New Facebook Features and How to Use Them to Drive Your Business


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Facebook click-through rates are up 20% from last year. With the addition of the new Facebook features, plenty of companies are finding success with new marketing strategies. Check out this special CMO Briefing to learn how you can get the ultimate results from Facebook marketing

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New Facebook Features and How to Use Them to Drive Your Business

  1. 1. 21       646-­‐450-­‐2267   How  Facebook’s  New           Features  Can  Impact   CMO  Briefing   Your  Business   Facebook:   Facts     What’s  New?   Bottom  Line   Facebook  click-­‐through  rates   Features  like  Timeline  and   Only  16%  of  fans  see  your   are  up  20%  from  one  year   Promoted  Posts  give   content.  What  you  should   ago.  The  time  to  get  your   companies  plenty  of   really  be  focusing  on  is   Facebook  marketing  in   opportunities  to  reach  their   getting  the  people  who   shape  is  now  or  never.   target  market.     already  like  you  to  pay     attention  to  you.     The  Business  Leader’s  Guide  to  Facebook  Marketing   Many  companies  are  finding  better  ROI  with  the  new   Facebook  features.  How  can  your  business  benefit?     Why  You  Should  Pay  Attention   Many  people  find  that  trying  to  keep  up   This  Briefing  will  get  you  up  to   Studies  show  that  Facebook  is  a  great  resource     with  Facebook  is  frustrating  because  it  is   speed  on  Facebook  without  having   when  it  comes  to  loyalty  marketing.  Even  though   constantly  changing.  But  in  reality,  your   to  waste  hours  on  the  site,  or   only  16%  of  fans  are  seeing  your  content,  your   ultimate  goal  is  still  the  same:  to  post   reading  hundreds  of  articles.    We’ll   business  can  still  benefit  by  paying  attention  to   content  that  people  are  interested  in,  and   cover:   those  fans  instead  of  trying  to  reach  millions  of   to  try  and  get  them  to  interact  with  you.   uninterested  viewers.     • Current  marketing  trends     Visibility  plays  a  huge  role  in  social  media   When  it  comes  to  adapting  to  the  new   • Timeline  and  Innovative  Ways   marketing,  because  psychology  has  proven  that  we   Facebook  features,  you  do  not  need  to   That  Marketers  Are  Using  It   do  business  with  people  we  know,  like,  and  trust.     change  your  marketing  strategy.  You’re   Remember…   • Promoted  Posts  and  other   just  modifying  your  execution.   new  ways  to  feature  posts   Traditional  Marketing  will  not  work  on  Facebook   This  report  shares  the  key  insights  you   • How  to  manage  content   • Successful  Facebook  marketing  is  about   need  to  know  get  the  ultimate  results  for   • How  you  can  benefit  from   posting  content  that  people  are  interested   your  business  using  the  new  Facebook   other  new  changes   in,  not  talking  about  yourself   Do  You  Want  Me  to  Personally  Show  You  All  of  the  Features  and   How  to  Take  Advantage  of  them?   Join  our  featured  training  program  on  the  New  Facebook  Features  for  an  extremely  low   introductory  rate!    
