Google+ for Business: Boot Camp Digital presents a CMO Briefing


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Boot Camp Digital, a leading provider of social media training ( presents a special report on Google+ for Marketing.

This report covers the key features of Google+ (or Google Plus), how individuals are using Google+ and how businesses are marketing with Google+. Join our email for more updates and free reports.

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Google+ for Business: Boot Camp Digital presents a CMO Briefing

  1. 1. 21       646-­‐450-­‐2267   How  Google’s  New  Social   Network  Can  Impact   CMO  Briefing   Your  Business   Google+:   Facts     What  is  it?   Bottom  Line   Google+  had  over  30  million   It  is  Google’s  social  network   Google+  is  a  site  to  watch,   users  in  the  first  month  and   that  includes  the  sharing  of   but  for  the  moment   was  the  fastest  growing   Facebook  with  the  open   business  opportunities  are   social  network  ever.  But   following  of  Twitter.  The   limited.  Watch  for  how   time  on  the  site  and   interface  is  clean,  but  it  isn’t   Google+  will    send  signals   engagement  are  low.   catching  on  just  yet.   to  search  engines   The  business  leaders  guide  to  Google’s  social  network.   Google+  launched  as  the  fastest  growing  social   Why  You  Should  Pay  Attention   Google  is  a  huge  player  online,  and  Google  search   network  ever.  What  does  this  mean  to  you?   makes  up  65%  of  the  search  engine  market.       When  you  combine  the  wealth  of  data  that  social     Google+  (also  known  as  Google  Plus  or  G+)   This  CMO  Briefing  will  get  you  up   to  speed  on  Google+  without   networks  have  with  Google’s  business  model  of   launched  as  a  social  networking  and   having  to  waste  hours  on  the  site,   providing  the  most  relevant  ads  to  the  right  person   identity  service  on  June  28,  2011.   or  reading  hundreds  of  articles.     in  the  right  place,  their  interest  in  social  networks   Google+  integrates  many  of  the  social   We’ll  cover:   becomes  more  obvious.   networking  features  of  Facebook,  while   But……   connecting  users  to  their  other  Google   • What  is  Google+   Don’t  rush  to  create  a  Google+  strategy  just  yet.     properties  (Picasa,  Profiles,  etc).   • Key  Features  of  Google   • Google+  for  brands  is  still  extremely   Plus  and  Differences  vs.   limited.  Brands  can  create  pages  and  post   Google+  dominated  discussions  in   Facebook   updates,  but  that  is  it.   marketing  and  technology  circles  since  it   • The  Opportunity  for   • User  engagement  on  the  site  is  low.     launched,  with  many  arguing  that  it  is  the   Marketers  and  Businesses   While  Facebook  generates  7.5  hours  on   next  big  thing  in  internet  marketing  while   • What  to  look  for  in   site  per  active  user  per  month,  Google+  is   others  view  it  as  another  failed  attempt  by   Google+   just  3.5  minutes.   Google  to  enter  the  social  networking   space.   • Next  steps  for  business   • The  top  brands  on  Google+  have  about   leaders  and  marketers   300k  followers  vs.  8  million  on  Twitter  and   This  report  shares  the  key  insights  you  need     30  million  on  Facebook.   to  know  about  Google+.   • Basically,  people  just  aren’t  using  it  yet.    
