The Future of Nonprofits by Randal Moss and David Neff


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Randy Moss and David Neff, the authors of the bestselling book The Future of Nonprofits, presented at Boot Camp Digital's Nonprofit Symposium on May 17th. Here is their presentation.

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  • This si the first ever graphic novel about the future of nonprofits. We are excited about the ooprtunity to share this information with everyone especially the NPOS in the room who are curious about what the future holds for them.
  • The fact is that NPOS across the board are suffering a decline In their income. Here are a few examples of the organizations that saw a substantial decline in 2010. We wrote the comic in a effort to cut through the fear and deliver the message that organizations need to create their own future and become more proactive.
  • The future of NPOS is a messy blend of technology innovation and social adaptation. What is most important is that the NPOS of the future are able to take advantage of the 5 major changes we have identifed that are going to fundementally change the way that NPOS do business.
  • To attract and retain the attention of the next generation of NPOS will have to incorporate game theory into their special events and leverage new technology to raise funds awareness and deliver advocacy efforts through game play.
  • In the Future NPOS will need to be technology savvy enough to take advantgage of every advent to make the donation procecc easier for the donors. NPOS will need to leverage near field coomunication, to mobile social, to alternative currecnyc.
  • The NPO of the future has to be prepared to empower individuals to raise funds and awareness the way that t hey want to. In the future NPOs will raise less money from more people and it will come from people raisng money their own way.
  • Know Your own business * Know the market that you operate in * Know your competition * Be aware that when you are heads down in work the rest of the world is moving forward. * Look outside of the box. Innovate inside the Box.
  • Identify the path that ideas travel from inspiration to execution Track the money, tracj the power, identify the road blocks that prevent success. * Build a new structure that accelerates the good and circumnavigates the bad * Reward the people that make the effort to travel the road and invest in the system
  • Right people * right roles * Right skills * Higher staff with an eye towards innovation. * Demand innovation from your staff by measuring it in performance evaluations
  • Cast a wide net to bring in as many ideas as you can The quality is irrelevant it is the quantity that counts Energize the base and get them to participate and recognize that participation.
  • *The most important step of the process * Organizations metrics, goals, sustainable, one time deal, scalable, mission centric, meet financial criteria, cost neutral
  • The Future of Nonprofits by Randal Moss and David Neff

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    2. 2. - 4 .5 %U n it e d W a y - 8 .4 % R e d C ros s- 11. 0 % A m e r ic a n C a nc e r S o c ie t y The Chronicle of Philanthropy 2010
    3. 3. Social Gaming and Rewards S o c ia lWhatever Denis G a me s
    4. 4. D o n a t in g W it h Ease
    5. 5. T h e R is e o ft h e In d iv id u a l F u n d r a is e rLook at me – I have a mustache!
    6. 6. Geolocation Finds You
    7. 7. The Rise of Hashtags
    8. 8. The Complete Loss of Privacy
    9. 9. Aw a re ne s s
    10. 10. S truc ture
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    19. 19. La unc hThanks NASA!
    20. 20. I N N O V A T E and T H R IV E orS T A G N A T E and D IE
    21. 21. The Future of NonprofitsInnovate and Thrive in the Digital Age #t h e f u t u r e o f n p o s @ a n d a lc r @ a v e ia m d Limited number of copies for sale in the lobby. Cash and credit cards accepted. Come say Hello!