  2. 2.        646-­‐450-­‐2267   How  Are  You  Going   to  Stand  Out?   Every  brand  that  is  marketing  on   Facebook  wants  to  do  the  same   thing  –  increase  their  success.   Whether  the  ultimate  goal  is  to   build  brand  awareness,  drive  traffic   to  their  website,  or  generate  sales,   marketers  are  bombarding   Facebook  users  with  content  and   information.  How  are  you  going  to   ensure  that  your  fans  want  to  hear   from  you?     Why  Are  Marketers  Using   How  Your  Fans  See  It     Facebook?     The  CMO  Council  conducted  a  survey  focusing  on   A  survey  conducted  by  Ad  Age/Citigroup  shows  that   reasons  that  fans  like  brands  on  Facebook  versus   companies  have  several  different  goals  for  advertising   what  Marketers  think  the  “like”  actually  means.   on  Facebook.   The  top  6  goals  included:   A  few  of  the  reasons  matched  up  fairly  well,  such  as   “wanting  to  track  news  on  the  brand  and  product”  or   • Building  brand  awareness  and  sentiment  at   “wanting  to  engage  with  other  customers.”     45.9%   • Driving  traffic  to  the  website  at  17.8%   But  some  of  the  reasons  were  shockingly  different.     • Building  fans  or  “likes”  at  12.1%   • While  57%  of  marketers  thought  the  “like”   • Staying  in  touch  with  customers  at  11.9%   meant  that  the  “content  is  agreeable”  only   • Generating  sales  leads  at  8.4%   30%  of  fans  agreed   • 43%  of  fans  were  looking  for  special  savings  or   • Social  commerce  at  2%   events,  but  only  27%  of  marketers  agreed   But  although  companies  may  have  very  specific   • 24%  of  Facebook  users  say  they  “like”  a  brand   agendas  for  their  Facebook  marketing,  many  are   failing  to  connect  with  fans.     because  they’re  a  loyal  customer,  but  half  of   marketers  actually  believed  that  was  true!     What  to  keep  in  mind:   • Only  33%  of  marketers  believed  fans  liked  a   • Do  not  focus  on  getting  millions  of  likes  or  fans   page  were  looking  for  “incentives  or  rewards   • The  goal  should  be  to  post  content  that   for  engaging  with  the  brand”  and  failed  to  see   encourages  interactions  with  consumers   that  this  actually  applied  to  nearly  50%  of  fans   • Try  hosting  a  photo  contest  or  posting   This  survey  makes  one  thing  clear:  marketers   relevant  videos  and  links     representing  all  kinds  of  brands  need  to  rethink  their   Facebook  marketing.    2    
  3. 3.      646-­‐450-­‐2267   Timeline  101:  How  to  Make  the  Most  out  of  It     What  is  Timeline?   Simply  put,  Timeline  is  a  different  visual  setup  and  display  of  Facebook.  It  provides  Facebook  users  the   opportunity  to  be  creative  and  visually  innovative  in  an  organized,  chronological  format.       What  Are  the  New  Features  Involved?     Profile  Photo   The  profile  photo  is  now  a  smaller,  simpler,  square  image.  It  is  the  perfect  way  for  companies  to  use  a  small  logo   or  emblem  that  makes  it  easier  for  people  to  associate  with  their  image  and  brand.     Cover  Photo   The  cover  photo  is  a  brand  new  large,  rectangular  image  right  at  the  top  of  each  Facebook  page.  It  allows  you  to   showcase  your  brand  or  product  while  being  visually  creative  and  stimulating.  But  there  are  some  constraints:   cover  photos  cannot  contain  calls  to  action,  pricing  or  purchasing  information  for  a  product,  contact  information,   or  references  to  different  Facebook  features,  such  as  “like  us.”           Timeline  Apps     These  were  previously  called  “tabs”  and  are  found  in  the  left  sidebar  column.  In  the  apps,  Photos  always  appear   first,  followed  by  3  additional  “applications”  that  can  be  chosen  by  page  admins.  Any  additional  apps  can  be   accessed  through  the  drop-­‐down  menu.     Messages   Messages  are  optional.  If  you  make  it  available,  fans  can  message  you  directly,  allowing  for  open  communication   between  brands  and  Facebook  users.  This  does  require  monitoring.   3    