  2. 2.        646-­‐450-­‐2267   This  isn’t  just   Google’s  version  of   Facebook.   Google  Plus  isn’t  just  a  Google   version  of  Facebook.    It  is  also  a   way  for  users  of  Google  products   to  connect  all  of  their  properties.     Consider  that  Google  owns   YouTube  (video  sharing),  Picasa   (photo  sharing),  Search  and   Blogger.    Google+  is  your  new   entry  point  to  all  of  your  Google   properties.   How  Google+  Works   The  Growth  of  Google  Plus   Like  other  social  networks,  it  is  free  to  create  a   • On  January  19th  2012  it  was  reported  that   Google+  account,  but  you  need  a  Google  account  to   Google+  had  over  90  million  users,  making  it   create  one.    A  Google  account  is  also  free  to  create,   the  fastest  growing  social  network  ever.   and  Google  uses  this  as  your  single  sign  on  for  all  of   their  web  properties.   • Actual  usage  statistics  on  Google+  remain  low   –  with  limited  active  users  and  low  time  spent   Google+  is  Google’s  Social  Network   on  the  site.    While  Google  continues  to  boast   On  Google+,  users  can:   high  membership  numbers,  independent   • Connect  with  friends   reports  suggest  limited  actual  use.   • Share  updates,  photos  and  videos   • On  January  10,  Google  released  "Search  plus   Your  World",  which  inserts  content  shared  on   • View  status  updates,  photos  and  videos  posted   by  the  people  in  their  circles  (friends  +  people   Google+  profiles  and  brand  pages  under  Web   they  are  following)   Search  results.  This  feature  was  controversial,   but  suggests  that  Google+  activity  could   • Follow  brand  pages   impact  search  results,  making  it  interesting  for   • Follow  the  public  updates  of  other  people   marketers.   • Participate  in  “huddles”  or  online  group  video   • On  May  30,  2012,  Google  Places  was  replaced   chat   by  Google+  Local,  which  now  integrates   • Connect  with  other  Google  assets  (Picasa,   directly  with  the  Google+  service  to  allow   YouTube)   users  to  post  photos  and  reviews  of  locations   directly  to  its  page  on  the  service.   • Discover  popular  news  through  sparks   Additionally,  Google+  Local  and  Maps  also   • Rate  and  review  restaurants  on  the  go  with  the   now  feature  detailed  reviews  and  ratings   new  Google+  Integration  with  Google  Local   from  Zagat,  who  was  acquired  by  Google  in   (think  Google+  combined  with  Yelp)     September  2011.  2    
  3. 3.      646-­‐450-­‐2267   Since  Google+  is  a  relatively  late  entrant  into  social  networking,  they  have  been  able  to  integrate  the  best   features  and  functions  of  both  Facebook  and  Twitter.   Interface   The  interface  on  Google+  is  clean,  and  many  people  prefer  it  to  Facebook.    It  isn’t  (at  least  not  yet)  inundated   with  ads.     Profile   A  Google+  Profile  is  similar  to  a  profile  on  other  social  networks.    Upload  your  photo  and  basic  information  and   get  started.    Once  you  have  a  profile  created  you  will  want  to  start  adding  people  to  your  “circles”  (friends)  and   begin  to  post  updates  and  share  content  (similar  to  Facebook).       Hangouts   A  hangout  allows  you  to  have  a  live  video  chat  with  random  people  or  people  in  your  circles.    It  is  a  big   improvement  over  Facebook  chat  and  can  be  a  quick  way  to  connect.     Sparks/Explore   Sparks  are  newsfeeds  based  on  interests.    For  example  I  could  follow  a  spark  on  social  media,  cars  or   photography.    It  helps  me  to  see  what  people  are  sharing  related  to  a  specific  topic  of  interest.    The  explore  tab   on  Google+  allows  you  to  see  popular  content  –  regardless  of  whether  or  not  the  poster  is  in  your  circle.       3    
