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Digitising European Industry & Digital Manufacturing Platforms


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Francesco Barbato - Programme Officer- EU policies, DG CONNECT Unit G1 – Data Policy and Innovation – European Commission

Published in: Technology
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Digitising European Industry & Digital Manufacturing Platforms

  1. 1. Digital Single Market Boost 4.0 Kick-off European Data Infrastructure Big Data Francesco Barbato - Programme Officer European Commission
  2. 2. Policy context - history • Council conclusions of Oct 2013 called for EU action to provide the right framework conditions for a single market for big data and cloud computing • Towards a Thriving Data-Driven Economy COM(2014)442 – framework conditions for a data-based economy in the EU – mandate for the PPP • A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe COM(2015)192, Third Pillar: launch of a Free Flow of Data Initiative • Digitising of European Industry COM(2016)180 – Big Data is an important contributor/element in the DEI • Communication: Building a European Data Economy - COM(2017) 9 final, adopted on 10/01/2017
  3. 3. Policy developments
  4. 4. Strategic objectives I. EU leadership in Big Data technologies through increased investments II. Create a data market III. Create a thriving data economy – engine for growth and jobs IV. To ensure that any industry in Europe can fully benefit from digital innovations to upgrade its products, improve its processes and adapt its business models to the digital transition
  5. 5. H2020-ICT Big Data WP ICT 15 (2016-2017) – Lighthouse Projects Large Scale Pilot Actions in data intensive sectors involving key European industrial actors. Their objective is to demonstrate how industrial sectors will be transformed by putting big data technologies at their core. The Large Scale Pilot actions are meant to serve as best practice examples to be transferred to other sectors.
  6. 6. H2020-ICT Big Data WP ICT 15 (2016-2017) – Lighthouse Projects Transforming Transport (TT) - transport and logistics DataBio - agriculture, fisheries, forestry BigMedilytics - health Boost 4.0 - manufaturing
  7. 7. Big Data Value PPP - characteristics  Industry-driven – because it needs to mobilise and transform (both IT and user) industries in order to break a new path to growth and jobs  Broad and horizontal – because data challenges appear in most industrial and societal domains – need to achieve synergies and create links with user industries, other PPPs, Societal Challenges, national and regional initiatives  Open and inclusive – the PPP needs to be representative, credible and have critical mass. New members are welcome. It is not necessary to be a member of the PPP to apply to Horizon 2020 Big Data calls.
  8. 8. Who does what in the Partnership?  Framework conditions  EC: regulatory framework, policy development, synergies with other policy areas (e.g. privacy, security, health...)  private side: data skills, policy support, technology support (e.g. privacy-preserving technologies), experimentation facilities  Community building  EC: reaching out to new (user) communities: e.g. Societal Challenges, Public sector; clustering projects; info and networking events  private side: industrial & academic community building, mobilisation, events, collective road-mapping & strategic planning (SRIA)  Technology basis, infrastructures  EC: seed investment as basis for leverage, infrastructural support (via Cloud, HPC, IoT etc. actions)  private side: leveraged investment, research & innovation through collaborative projects;
  9. 9. Broadly disseminate digital innovations for all: Setting up a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs Strengthen competitiveness by developing partnerships & platforms A regulatory framework adapted to the digitisation of industry Data: flow, access, exploitation safety, responsibility ("liability) Prepare Europeans for the digital age Training, education, new work environment A framework for the coordination of national & European initiatives DEI initiative: 5 lines of actions
  10. 10. Boost 4.0 Establish a set of European big data light- house smart connected factories Adoption by Industry 4.0 of big data and advanced analytics platforms Maximize Commercial Impact Visibility, Mobilisation, Standardization
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