  4. 4.        646-­‐450-­‐2267  Pinned  Posts    Admins  have  the  option  to  “pin”  a  post  so  that  it  stays  at  the  top  of  the  feed  for  7  days.  This  is  a  great  idea  for  promoting  contests  and  other  events.      Likes  App  This  allows  for  more  publicly  available  stats  about  your  brand.  If  you  have  a  lot  of  likes,  it’s  a  good  idea  to  keep  it  at  the  top  of  the  page  so  that  other  consumers  see  your  popularity.  If  you  have  a  low  number  of  likes,  consider  using  the  option  that  allows  you  to  keep  it  hidden.    Friend  Posts  Facebook  now  allows  brand  pages  to  have  a  section  that  displays  posts  made  by  a  user’s  friends  about  the  brand.  This  not  only  socializes  the  pages  content,  but  also  increases  the  chances  that  a  user  interacts  more  with  the  brand  page,  since  they  see  that  their  friends  are  doing  it.    Fan  Posts  Fan  posts  are  now  placed  in  a  small  box,  allowing  posts  by  the  actual  brand  to  be  the  most  prominent  and  visually  dominating.    Application  Pages  Formerly  known  as  “tabs”  but  now  displayed  on  a  full  page.  This  gives  content  more  space  and  gives  admins  more  creative  freedom  in  designing  said  apps.  Application  pages  can  no  longer  act  as  “welcome”  or  “landing”  pages,  but  can  still  be  fan-­‐gated.    The  Drawbacks  of  Timeline…  Since  Facebook  launched  Timeline,  there  has  been  a  53%  decline  in  views  of  tabs.  Why?   • Brands  can  no  longer  default  a  tab  page  for  non-­‐fans     • Tabs  are  less  prominent  in  the  Timeline  view   Overwhelmed  yet?    Let  me  personally  show  you  the  latest  changes   and  how  they  apply  to  your  business.   Join  our  featured  training  program  on  the  New  Facebook  Features  for  an  extremely  low   introductory  rate!  (You’ll  probably  spend  more  on  coffee  in  a  week)  4    
  5. 5. 21       646-­‐450-­‐2267   How  Can  You  Use  Timeline  to  Increase  Interactions?     Examples  of  Success   How  This  Can  Help  Your  Brand?   Many  brands  are  coming  up  with  creative  ways  to  use   • It  will  increase  your  Edgerank  Score!   Timeline  to  strengthen  their  interaction  with  fans.   • Edgerank  is  the  math  that  Facebook  uses  to     determine  what  appears  at  the  top  of  a  user’s   Verizon  Wireless  Photo  Contest     feed   Verizon  Wireless  customers  were  encouraged  to  take   • Brand  pages  that  have  the  highest  Edgeranks   pictures  with  their  Verizon  mobile  phone  and  post  it  on   are  always  placed  at  the  top  of  users’   the  page.  As  seen  above,  Verizon  posted  the  winning   Newsfeeds   photo  as  their  cover  photo.   • One  of  the  easiest  (and  free!)  ways  to  get  a     high  Edgerank  is  getting  higher  interactions  on   This  gave  them  a  chance  to  not  only  encourage  fan   your  content   communication,  but  allowed  Verizon  to  demonstrate   • Future  content  you  post  will  show  up  higher  in   the  quality  of  their  products.     Newsfeeds  if  more  people  are  visiting,  liking,     and  commenting  on  your  page   Red  Bull  Timeline  Timewarp   • The  easiest  way  to  do  this  is  by  promoting   Timeline  allows  brands  to  add  “milestones”  to  their   contests  and  events,  and  posting  content  that   page  (such  as  when  the  company  started).  Red  Bull   users  are  interested  in     added  a  series  of  milestones  to  their  company  page  and   • It’s  as  simple  as  this:  post  relative  content  à   created  a  scavenger  hunt  for  fans.       get  a  high  Edgerank  à  show  up  in  more  fans’     Newsfeeds  à  achieve  brand  awareness,  get   The  contest  was  fun  and  engaging,  taught  fans  more   new  customers,  generate  sales…  the   about  the  product,  and  allowed  Red  Bull  to  freely   possibilities  are  endless!   advertise  to  participants  about  their  brand.   5    