  4. 4.        646-­‐450-­‐2267  Circles  Circles  on  Google+  are  how  you  connect  with  people.    On  Facebook  you  add  friends,  on  Twitter  you  have  followers,  on  LinkedIn  you  have  connections  and  on  Google+  you  have  circles.    Circles  allow  you  to  organize  your  friends  and  contacts  into  circles.    You  can  then  choose  to  share  content  with  just  one  or  two  circles,  or  all  of  your  connections.    With  circles  your  contacts  are  all  organized  making  it  easy  to  view  updates  from  contacts  in  a  specific  circle  or  to  share  information  with  only  a  specific  circle.    For  example,  you  may  have  circles  for  Friends,  Family,  Coworkers  and  Acquaintances.    To  add  people  to  circles  you  simply  drag  and  drop  their  icon  into  the  circle.  It  is  much  easier  and  more  visual  than  Facebook  lists.    Circles  are  Private  One  of  the  advantages  of  circles  is  that  it  is  only  for  your  management.    Your  friends  and  family  can’t  see  which  circles  you  have  placed  them  in;  they  can  only  see  that  they  are  in  a  circle.    Reciprocity  NOT  Required  Unlike  other  social  networks,  Google+  does  not  require  that  you  approve  or  reciprocate  friendships,  it  just  limits  what  people  can  see.    Here  is  how  it  works:   • I  can  add  anyone  to  my  circles   • Anyone  can  add  me  to  their  circles   • BUT  we’ll  only  see  the  status  updates  that  have  been  shared  with  the  circles  that  we  are  in  For  example:   • If  you  add  me  to  a  circle  but  I  haven’t  added  you,  you  will  only  see  my  PUBLIC  updates   • If  I  ALSO  add  you  to  my  circle,  you  will  begin  to  see  all  of  the  updates  that  I  share  WITH  THE  CIRCLE  THAT  YOU  ARE   IN   • Circles  are  private,  so  people  don’t  know  WHICH  circles  you  have  them  in,  just  that  you  have  them  in  a  circle    Friendship  or  connections  works  like  Twitter.    You  can  add  anyone  to  your  circles,  but  you  will  only  see  their  public  updates  if  they  have  also  added  you  to  a  circle.    In  this  way  it  combines  Twitter  and  Facebook  with  public  following  but  also  sharing  with  friends.  4    
  5. 5. 21       646-­‐450-­‐2267   Opportunity  for  Marketers:  Limited  but  Interesting   Brand  Pages   What  You  Need  to  Get  Started   The  main  opportunity  for  brands  to  participate  on   • A  Google  Account  –  You  can  set  up  a  free   Google+  is  through  brand  pages.    Similar  to  Facebook,  a   Google  Account  to  get  started.   brand  page  is  the  representation  of  a  business  on   • Create  the  Page  –  Click  on  “Google  Plus  Page   Google+   for  Business”  or  go  to   Currently,  brand  pages  are  very  limited.   • Logo  –  200  x  200  pixels  is  the  standard  size   You  can  create  a  page  with  your  logo,  a  background   allowance  and  cover  image   image  and  complete  basic  information.    Brands  can  post   • Description  –  Which  will  be  prominently   status  updates  and  share  photos  and  videos.    That  is   displayed  under  your  Page  name  (consider   about  it.   including  your  keywords  in  this  for  search).     • 5  Photos  that  represent  your  brand  –  Similar   No  custom  pages.  No  contests.  No  tabs.  Nothing  else.   to  Facebook  Pages,  Google  Plus  pages  tile     along  the  top  of  your  page.    Choose  photos   Google+  is  still  less  than  a  year  old,  so  it  makes  sense   that  include  your  branding  and  showcase  your   that  they  will  roll  out  more  robust  features  for   product  or  service  well.   businesses  over  time.    When  Facebook  launched  they   • List  of  Relevant  Websites  –  You  may  link  to   didn’t  have  brand  pages  and  they  have  spent  years   other  relevant  websites  to  augment  your  page.   creating  and  changing  the  brand  page  presence  on  their   • A  Plan  –  Like  any  other  social  network,  you   site.   should  have  a  plan  that  includes  what  your     objectives  are,  who  you  want  to  connect  with   Stay  tuned  for  better  brand  pages  and  more  robust   and  what  you  are  trying  to  achieve.   features.     5    
