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Social Media Personal Learning Plan


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Many social media marketers struggle to stay up to date and are often overwhelmed with the daunting task of continuing to learn. Boot Camp Digital ( a leading provider of social media training and education created this document with the 5 steps to building a social media learning plan for yourself.

Staying up-to-date in social media doesn't have to be overwhelming or time consuming. Simply take time to invest in your education and learning, and follow the 5 steps for success. Also, don't forget to take time to read, learn or join a training class ( to continue to educate yourself, learn and grow.

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Social Media Personal Learning Plan

  1. 1.         Social  Media  Learning  Plan   Whether you are new to social media marketing or a pro, continuing to education yourself is important to keep your skills up to date. We train thousands of professionals in social media marketing because they understand that learning is continuous. Investing in yourself and your learning is key to continuing to improve (not to mention to stay up to date with the constant changes to social media). 1.  Follow  Thought  Leaders  on  Social  Networks   Follow thought leaders in social media on social networks. Chances are that they read a lot of news, and share the best stuff they find online. This is a great way to see what they think is important, and take note of what they read and the perspective they share. I get some of my best insights in social media from following other people and listening to what they have to say. 2.  Start  Your  Day  with  News   Develop a morning news routine and read 3 – 5 social media news sites. This is a great way to stay up to date on the latest and get your day started with fresh thinking and new ideas. 3.  Read  a  Good  Book   Seriously, books are still the best way to get in-depth into a topic. Authors usually research their topics in great detail, so you can get better quality thoughts and ideas from a book vs. a blog post (trust me, I’ve written 4!!). Aim for one book a month, or try audiobooks if reading isn’t your thing. 4.  Attend  an  Industry  Conference  (even  virtually)   I have the pleasure at speaking at a lot of industry conferences and they are probably the #1 place that I go to take my knowledge to the next level. Sure, 80 – 90% of the content I’ve heard before, but it is a great reminder and always challenges me to think differently and better implement what I’ve learned. The 10% of new content makes most conferences completely worth it. 5.  Do  Regular  Training  (or  join  webinars)   Training and online webinars are great for keeping your knowledge up to date. Long format training that goes in-depth into a topic is a great way to cover your bases. One-time training is great, but find a way to build regular webinars or other training into your plan. It gives you time to really focus and improve on a specific topic. We offer an ongoing Social Media Mastery with new topics every month to stay up to date and continue to learn and grow. Join  our  Social  Media  Mastery  at