  6. 6.        646-­‐450-­‐2267   Other  New   Changes…   • New  Admin  Features:   admins  can  have   different  roles   assigned  to  them,   giving  you  more  control  of  your  page   • New  buttons:  Facebook  is  testing  new  buttons,   such  as  the  “want”  button   • Facebook  email:  All  users  now  have  a  Facebook   Promoted  Posts     email,  (  Users  will  get   a  message  in  their  inbox  if  emailed   Facebook  now  allows  you  to  pay  to  promote  your   • Instagram:  Facebook  recently  bought  Instagram,   posts  and  so  that  they  show  up  at  the  top  of   so  users  can  now  autoshare  Instagram  to   someone’s  feed.  Promoted  posts  can  be  extremely   Facebook   effective  if  you  post  the  right  content.     • Edit  Comments:  Facebook  users  can  now  edit  past   comments     • In  the  posting  box,  click  the  drop  down   • Hover  Features:  Hovering  over  a  person’s  name   “promote”  button   allows  you  to  see  more  information  about  them   • Think  about  what  posts  are  relevant  and  how   • Mobile:  Like  buttons  in  apps  creates  more  mobile   they  can  help  your  brand   potential  for  Facebook  integration   • The  post  will  show  the  first  90  characters   • Recommendations  Tab:  Timeline  allows  your   • Use  the  ad  builder  to  customize  who  sees  your   brand  page  to  have  a  tab  with  recommendations   post,  and  then  preview  it   from  customers   • Budget  based  on  impressions/interactions   • Offers:  Click  on  the  box  where  you  post  content,   and  there  is  an  option  to  create  an  offer  on  your   Remember:  promoted  posts  typically  don’t  increase   page   fan  count.  It’s  about  expanding  reach  –  you’ll  reach  a   higher  percent  of  your  audience  compared  to  a     regular  post.       The  average  post  is  seen  by  16%  of  fans,  but   promoted  posts  can  be  seen  by  up  to  75%  of  fans.  The   ultimate  coal  is  to  increase  engagement  to  increase   your  Edgerank.   Other  New  Ways  to  Feature  Posts   More  Management  Tools   • Highlight  a  post:  extends  a  post  to  take  up  the   1. Fan  post  moderation:  deny/allow  posts  before   whole  page  (use  it  for  big  pictures)   they  appear  in  Timeline   • Pin  a  post:  Remember  you  can  pin  a  post  so   2. Activity  log:  star,  hide,  delete,  or  change  the  date   that  it  stays  at  the  top  of  your  page  for  7  days   of  posts  in  the  admin  panel   • Schedule  posts:  Facebook  deprioritizes  posts   3. Post-­‐date  Timeline  posts:  schedule  posts  to   from  3rd  party  sites  (like  Hootsuite)  so  now  you   appear  at  a  later  time   can  do  it  directly  on  Facebook    6    
  7. 7.      646-­‐450-­‐2267   It  All  Comes  Down  to  the  Content…    Facebook  is  always  going  to  be  launching  new  features,  whether  you  like  it  or  not.  The  important  thing  to  remember  is  that  all  you  will  need  to  do  is  change  your  execution.  Your  strategy  should  never  change:  the  goal  is  content,  content,  content.   Remember  That  There’s  Always  Room   The  Time  to  Act  Is  Now…   In  a  poll  by  AYTM  Market  Research,  results  showed  that  only   for  Organic  Improvement     42.6%  of  Facebook  users  believed  ads  on  Facebook  were   Promoted  posts  and  advertising  on  Facebook  can  really   somewhat  relevant  to  their  interest,  and  only  6.9%  actually   go  a  long  way.  But  there  are  always  ways  to  build  your   believed  they  were  fully  relevant.   