  6. 6.             646-­‐450-­‐2267   Building  an  Audience  On  Google+   Much  like  other  social  networks,  if  you  build  it  they   probably  won’t  come.    Social  media  is  about   community,  and  contributing  and  participating   actively  in  the  community  is  required  for  success.   To  build  an  audience  in  Google+,  first  look  for   opportunities  to  promote  your  Google+  page  as  you   would  with  other  social  network  accounts.    Next   participate  and  contribute.   One  factor  that  makes  Google+  unique  for  brands  is   that  you  can’t  add  people  to  the  circles  of  a  brand   Things  to  Remember   page  unless  they  have  added  you.    So  it  is  vital  to   encourage  your  fans/friends  and  followers  to  connect   • Brands  have  Pages,  People  Have  Profiles  –   with  you  so  that  you  aren’t  talking  to  an  echo   Just  like  Facebook,  a  profile  is  reserved  for  a   chamber.   person  and  a  page  is  for  a  business.    Don’t   run  the  risk  of  getting  blocked  from  Google+   Next,  participate  and  build  community.  Engage  and   by  using  accounts  inappropriately.   participate  in  a  relevant  way  to  build  a  loyal  and   • People  have  to  add  you  to  circles  first  –  If   interested  following.   brands  could  add  anyone  to  their  circles,  we     would  probably  see  lots  of  spam.    To  mitigate   this  a  person  must  add  a  brand  to  their   What  to  Post  on  Google  Plus  Pages   circles  before  a  brand  can  add  the  person  to   theirs.   Similar  to  Facebook,  brands  can  post  status  updates   • Have  a  plan  –  Your  plan  should  include  your   with  links  to  other  sites,  photos  and  videos.    As  of   Google+  strategy  as  well  as  how  you  will   now,  brands  cannot  create  custom  tabs  or  run   promote  your  page  and  build  an  engaged   contests.    Build  a  plan  that  focuses  on  who  you  want   audience.    Always  remember  to  link  back  to   to  reach  and  what  content  they  are  likely  to  be   marketing  objectives.   interested  in  that  also  links  back  to  your  marketing   • You  can  keep  your  circles  private  –  If  you   strategies.    Test  and  experiment  to  optimize  your   don’t  want  people  to  see  which  circles  you   content.   have  them  in  you  can  create  private  circles.       You  may  also  hide  the  number  of  people  who   have  added  your  brand  to  their  circles.   Don’t  Have  Time?  Not  Interested  Yet?   • Analytics  –  Google+  has  analytics  for  pages   so  you  can  analyze  your  page  and  posts.   The  reality  is  that  Google+  doesn’t  have  the   engagement  rates  that  Facebook  and  Twitter  do.    So  if   you  don’t  have  time,  don’t  worry  about  it.    Create  a   page  and  simply  leave  one  status  update  “We  aren’t   active  on  Google+  yet,  but  please  add  us  to  your   circles  to  be  the  first  to  receive  our  updates.  In  the   meantime  we  would  love  to  connect  with  you  on   Facebook  (  or   Twitter  (”   6    
  7. 7.      646-­‐450-­‐2267   Google+  Really  Matters  Because  of  Search.  Google  continues  to  launch  features  that  integrate  Google+  into  search  engine  results.    Search  is  a  key  traffic  driver  for  most  businesses,  so  watching  Google+  and  getting  an  early  start  could  potentially  provide  an  advantage  with  Google  search.   Question:  Implications  for  Search   Google  Plus  Your  World   Google  launched  the  Plus  Your  World  search  feature  that     directly  integrates  content  from  Google+  into  search  engine   The  BIG  question  is  how  will  Google+  impact  search   results.    Google  Plus  Your  World  allows  you  to  see  content   engine  results.    Google  already  owns  search  and  social  is   that  people  in  your  Google  Plus  Circles  are  sharing.    This   the  next  big  frontier  in  online  marketing.   means  that  if  people  use  the  Google  Plus  Your  World     feature,  the  content  that  is  most  shared  or  +1ed  in  Google+   It  makes  sense  that  Google  will  include  social  signals   will  have  search  engine  prominence.   (they  already  do)  in  their  search  engine  results  rankings.       Facebook  social  activity  is  behind  a  closed  door  and   With  the  low  engagement  and  use  of  Google+,  this  probably   Google  can’t  access  it.    