Human Resources 8 Years Venture Capital 5 Years Startup Development 5 Years Youth Counselling
  14. 14. Thank You