brand  organically,  meaning  people  see  content  about     your  page  in  their  newsfeed  even  though  you  don’t  pay   That  means  that  over  half  of  Facebook  users  are  still   for  it.   unimpressed  and  disinterested  in  the  brands  that  they’re     exposed  to.  By  taking  the  information  you’ve  learned  and   • You  should  post  content  that  is  visually  impactful   applying  it  to  your  brand,  you  could  change  that  number   (photos,  videos,  and  links).  It  always  lasts  longer   more  easily  than  you  realize.   in  Edgerank.       • Always  distribute  your  content  when  users  are     most  active  (so  no  3  am  posts!)     • Train  your  audience  to  watch  for  your  content.  By   posting  consistently  and  creating  regular   features,  users  will  automatically  start  expecting   to  hear  from  you.       Bottom  Line   There  are  hundreds  of  success  stories  of  brands  harnessing  the  new  tools  on  Facebook  and  getting   excellent  results.  It  can  work  for  your  brand  too  –  no  matter  how  big  or  small  your  business  is.  See  the   page  below  to  find  out  how  you  can  walk  away  with  an  action  plan  to  get  your  marketing  in  shape.   7    
  8. 8.      646-­‐450-­‐2267   About  the  Author:     Krista  Neher   Krista  Neher  is  the  CEO  of  Boot  Camp  Digital,   a  bestselling  author  and  an  international   speaker.    As  the  CEO  of  Boot  Camp  Digital   Krista  has  trained  thousands  of  marketers  and   businesses  on  how  to  harness  the  power  of   social  media  to  grow  their  business.    Krista  has   over  10  years  of  marketing  experience  and  has   worked  with  companies  like  P&G,  Macy’s,  GE   and  the  United  States  Senate.     Krista  is  the  author  of  the  bestselling  Social   Media  Field  Guide  and  a  co-­‐author  of  a  leading   textbook  titled:  Social  Media  Marketing  A   Get  Your  Social  Media  in  Shape.   Strategic  Approach.    Krista  also  created  one  of   Do  you  want  to  stay  up  to  date   the  first  accredited  social  media  certification   programs.   on  the  latest  in  social  media?   Learn  Exactly  How  This  All  Works   We  Have  a  Program  for  You!   Boot  Camp  Digital  is  a  training  organization  with  a  mission  to  help   Want  the  opportunity  to  interact  with  Krista   businesses  stay  educated  and  get  results  from  social  media  and  digital   Neher  directly  and  learn  how  to  increase  your   marketing.  We  have  programs  for  all  knowledge  levels  and  business   Facebook  Marketing  success  –  without  leaving   needs:   your  home?       Sign  up  for  our  exclusive  training  on  New   « Live  two  day  Boot  Camp  in  Cincinnati  Ohio  (quarterly)   Facebook  Features  and  How  to  Use  Them  to   « Online  Boot  Camp  with  over  24  recorded  modules  to   Drive  Your  Business  at   learn  at  your  own  pace  (available  on  demand)   « Online  Membership  program  (with  the  latest  topics)   « Custom  corporate  training  programs   Krista  will  show  you  everything  you  need  to     know  to  take  full  advantage  of  Facebook’s   latest  changes  so  you  can  Get  Results  NOW.   “The  class  was  phenomenal!  Krista  was  able  to  provide  step-­‐by-­‐ Still  Have  Questions?    Contact  us:   step  instruction  in  how  to  use  social  media  —  which  tools  to  use   646-­‐450-­‐2267   to  keep  my  website  content  current,  how  to  start  a  Facebook  fan   page  and  how  to  create  a  blog.    If  you  are  new  to  social  media  or   if  you’ve  been  using  social  media,  you’ll  learn  how  to  take  your   social  media  skills  to  the  next  level.    I  recommend  the  class  to   everyone,  from  small  organizations  to  large;  for  businesses  to   non-­‐profits.  Everyone  at  any  level  will  benefit.  “  –  Amy  Foly,   Executive  Director,  NAMI-­‐Clermont  County