Google+  will  give  them  access  to   isn’t  very  helpful  to  searchers  just  yet.   what  people  are  sharing  and  talking  about  online.       Google  Local  Integration   Google  already  has  the  +1  button  on  the  web,  which   Google  is  now  integrating  local  listings  with  Google+  pages,   allows  users  to  vote  for  a  page  or  give  it  a  +1.    This  is   which  includes  ratings  and  reviews,  plus  mobile   similar  to  liking  content  on  Facebook.   optimization.    This  shows  that  Google  is  serious  about     Google+  and  it  will  continue  to  grow  in  importance  over   It  makes  sense  that  +1s  will  be  a  factor  in  search  engine   time.    Local  businesses  should  pay  attention  to  this  change   results  since  they  are  essentially  votes.     and  follow  updates  as  the  integration  continues.   Bottom  Line     As  a  business  leader,  Google+  is  worth  watching  as  search  +  social  is  the  holy  grail  of  online  marketing  and   driving  traffic  to  websites.    Here  is  the  bottom  line:   • Google+  has  the  power  of  Google  behind  it  and  can  impact  search.    Look  for  updates  and  changes   to  search  algorithms.   • Create  a  page  on  Google+  to  claim  your  place  and  allow  people  to  add  you  to  circles.  If  it  does  take   off  you’ll  have  a  head  start.   7    
  8. 8.      646-­‐450-­‐2267   About  the  Author:     Krista  Neher   Krista  Neher  is  the  CEO  of  Boot  Camp  Digital,   a  bestselling  author  and  an  international   speaker.    As  the  CEO  of  Boot  Camp  Digital   Krista  has  trained  thousands  of  marketers  and   businesses  on  how  to  harness  the  power  of   social  media  to  grow  their  business.    Krista  has   over  10  years  of  marketing  experience  and  has   worked  with  companies  like  P&G,  Macy’s,  GE   and  the  United  States  Senate.     Krista  is  the  author  of  the  bestselling  Social   Media  Field  Guide  and  a  co-­‐author  of  a  leading   textbook  titled:  Social  Media  Marketing  A   Get  Your  Social  Media  in  Shape.   Strategic  Approach.    Krista  also  created  one  of   Do  you  want  to  stay  up  to  date   the  first  accredited  social  media  certification   programs.   on  the  latest  in  social  media?   Want  to  Learn  More?   We  Have  a  Program  for  You!   Boot  Camp  Digital  is  a  training  organization  with  a  mission  to  help   Boot  Camp  Digital  offers  a  variety  of  online  and   businesses  stay  educated  and  get  results  from  social  media  and  digital   live  training  programs  to  help  you  stay  up  to   marketing.  We  have  programs  for  all  knowledge  levels  and  business   date  -­‐   needs:     We  specialize  in  training  companies  of  all  sizes   « Live  two  day  Boot  Camp  in  Cincinnati  Ohio  (quarterly)   in  social  media.   « Online  Boot  Camp  with  over  24  recorded  modules  to   “Boot  Camp  Digital’s  presentation  and  materials  are   learn  at  your  own  pace  (available  on  demand)   so  helpful  and  comprehensive.    After  attending  I   feel  like  I  have  what  I  need  to  be  successful.  She  is   « Online  Membership  program  (with  the  latest  topics)   the  guru!”  -­‐  Carrie  Phillippi,  Saybrook  Marketing   « Custom  corporate  training  programs   Communications     Still  Have  Questions?    Contact  us:   1600  Main  Street,  Cincinnati  OH,  45202   646-­‐450-­‐2267   “The  class  was  phenomenal!  Krista  was  able  to  provide  step-­‐by-­‐   step  instruction  in  how  to  use  social  media  —  which  tools  to  use   to  keep  my  website  content  current,  how  to  start  a  Facebook  fan   page  and  how  to  create  a  blog.    If  you  are  new  to  social  media  or   if  you’ve  been  using  social  media,  you’ll  learn  how  to  take  your   social  media  skills  to  the  next  level.    I  recommend  the  class  to   everyone,  from  small  organizations  to  large;  for  businesses  to   non-­‐profits.  Everyone  at  any  level  will  benefit.  “  –  Amy  Foly,   Executive  Director,  NAMI-­‐Clermont  County