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7 Steps for Online Publishers to Get Started with AI


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How can Online Publishers harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to engage increasingly diverse audiences across geographies, personally?

Published in: Marketing
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7 Steps for Online Publishers to Get Started with AI

  1. 1. 7 Steps for Publishers to Get Started with AI
  2. 2. In the old days of publishing, your competitive advantage was based upon a mix of the great stories you produced and the distribution system you established. The old distribution model was cost-intensive - trucks, paper stands, delivery teams, etc.
  3. 3. Today, it’s all about the content - how relevant is it to your audience? Are you able to engage your audience and keep them coming back?
  4. 4. UpOut’s Challenge ● UpOut is an event guide and membership program for adventurous locals. ● Each month, members get complimentary tickets to over 200 events and access to sold-out shows.
  5. 5. ● Wanted to send personalized emails to individual users - at scale. ● Segmentation alone couldn’t power this level of automation ● Curating content and sending out manual campaigns was too time consuming as market expanded. ● Found that AI was a really good fit to help scale the business and save time + money
  6. 6. What is AI?
  7. 7. Not like this
  8. 8. It’s about creating more meaningful interactions, to have empathy for our customers as human beings. More like this
  9. 9. AI takes the guesswork out of marketing decisions
  10. 10. 7 Steps for Getting Started
  11. 11. Step 1: Clarify your objectives for AI Lift in onsite sessions / month Lift in page views / month Higher open rates Higher click rates Increase in conversions
  12. 12. Step 2: Start collecting data about your users
  13. 13. Step 3: Engage with the right audience
  14. 14. ● Half a million users ● Machine Learning to classify interests, locality, optimal timings for newsletters. ● People who love music, wine, theater ● Recommendations for content similar to what they like. ● 560K Users Segmented UpOut’s Results
  15. 15. Step 4: Get your content right Ensure each individual message is focused on their interests. Locality Blog Event Timing Insiders Sponsored Content
  16. 16. Step 5: Get your timing right Deliver your message at the time your users are mostly likely to interact.
  17. 17. Step 6: Communicate on the right Channel Make sure your users get the right content on the right delivery channel.
  18. 18. Step 7: Create a virtuous cycle of engagement Deliver great content the right audience the right channel the right time Use insights to learn customer interests, behaviors & habits
  19. 19. Avoid Doing This
  20. 20. It’s not just about acquisition Don’t forget about retention
  21. 21. UpOut results: 3X lift in CTR
  22. 22. The 7 Steps to Getting Started with AI 1. Clarify your objectives for AI 2. Start understanding your users by gathering data about their behavior and interests 3. Use machine learning to determine who to engage with 4. Figure out what content to send to users 5. Get your timing right 6. Communicate on the right channel 7. Use insights to create a virtuous cycle of engagement
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